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Found 3 results

  1. This is my take on the kerbal origins and the backstory I have in my head for my latest play through (which will have some after action reports come as well!). Kerbal origins: Not that Kerbals know this, but they are not entirely native to their planet. They are the product of a native algae that had a chance encounter with a sock from another dimension (when you wash socks, and one goes missing, they wind up in strange places...this one ended up on Kerbin - and had once belonged to a Human astronaut). The algae and r
  2. Since there's no official storyline in ksp, the history of kerbal. So why don't we discuss about it? Let's construct, verify, and debate on theories! Any theory is welcome, if it has sufficient proof. Also, any reasonable suggestions are greatly appreciated! (If there's similar thread with this, please let me know!) Rules - (Again) Reasonable suggestions is desirable. - Discussion on topic: While constructing a theory, you can discuss on it here and flesh it out. It wouldn't be documented. - To count as a theory, it should meet the following conditions:
  3. Here is an image of a new part im working on, the blue origin booster! As you can see I only have the booster, the rest of the parts are stock but I am working on making the rest of the parts (Including the landing legs!)
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