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Found 1 result

  1. Is there a hard-coded limit on the maximum nr of parts that can be included in an action group? I was fooling around a bit with lights, using quite a bit more of them on a single 'craft' than I'm used to. I then wanted to make them switch on and off in different patterns, one pattern per action group, by assigning the 'turn light off' / 'turn light on' action of every light into the action groups. So in the editor, I am adding either 'on' or 'off' for 36 separate lights (no symmetry) in each action group. So far, so good, the group actions column becomes a bit long but it seems to work. However: as soon as I launch and I try out the different patterns, some patterns will work ok, but in others there's always a number of lights that decide not to participate. I revert, check back... and inevitably find that those lights are showing as if I had not set any actions for them at all. Ok... maybe I made a mistake. So I redo those lights, add their on/off actions again, save, and launch. Now some OTHER lights that were working before decide to go on strike on certain patterns, and it's not necessarily the same patterns affected. Rinse repeat a couple of times, but I've not yet managed to make all lights perform/remember their set actions. So, something keeps 'dropping' actions that were saved and properly showing in the editor before launching, and it's not always the same ones. Hence my question: is there a maximum number of separate actions that will get triggered by an action group? Or a maximum to the overall total for all action groups together? Have I inadvertently stumbled onto a coded limit that I need to know about?