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Found 3 results

  1. Rovers kicking up dust

    How difficult would it be to add particles to rover wheels that could simulate the dust being kicked up on a sandy/dusty celestial body? Could it be applied by biome like CollisionFX does it?
  2. custom engine fx

    i have a little mini project to make a rather cool little engine (all hush for now) but i was wondering what the process is to create my own particle fx for then engine and import it into the game?
  3. I'm wondering if it's possible to add two particle emitter effects to a single engine. I think it's possible, because I think at least the turboramjet effect with hot rockets worked that way. However this happened to me when I tried (see image below). What I did was I added to particle emitter objects in Unity to the empty object that is exported as a .mu file. This generates one .mu and two texture files. But KSP doesn't like it? Is there another way? The effect coming out of the exhaust is how it's actually supposed to look, but I don't know where the diagonal flame came from. Also, the engine can't be turned off or on, and the effect is always running...