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Found 61 results

  1. I copied the micronode, it's cfg and it's .mu and dds to a separate nested directory in 'GameData' to experiment with and I haven't gotten off to a very good start. It appears I am not as capable as I thought. I have changed the name and I changed the title and description after the '=' sign. While the 'new' part shows up in my game along with the original, neither the title nor description has changed to the ones in edited cfg. What am I not seeing?
  2. Hello, I'm new KSP user, and I'm creating A-10 plane. But I'm not satisfied with only visual aspects. I want to make this plane nice to fly, and nice looking. To accomplish that task, I wanted to set vectors of thrust and aerodynamic on the same direction. To do it, I was adjusting angle of horizontal stabilizer (To compensate height of engines). As you can see on the picture, I can't get them on exactly the same direction. So my question is I am able to set rotation value by typing it in some field? By mouse, I will never have such a precision :| I was trying to find addon, but I didn't see any for the newset KSP version :\
  3. For me, personally, Motorized landing gear Scramjets A new R.A.P.I.E.R. - like engine The Stearwing D45 A realistic shuttle A new craft like Kerbal Y Or Kerbal Z SpaceX craft and parts, A stock Saturn V N1 Soyuz parts N-body physics Asteroids, parts, and Kerbals having gravity Being able to move entire things like planets or moons (Sometimes we want to push Gilly somewhere else), with other things with gravity, albeit not a lot. More radial engines More heatshields More parachutes Moar boosters! More capsules A built in DeltaV calculator How about you?
  4. Hey I am looking mods that add fuel tanks that aren't the traditional cylinders we're used to seeing. Basically, I am tired of my spacecraft all turning into the same amalgamation of cylindrical pieces. When I look at real probes and whatnot I see craft that take on a variety of different shapes. I'm fine with my launch rockets all being cylindrical, that's what I expect, I just don't like that my spacecraft look like my launch rockets. I got a taste of it with Near Future Construction and the truss pieces that can carry fuel and other stuff, but its only one type of truss.
  5. Is there a mod, that adds ATDP-2-3 sized LFOX tank or cargo bay? I'd prefer cargo bay, but LFOX tank is good too. There is a little restriction: It needs to work with 1.2.2, or be part-only, I mean uses stock modules. In case of big part-pack mod, it needs to be able to work alone. P.S. I tried cargobay from SpaceY, but it's more fairing then cargo bay and too long.
  6. Hello everyone, I played for a long time now, and one of my favorite mod I use is Procedural Part. The problem is, when you use it once, you never want to play without, mainly because of the procedural tanks which offer so much design possibilities. I really wish this mod was integrated to the squad part, or something similar, and at least the tanks. Like this, every game update will support this functionality. But this was so obvious for me that it was necessary for improving the game experience that I wondered if there is not an technical or philosophical reason why they haven't done this already.. I hope this is not the case and this is planned. Best regards
  7. Is it possible to move parts on same vessel during flight ? I'm not talking about Infernal Robotics style of joints, just plain radial and stack attachment nodes. I know that KAS and USI Konstruction Docking Port can alter vessels in flight, what i'm asking is can the existing nodes be moved around in flight, as they are in editor ? What type of part-to-part connection is used ? Do radial and stack nodes use different modules (built into KSP itself) ?
  8. Hello there, I am trying to build a Stratolaunch vehicle similar to the one in the Matt Lowne's video below. I noticed that he's clipping some parts, specially the wings, in order to make it look better. My problem is that when I try to do the same, parts collide with each other during take off and the ship breaks apart. I tried using struts to tie some of the parts together but it doesnt help much, also, I didn's see any struts in the craft on the video. I would like to know if there is something I should be doing to avoid that problem. Thanks!
  9. [1.3.X] ULA Vulcan rocket parts pack

    Vulcan rocket Vulcan This is the next generation rocket from ULA Includes: Tanks for Centaur and ACES Main tank BE-4 first stage engine RL-10 second stage engine Inflatable heatshield Parafoil Fairings Interstages Pictures: Recommended: If you want to launch the B330 orbital Moon base install this awesome mod from @bcink: Issues: Do not make the lower engine fairing the first part of the craft, I don't know why but the BE-4 won't be able to gimbal. If only smokescreen is installed so no realplume the engines will give particles even when they are off. Download: Note: This mod uses B9PartSwitch by @blowfish and is included in the download If you have a black tank it's probably a mod conflict with TR(R) or uninstall TR(R) or delete the texture switch part in the config of the tank. SpaceDock Curse License: Vulcan: All Rights Reserved B9PartSwitch: GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3.0 feedback is welcome and do not forget to report bugs.
  10. Making a small parts mod and for whatever reason KSP keeps looking for the IVA Model sub-directory that is not referenced in the IVA Cfg anywhere Cfg - Logs -
  11. I'm trying to get the ModuleResourceHarvester working for atmospheric CO2, but it doesn't show up on the part menu. Here's the cfg: PART { name = CO2Compressor module = Part author = Chirality mesh = scale = 1 rescaleFactor = 2.1 node_attach = 0.03, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0, 1 TechRequired = precisionEngineering entryCost = 6400 cost = 20 category = Utility subcategory = 0 title = Surface Mount CO2 Compressor manufacturer = Chirality Technologies description = Filters CO2 out of the atmosphere and compresses it. Fuels CO2 thrusters! attachRules = 0,1,0,0,0 mass = 0.01 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.2 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 7 maxTemp = 2000 bulkheadProfiles = srf MODULE { name = ModuleResourceHarvester HarvestorType = 2 Efficiency = 0.15 ResourceName = CarbonDioxide ConverterName = CO2 Filtration StartActionName = Start Filtering CO2 StopActionName = StopFilteringCO2 AutoShutdown = true UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 10 } } MODULE { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = CO2 Compressor StartActionName = Start Compressor StopActionName = Stop Compressor AutoShutdown = true GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = false INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = CarbonDioxide Ratio = 1.0 FlowMode = ALL_VESSEL } INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = ElectricCharge Ratio = 20 } OUTPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdCO2 Ratio = 0.1 DumpExcess = true FlowMode = ALL_VESSEL } } } The converter function works (or at least, it shows up). Any ideas?
  12. Kerbal Science Innovation Creat 30/06/2017 This is a science mod which use the science of today and the science of the future, for the moment it is in Progress.(create by a french ) Version : 1.8.1 Change log : Download From : CKAN Author : @Ourshinigami Scorpius Space is enjoy to show you those part ! Scorpius Space Science Laboratory AtomicFountain (Caesium 133) Imgur : Atomic fountain(Caesium 133) Description : An atomic fountain is a cloud of atoms that is tossed upwards by lasers in the Earth's gravitational field. If it were visible, it would resemble the water in a fountain. While weightless in the toss, the atoms are measured to set the frequency of an atomic clock. Dark matter collector Imgur : Dark Matter Collector Description : This is a dark matter collector. Dark matter sensor Imgur : Dark matter sensor Description : Dark matter has never been directly observed; however its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations. The name refers to the fact that it does not emit or interact with electromagnetic radiation, such as light, and is thus invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Although dark matter has not been directly observed, its existence and properties are inferred from its gravitational effects such as the motions of visible matter, gravitational lensing, its influence on the universe's large-scale structure, on galaxies, and its effects on the cosmic microwave background. Polaris-Ray X imgur : Polaris-Ray X description : X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is a chemical analysis technique using a physical property of matter, X-ray fluorescence. When material is bombarded with x-rays, the material re-emits energy under Forms, inter alia, X-rays; This is X-ray fluorescence or X-ray secondary emission. The spectrum of the X-rays emitted by the material is characteristic of the composition of the sample, by analyzing this spectrum, one can deduce the elementary composition, Ie the mass concentrations of elements. PRIME SPACE MANUFACTURING is enjoy to show you those part ! Author : @PR1ME MicroverseBattery Description : A battery containing a miniature universe with intelligent life that can produce massive amounts of energy. "It's just slavery with extra steps." Requires concentrated dark matter to keep the microverse stable. Dark matter contaiment module Description : A specialized container to store dark matter at extremely high densities. Language : [English] translate by @Ourshinigami and @Aelfhe1m and @PR1ME [Spanish] translate by @fitiales and @Ourshinigami [Français] Translate by @Ourshinigami Télécharger la viersion Français ici puis suivez les instruction dans le "lisez moi" Contract Pack Version : 1.1 Change log: Downlowd of the contract pack : Space Dock Curse Forge CKAN Requires : Author : @Ourshinigami @Aelfhe1m Language : [English] translate by @Ourshinigami and @Aelfhe1m [Spanish] translate by @fitiales Thanks to @Aelfhe1m for the plugin of the gravity waves sensor. (deleted now) @TheRagingIrishman , @artwhaley, @steedcrugeon for their help in my start. @fitiales for the translation in spanish If you want help me, let me a personal message, the help is welcome Source of the plugin for GWS : here Licence: Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 3.0 France. Licence for the flag of the Kerbal Science Innovation Contract Pack:Flag icon made by Freepik from Licence : MIT for contract pack configurator and for texture replacer.
  13. Creat 30/06/2017 This is a science mod which use the science of today and the science of the future, for the moment it is in Progress. The download is a Beta. Actually their only one part which is Horloge Cezium 133 (Atomic Clock). Their a possible bug with the texture and I work on a other texture. In would like know if for you, there is the bug or not Download From : Science Innovation Licence: Licence Creative Commons Attribution - Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale - Pas de Modification 3.0 France.
  14. Science Part

    Hello everyone, so I love KSP and I decided to create my own science mod, and I have the texture, and the 3d modelling but I have one probleme, this is the C code, I saw the code of Dmagic or the code of other science mod but, like I am a begniner in mod in KSP,I don't understand the C code of their parts. today, I would like what my part can have a point of science (just that) and be able to see my new part. If someone can help me in the C code or explaine me, it will be very sympathetic. thank you.
  15. Horizontal lander pods

    Alright, I know I'm not the only one making landers like this: I love building landers using the 1.25m crew tank horizontally. However, it's really hard! It's difficult to attach propulsion systems without blocking the doors, and even moreso for the windows. There are no hatches either. Reentry is a huge pain. Am I the only one who wishes there was a better part for this? Some kind of horizontal lander part with more attachment nodes and a better hatch system? Maybe one that holds 3 kerbals? Does anyone already make one? If so, who? If not, would someone? Please?
  16. For some reason after i updated KSP to 1.3 all parts and kerbal jobs were relabeled as #autoLOC_50010. Even on new saves before the update. I do not have any mods. May someone please help?
  17. I'm looking for some information on how to use the part upgrade feature. Mechjeb for example does it but I guess this is a feature of himself. But I red that it is possible in ksp now and I'd really like to know how. Okay to get propper help I should propper describe what I want to do: - I want to use the stock survey scanner and add scansat ability to it. To do so I don't want to just copy it and spread the copies over the techtree but I want to add upgrades to it to be unlocked. So basically move the "original" scanner to the place of the radar sensor of scansat, delete its module for resource scanning and then have it upgraded further down the tree with said module and the other two scansat provides. It's all nice and good and when I just make copies it works but ... errr ... there is this cool feature of partupgrades and I'd love to use it. cheers
  18. In my mod GTI MultiMode Intakes, I am allowing switching between different intake modes. When doing this, I'm also changing the resources associated with the intake, like intakeair or intakeatm. However, so far, I've relied on "part.Resources.Clear();". This removes all resources in the part, and then I can add the new resource I want back in. However, this have one mayor drawback, it removes all resources, and not just the ones I want it to, namely the ones I target. So in my latest try, I used the below methods to target only relevant resources. However, I cannot seem to get them to work. public bool Remove(PartResource res); public bool Remove(string resName); public bool Remove(int resID); I tried as follows (i merged the three overload methods directly into the example below, I do NOT run them at the same time, I comment out when testing). Debug messages says that I do indeed run the "Remove()" method where expected and on the expected resource. The remove methods return true!!! But my engine continues to consume IntakeAir even when switched away, so that the resource should have been removed. When I use "Clear()" the engine flameout immediately as it should. And listing all resources in the part after all show that the resource was not removed. bool preserveResource; PartResource partResourceDef; //Evaluated all resources in part for (int i = 0; i < currentPart.Resources.Count; i++) { preserveResource = true; GTIDebug.Log("Check for resource removal: " + currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName, iDebugLevel.DebugInfo); //compare all resources to the target resources for (int j = 0; j < modes.Count; j++) { //If it is a target resource, mark it for replacement if (modes[j].resourceName == currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName) { //Remove resources managed by this mod preserveResource = false; break; } } //Remove resource if it is marked for replacement if (!preserveResource) { GTIDebug.Log("Removing Resource: " + currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName, iDebugLevel.DebugInfo); //try 1 currentPart.Resources.Remove(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName) //try 2 currentPart.Resources.Remove(PartResourceLibrary.Instance.GetDefinition(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName).id) //try 3 partResourceDef = currentPart.Resources.Get(currentPart.Resources[i].resourceName); currentPart.Resources.Remove(partResourceDef) } } So my questions are, does Remove() work at all? if yes, then can anybody point me toward what could be wrong in my code?
  19. Reroot part in flight

    Hi everybody. Does anybody know of a mod that enables the player to change the root part in flight? I've run into a problem where USI Konstruction cannot merge two sections, because the construction port have become root part when I decoupled my vessel. I know I can send up a new section (rather expensive!) and that is what I've done so far. But changing the root part in flight would be far nicer solution.
  20. Hi all, I am hoping desperately that someone might be able to help. Whilst editing parts I know that the QWEASD keys all rotate on various axes and the use of Shift refines that from 90 degrees to 5 degrees by default, but not anymore, not for me. For some reason my new angles appear to be approximately 30 degrees and less than 1 degree with the use of the Shift key. I cannot tell you when this first occurred because I was re-using previously saved designs I had created a while ago and only recently had to create a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any solutions, such as editing a config file to change the angles of rotation, or maybe someone has had the same problem and has since fixed it? The rotation wheels still work as they should, but the key bindings have the above fault.
  21. I need a more aerodynamic docking port for the nose of some of my spaceplanes. I'd like to get a part that functions like the stock clamshell docking port, but with the shape and model of the stock aerodynamic nose cone. Essentially, this docking port: with this covering it: Can anyone assist me with this? Or point me in the right direction if someone has already done it?
  22. Hi I'm trying to modify some part, and I'm putting empty resource in the parts, like this RESOURCE { name = EnrichedUranium amount = 0 maxAmount = 50 } But now my part show up with negative price tag. It's like the cost of the part is inclusive the resources. Is that true? Or is it something else, like a bug or me doing something wrong?
  23. Mod Sorter Needed!

    I came into the KSP community not too long ago, but i now have the need for a part sorter. Filter Extensions just doesn't seem to do it, because I need to just click a few buttons and just see the parts normally. Filter Extensions also doesn't mod sort by default and modders have to specifically implement the tabs. I want to just be able to throw something together, even if I have a lot of mods.. It would also help if there were multiple filters for mods. Does anyone know of a mod that can help?
  24. The turned on lights of the retracted landing gears just waste the FPS and shows a rendering glitch. Why not put on 'turn off' state while they are retracted - automatically?
  25. I'm looking for a modder to make a simple tool which would be able to edit part position and rotation in-flight. With simple UI and part highlighting (code for part selection is available in mods like Part Commander and Action Groups Extended) Basically a mod which will change and update these values in real time: excerpt from a save file PART { name = engineLargeSkipper cid = 4289663140 uid = 927870594 mid = 409881460 launchID = 51 parent = 128 position = 9.5522575378417969, -7.2433972358703613, 5.9428839683532715 rotation = -0.00245498656, -0.0027628853, -0.698597789, 0.715505123