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Found 1 result

  1. In the interests of helping those new to creating parts (and I hope to learn something too) I've put together some “Demo Parts” projects. Each part is a separate project in a separate zip file containing the Blender, GIMP, Unity directories, and a GameData folder. The models and texturing are very basic as the point is to provide a example of part structure from Blender to “in game” (translation: the parts are functional but not pretty). The license is MIT and I'll be adding more parts - to the extent of my abilities/free time. I welcome feedback and hope to be able to improve the examples/correct any errors as time goes on/add more comments and notes. Download here. Part Version Comments AirBrake 161.0 ControlSurface 161.0 Decoupler 161.0 DecouplerRadial 161.0 DockingPort 161.0 Door/Airlock 151.0 Renamed from "Door" to "Airlock" Engine 161.0 Fairing 161.0 Truss still showing in thumbnail Robotics 171.1 Added a hinge, piston and rotor FuelTank 161.0 Really just a config file and putting a part through Unity but a good part to start with Grappler 161.0 Intake 161.0 Radiator 171.0 Ladder 151.0 LandingLeg WIP Leaps into the air LaunchClamp 161.0 Light WIP Working but emissives messed up Parachute 161.0 Radiator - RCS 131.0 RetractingLandingGear - SolarPanel 161.0 Wheel 161.0 Wing 161.0 If you know of any parts I've missed that aren't just config files (Fuel tank covers that) let me know and I'll add to the ToDo list.