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Found 6 results

  1. Outer Planets Mod The Outer Planets Mod is a mod that expands the outer edges of the Kerbol system to create something akin to the real Solar System's. It adds Kerbalized versions of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as well as several of these planets' moons. These faraway planets provide a challenge rarely encountered in Kerbal Space Program; you'll have to figure out new transfer windows, manage your power supply differently, provide your spacecraft with more Delta-V and be ready to travel years or even decades. Change Log v2.2.2 Converted all biome maps to Palette 4bpp/8bpp .dds formats to improve loading time and OD functionality. Removed Custom Asteroids integration in favor of using Kopernicus' Asteroids module. Included configs for "Classic Stock" resource system if present. v2.2.1 Fixed errors in Slate and Wal's normal map paths causing them not to use OnDemand loading effectively. v2.2.0 Upscaled and redefined all biome maps to 4096x2048px. Changed biome map formats to .png and clamped color palettes to only those colors in the configs. Redefined Tekto's liquid coasts (added ocean and land where necessary) in the color map, land/sea mask and adjust biome map to suit. Added Inland Lagoons biome to Tekto to account for inland liquid regions. Fixed Science Definitions file to correctly assign experiments. Moved Eeloo's new description string to the localization file. Removed antenna and DSN multiplier patches and introduced a Level 4 Tracking Station upgrade to give the extended range required for communications. Removed Stock Science Multipliers patch and redid Science Values for all OPM bodies to fall in line with stock body value consistency. Users can now adjust the Science Multiplier in their Difficulty Settings to suit their preference. Features Explore 17 highly detailed planets and moons, all in a stock-a-like artstyle Discover never before seen worlds, such as a subsatellite, Trojan moon or a set of binary bodies Collect science in over 140 biomes, with almost a thousand unique science blurbs Custom terrain textures and improved ground scatter has made planets and moons never look so good up close A full set of KSPedia entries for OPM’s various bodies helps you to navigate the far reaches of the Kerbol system Extensive third-party mod integration means you can play OPM with a whole range of other mod Includes a Level 4 Tracking Station upgrade (requires CustomBarnKit) to boost your communication range out to the furthest reaches of the system without requiring additional modded antennas Supported Mods PlanetShine adds light reflecting off planets and moons to illuminate your ships. The Outer Planets Mod supports PlanetShine and if it's installed, it will cast spacecraft close to Sarnus, Urlum and Neidon in colored light that really adds to the visual experience of the new planets. PlanetShine isn't very modular, so you'll have to install it first and let OPM overwrite it, for the new planets and moons to get their colors. Distant Object Enhancement adds flares for faraway planets and moons, so that they're visible even from Kerbin's surface (like in real-life). The Outer Planets Mod supports DOE and if installed, will display correctly colored flares for the new planets. Final Frontier adds personal merits to Kerbals. It'll help you keep track of which Kerbonaut went where and when, with nice looking badges. The Outer Planets Mod supports this with custom badges for the new planets and moons. ResearchBodies let’s you discover all the planets in the Kerbol System through a telescope. The Outer Planets Mod supports ResearchBodies and if it's installed, you'll need to discover the planets first before sending any spacecraft to the planets. Community Resource Pack gives modders a toolkit of commonly used resources to play with, and helps us all work together in the same resource playground. The Outer Planets Mod supports CRP and if it's installed, it will add resources to OPM's planets which later can be extracted to make fuel or life support. SigmaBinary helps change Plock and Karen into a binary system, like their real-life inspirations. This means that the two orbit around a common barycenter, a point of gravity between the two. This gravitational dance is rarely seen in mods and is quite the spectacle. CustomAsteroids allows Outer Planets Mod to add the same procedural asteroids to other places than Dres and . If you have it installed, you'll see asteroid 'moons' around Jool, Sarnus, Urlum, Neidon and Plock. DOWNLOAD Installation Download and Install the latest Kopernicus: LINK Download and install Custom Barn Kit. LINK This extends the DSN ranges so your vessels can communicate from the outer planets. Download Outer Planets Mod: LINK Drop the OPM folder into your GameData folder. The original thread is located here: This version of OPM retains the original License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
  2. So, say that i have a lander/surface base on Eeloo. Outer planets mod moves it so it becomes a moon of Sarnus. Would my craft just be moved with it, would they dissapear or would it corrupt my save? Has anybody tried that yet? Help, Lusbax.
  3. I'm currently deciding which mods to use for a modded career game. I'd like to use both Outer Planets Mod and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems. But Kerbal Planetary Base Systems uses two non-stock resources, Enriched Uranium and Depleted Uranium. Those resources are added by one of its dependencies, Community Resource Pack, and it appears that combining Outer Planets Mod with Community Resource Pack leaves me with some blanks to fill in. Community Resource Pack adds many resources and planet specific configurations for some of them. For example, the resource Alumina isn't found on gas giants, so the Alumina.cfg file has a section setting all of its values to 0 for Jool: PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Alumina ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Jool Distribution { PresenceChance = 0 MinAbundance = 0 MaxAbundance = 0 Variance = 0 Dispersal = 0 } } It has no such sections for Sarnus, Urlum, and Neidon, so those are some of the things that need to be in the configuration file that I'm missing: PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Alumina ResourceType = 0 PlanetName = Sarnus Distribution { PresenceChance = 0 MinAbundance = 0 MaxAbundance = 0 Variance = 0 Dispersal = 0 } } Note that Outer Planets Mod itself already has these sections for the outer gas giants and the stock resource Ore. And in the exact same file where Outer Planets Mod has those sections (OPM_Resources.cfg), there is also a section to disable ISRU contracts to extract Ore from the new planets that don't have it: @Contracts { @ISRU { @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Ore] { Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } } } Community Resource Pack's configuration files don't appear to have any sections to disable ISRU contracts to extract new resources from Jool. Is this because the stock configuation for ISRU contracts can only generate an ISRU contract for the stock resource Ore, so there's no need to disable them for new resources? Regardless, is disabling ISRU contracts for new resources from the new gas giants something that should be done in case another mod enables them? I imagine that this would require a configuration section like this: @Contracts { @ISRU { @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Alumina] { Forbidden = Jool Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } @RESOURCE_REQUEST[Dirt] { Forbidden = Jool Forbidden = Sarnus Forbidden = Urlum Forbidden = Neidon } } } Is multiple @RESOURCE_REQUEST sections in a single @ISRU section in a single @Contracts section the correct syntax? And will it combine badly with the stock configuration for ISRU contracts that doesn't generate contracts to extract non-stock resources? And where would the new configuration file need to be installed? Add it to the GameData/[ModName] subdirectory for Outer Planets Mod or Community Resource Pack? Or in a new GameData/[ModName] subdirectory? Would it need to be loade d after both of the mods that it affects? And if so, how do I ensure that? Am I re-inventing any wheels here? Has someone already created this missing configuration file?
  4. Hello everybody. I have a simple but intricate question on how would you think it's the best way to schedule science data gathering on a kamikaze probe burning on a gas giant atmosphere. I use remote tech, I love the additional difficulty in it, but I think I hit a wall here. When I want to send a probe to a gas giant I can't get the science before the probe is destroyed due to signal delay. Is there any way to automate or trigger the science gathering from the probe itself? Do you have any ideas on how this task can be done in a efficient way. Thanks to all your ideas. As always, forgive any grammar mistakes and feel free to correct me. Be good Zeke
  5. cratercracker

    (Poetry 2)

    Silicates, dust and ice Frozen craters, forgotten valleys… Nothing seems to be nice… In this planet full of dead alleys… Dres Bright green dot in sky Place where wonder dwells Desperate moons that asking, Why? But at the same time being well… Clouds that walking over surface high And the master planet says, It’s mine We will live there in some time… Jool The tiny icy speck Looking distant, freezing But it has It’s own feeling In a tiny icy wreck Which is circling there… appealing Eeelo Pls forgive me for all bad rhythms and stuff im really tired while writing this
  6. Andem

    The Plock Endeavor

    Chapter 1: In Space, No One Can Here You Scream… Bob was screaming. No one heard him of course, he was drowned out by the giddy laughter of Val and Jeb. They freaked him out sometimes. He squirmed in his seat, almost trying to escape the claustrophobic seat. He was strapped in, but not tightly. He was shaking too much to pull tightly before launch. Bill looked over to him and put his finger over his mouth. Shhh... Bob started to relax a little. Jeb and Val fell silent. Bill and Bob perked up. Now, this was an occurrence. “KSC?” Bob began to tremble. No one was smiling anymore. When Jeb and Val weren’t smiling, that was terrifying. Mission control gave no response. That was unlike Gene. “KSC, please respond…” Nothing. Jeb adjusted the radio signal to the KSC2. It had been abandoned years ago, but the old tracking station was still operational in case of malfunction at KSC Prime. “KSC, this is the Alternis capsule, please come in.” Static. Val looked back on Bill. He looked at his console. “Nothing Val. Nothing on our end.” Val sighed. Jeb put down the com controls. “We need to make our transfer burn in the next three minutes, if we don’t, we lose our Plock encounter.” Bob shuddered at the thought. He looked up. “Jeb, how long specifically until the burn?” “2 minutes, 37 seconds and counting.” Bob unstrapped himself. “What are you doing,” asked Bill. “I’m checking my experiments,” replied Bob. “Not so close to the manuever, you aren’t” “There are seats in the lab, I’ll strap in.” Bill grabbed at the hatch, and pulled himself into the science lab.he loked on the mystery goo. It was moving, as if probing for a way to escape the sealed pod that contained it. Bob took no notice, blaming the strange motion on the Gravioli detector nearby, even though Bob new all well that that wasn’t how the detector worked. “Strap in!” It took Bob a second to recognize Jeb’s voice and acknowledge what to do next. A second too long…