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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy, I have a few questions, I'm building a space station in my career game, its altitude is almost exactly 90.000 around. I have added two habitats modules, along a "pilot module" and a storage/life support module. I have a few solar panels, but all of them in proportion to the station itself, in other words, they aren't those huge ones. But as i expand the station, i thought it would be cool to add those really big solar panels. But how? Do i build the whole structure then simply dock it to a free node? or is it better to separate the process in sections (first the central column, with docking ports jrs. along its sides, then adding each solar panel individually by docking it to the column, etc)? What is a good way to add big solar panels and the support structure for you guys? Which bears me to my second question, last night i saw Scott Manley's solar flare challenge, on which he did a orbital rendezvouz the nasa way. He simple matched his ascent from the launch pad to the targeted vehicle, without having to orbit kerbin first, and do hohmann transfer next. Now i'm curious, what is the kerbal math behind this? Is there any good rule of thumb for it? My third question is a quick one. I have KIS/KAS mod, and in one of my crew exchange missions to my space station, i thought of bringing on a storage compartment big solar panels to be added by the mission specialist on an EVA. Thing is, the solar panel's volume is around 350. And the maximum volume a kerbal can take is 300. Is there any way around this? Is it possible to manipulate items and structures with volume's greater than the kerbal top limit? Thanks !!
  2. I'm trying to put up my very first space station in orbit around Kerbin. I've got the core of the station "ODS1 (Space Station)" up at a circular 150,000m orbit. I've got the living quarters "ODS1 (Living Quarters)" about 5km lower, but accelerating away from the SS by 13m/s. I also have a 2.6km intersect coming up. As you can see, my faster, lower ODS1LQ is now infront of ODS1SS. I'm stuck as to what to do next- the guides online don't seem to explain the burning to the target very well ! I'm trying to use a guide by Entropius: If I slowly burn towards the "Target Prograde" icon I end up flying in large circles around the space station and messing up my orbit. I'm not sure how to "drift" over to the ODS1SS. If I burn prograde to orbit to get my orbit a little bigger, I will get even further in front of the ODS1SS? Interestingly I've just noticed my target / prograde icons are the opposite of the Entropius guide (I guess because my LQ is infront of the target not behind...) so I would be... pulling retrograde? So what should I do once I'm at that 2.6km intersect?