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Found 1 result

  1. First I have to give credit to Nexter's Lab. I got the idea for this challenge while watching one of his videos. This is a challenge to make a paper airplane and see how far you can glide. Post your attempts here or on my Facebook page: Distance will be measured from the Launch clamps. No Mods. Planes must be stock. Parts allowed for the plane: flat wing sections, Elevons/control surfaces(no winglets or shuttle parts), cubic struts or I-beams, struts(spacetape), 1- RTG or 2- small solar panels, 1- small battery(100 electric), 1- small SAS unit, 2- radial decouplers, up to 16 seperatrons(no other boosters or engines), minimum 1 command seat. Rules: 1- No more than 70 parts for the plane itself. 2- Seperatrons can only be attached to the 2 decouplers. 3- I'm looking at the distance from the launch clamps. 4- No infin-glide(if still possible) 5- Launch from runway using launch clamps. 6- Land in the water intact. 7- F3 to show craft status and have the launch clamp marker visible. 8- Must have at least 1 Kerbal on board. 9- Thrust on the seperatrons must be above 75%. You may use anything you need to get the Kerbal onto the plane but no capsules or cockpits on the plane itself. Current Leader Board: Foamyesque - 46.1 Km Honorable mention: Herbal Space Program 44.5 Km(Thrust below 75%) Moarmau5 - 38.2 Km sebi9960 - 38.2 Km The Optimist - 38.2 Km Xenro66 - 24.6 KmJolly Roger Aerospace - 20.8 KmBilly Winn - 12.9 Km Category Entertainment