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Found 20 results

  1. Launch scheduled for November 11 at 1237 GMT (7:37 a.m. EST).
  2. (Morning music) Good morning/night my dear KSP players. Ever wanted too land an Orbital booster (after that OB) ? without happening like this? or this? (i needed this aero stuff just for fun)) ) well. haha. that's impossible. technicaly. just training and stuff. BUT!!!!)) i'm having a small guide for you too faster landing stuff. before we start. you need to know how to: Get to sub orbital trajectory. Get to orbital trajectory. Know how to use fast vessel switch ( using " [ " and "]" ) and map switch. Have some felling of intuition. Have some patience. please. ready? let's start! here i'll leave a you can download it . (p.s. i'm too lazy to add pics.) So now that we have an a craft. let's Begin! Ok. when it's on the launch pad. check the staging. after you checked, LAAUNCH IT LIKE A CRAZY MAN)) but for real. be careful. ok here are the pictures. so on speeds around 100 m/s. start turning up to 80-70 degrees Keep the throttle at max. between times look at your apoapsis/apogee is around 100,000 M above Earth Kerbin. after you reach 100,000 M above kerbin (at apogee point). Pull the throttle at 0. switch back from map view to rocket view. and decouple the first stage w/ second. after this use fast switch. and pull up the throttle a little bit. until it's gonna be a safe distance. flight up until it will show 230,000 or more (the more the better, just keep fuel to get in orbit) use fast switch (or map switch) to switch back to our Orbital Booster. after that make an retrograde manuver. (PRO TIP: make the retrograde manuver end near the island airport. in case of which you could just add some Dv to speed it up. as shown) burn the manuver at half the time shown. Ex. if it's showing 18s. burn at T - 9. after you finish your "ideal burn". we can deploy the ace from our cards. by the name A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. slow down the rocket and adjust the trajectory. after some entry burns. were going for the final burn. the suicide burn. the hardest part of the flight. from here there aren't a lot of pictures. so use your intuition. (PRO TIP:if this is not your variant to use your intuition. use light. there good as a height showers.) here is a picture of me using my intuition. and if you are lucky. congrats you landed it (don't turn off the RCS) my result. and don't forget about some one in the sky. the second stage! right! using map switch. we will get it to orbit. switch back to the second stage. and get it too orbit. and congrats! now you know how to do stuffs w/ your rocket without using quicksave. (or using idk). thanks for reading my article. all questions to me on this article or my profile. cya!
  3. I am getting a disproportional amount of orbital drift for each vessel I launch into space. After restarting the game with that vessel in orbit, the orbital drift goes away permanently for that and any other vessels currently in orbit if they had any. It makes satellite contracts and rendezvous missions completely impossible. Log: Mods:
  4. Once I recieved a tourism contract that required to build a space hotel capable of holding up to 50 kerbals... 50 KAAAARL! I started to try various superb station parts pack, but was not satisfied by any of them, as none contained parts that were capable of holding at least 25 kerbals in one part. And also none looked like "hotel" (of course, these are space station parts ). The only mod that looked close to what I wanted was "struggling to survive" Civilian Population. And eventhough Civilian Population is cool I personally wanted to have it's parts with stock only functionality. That's how I created Orbital Structures. Contains Apartments, Administration Deck, Science Deck, Biosphere Gardens and some structural Elements. Things to note: Assets Taken from original CivilianPopulation Fixed texture references in every model files Some textures were missing just duplicated from existing ones Parts Structural parts taken from latest CivilianPopulation Configs Following parts have internals commented out ApartmentsSmall.cfg ApartmentsLarge.cfg ApartmentsMedium.cfg TODO convert all textures to dds modify mu files to use dds MM patches Taken from latest CivilianPopulation All credits go to: A collective work of... @Pamynx that can be found here. @trafalgar that can be found here. @michaelhester07 that can be found here. @rabidninjawombat that can be found here. @GGumby that can be found here. License: CC BY-NC 4.0 Download:
  5. Hello! I have problem i KPS with orbital lines. When I want to get out of the orbit, then I make a maneuver, so it's hard to see the lines! Please help. Thanks
  6. only rule: be creative! even alcubierre drives will do!
  7. GillyMonster


    Hey everyone this thread is dedicated to the Ironmongers of Kerbal Space Program. Submarines, tanks, strike aircraft, gunships, artillery, real life recreations, fantasy replics or something of your own making. If it can make the KSC go boom post it here! I'll post first.
  8. Since cubic octagonal struts are incredibly light, they can be accelerated to insane speeds. Jettisoning them from your ship using the strongest decoupler in game will acelerate it to 6000m/s. Firing it with engines even increases this speed. So can we use this technology to shoot at really faraway things, like other planets? THE CHALLENGE: Hit various moons and planets with cubic octagonal struts by firing them from cannons in kerbin orbit. THE RULES: -No modded/hacked parts that give insane thrust or have zero mass or anything like that. Orbital telescope mods are allowed, however, so that you can aim at faraway planets. -Your projectile must be a cubic octagonal strut and NOTHING ELSE. You can fire multiple cubic octaginal struts at once if you wish, however. -Your cannon must be in an orbit around kerbin no higher than 1000km -You must post a picture of your orbital cannon and a picture of the octagonal strut at its destination -Scoring will be separated by which planet/moon was shot at -Scoring will also be separated into highest/lowest final velocity -getting into a planet's sphere of influence is acceptable, but will automatically be ranked lower than all shots that actually hit said planet -HAVE FUN! My attempt: LEADERBOARD: Mun - @icantmakemodels, impact, v=3193m/s Minmus -Quasarrgames, SOI, v=21558.1m/s Duna Eve Jool
  9. I suggested in a post to my blog that solid rocket motors available to amateurs working in high power rocketry can be used as the basis for constructing orbital rockets that are within the capabilities of most universities to build: Orbital rockets are now easy, page 2: solid-rockets for cube-sats. Comments on its feasibility are welcome, especially simulations using Kerbal, i.e., via Realism Overhaul. Bob Clark
  10. Hello everyone, I want to share screenshots of flying aircraft carrier with bomb bay that carries spaceplane under it for testing purpose. The purpose of flying aircraft carrier is to ferry any space craft to above 10,000 meters high, have space plane detach from flying aircraft carrier and fly toward orbit. Here are screenshots and any comments are welcomed!
  11. Rory Yammomoto

    TI-BASIC orbital Calculator

    I have been developing a method to automatically calculate the orbital elements of a spacecraft with a Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus calculator. My script, which has been posted below, does not need (but can use) the apsides of an orbit to continue, operating on the Vis-Viva Equation. All that is needed is a reference altitude and velocity, the radius of the current body, and the Standard Gravitational Parameter of the current body. After only a week, the script has reached a high level of development, and can calculate Gilly's orbit with a 2%-13% error. As such, I feel it is ready for release and testing. Feel free to change the program however you feel, as I want this script to be the greatest external orbit calculator it can be. NEEDS: A Texas Instruments Zilog Z80-based calculator (or the means to emulate one) A way to transfer scripts to said calculator BOSH. Google Drive Link. Plain Text Code:
  12. Hey Kerbals! I have finished my Duna Colonial Transporter, capable of taking 10 kerbals from low kerbin orbit to Duna surface and back, with USI life support. The rocket requires some infrastructure. Namely, it needs to refuel after the first launch and every trip in LKO by two rockets. Then, refuel in Duna surface for launch all the way to LKO (although some refueling might be needed in LDO). The duna refueling station will have all propellant already made and two Duna SSTO tankers by the time the Transporter arrives, so it's a pit stop really. However, I need help with the trajectory. How do I set up a trajectory that enables me to make a short stop and continue to meet Kerbin? I was thinking about launching it with an apoapsis a little over Duna's orbit, in order to intercept on the way up (from Kerbol), land refuel, launch, and return. But I'm having trouble with the return window. I don't want to have the Transporter waiting on Duna surface, as there will be a station there. Anyone have ideas? I will post a photo of all the transporter and infrastructure as soon as everything is ready.
  13. alex_1313

    Orbital decay mod?

    Is there a mod that adds orbital decay effects by : Atmospheric drag, Tidal forces...? like this :
  14. This is for new people who need help with orbital maneuvers and transferring to your first celestial body! It took me a long time to understand at first too, so I hope I can at least help someone along! Enjoy it, worked on it while I was bored!
  15. LordOfMinecraft99

    Help with orbital stuff?

    I really need help with orbital stuff, i mean i can get stuff of the launchpad and can land and dock but i really need help with orbital stuff. I just can't do it! The manoever thing does not make sense, and i don't get what all the slidy bits mean. I also do not know what "Delta V" Or perapsis/ apoasis mean.I just really want to know because even MechJeb does not have help with orbital stuff. So, if someone could show me a good tutorial i could get a lot farther in the game.
  16. Lets start with the light cruiser or some may call it capital ship. It is unarmed consist out 790 parts Test flight results : Slow and laggy af. How to get it in space? Hyperedit ;-) Ultility craft. made out of 82 parts unarmed test flight : flies pretty good B-) Q1: Why are they unarmed A1: too lazy A2: excrementsty laptop Q2: Why havent you tested both of those planes A1: too lazy A2: excrementsty laptop Q3: Can i improve it and reupload? A1: Yes, please give me credits i worked hard for the light cruiser. (also post the craft file so i can use it) Q4: Why these simple names A1: Cause i'm a simple man. Steamprofile: top kek
  17. kerbal engineer

    how to figure out the orbital

    Hi guys, i need some help. after launch rocket, in the orbit map view, it tell me exactly where my rocket gonna go by showing the rocket orbit. anyone know how to figure out the orbital ? or any article referent this ? by figure out, i mean the physics formula or mathematic formula. any thought will be appreciate.
  18. I'm planning to put to orbit a space station/orbital habitat/refuelling station. I want to ask, what would be the most optimal altitude to put my station in... I also use MechJeb if that helps... Many thanks.....
  19. Stewardship of the VOID has passed to Toadicus -- please visit the new thread or SpacePort page for current discussion and download links. Thanks!
  20. B787_300

    The Logo Rocket

    So i tried to make the rocket as depicted in the KSP logo. I have finished it. this is the result. It IS possible to get into orbit with this rocket.