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Found 1 result

  1. I down-loaded and flew @TheFlyingKerman 's Kerbus A380-400 this evening and, following the instructions, made an awesome discovery about the Panther. (Incidentally, I love the Kerbal Express Airlines -- Regional Jet Challenge. Always something interesting, educational and/or useful!) Whereas heretofore, I've always used the after-burner to climb to altitude where the dry mode won't work, I had concluded that the altitude limit for dry mode was somewhat less than 10km. However, dry mode is able to run as high as 15km (although probably better at about 13km[*]). The thing is that dry mode has a speed limit (somewhere in the 630-700 m/s bracket(?)). If you're going super-fast on the afterburner, you'll flame out switching mode to dry unless you first slow to a speed at which dry mode can operate... (Makes me wonder if there are some configurations in which wet mode is required to get to an altitude and speed at which dry mode can then sustain propulsion but could not have achieved alone...?) OK, so here is my first question: what else I don't I know about this marvelous, marvelous engine??? Please fill me in on all there is to know about the delightful Panther (dry mode)!! How high? How fast? Etc, etc? Second question is about air intakes as they perform in KSP: why would you want to close one? Is this only a drag-reduction measure (when the engine has been shut down)? Or does deeper magic lurk within? [*] Depending upon the aircraft, of course, but "as high as"...(?)