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  1. June 19, 2017 Released to correct the mini AVC version file. No other changes. June 18, 2017 Released Some minor changes/updates, please see the change log below for details. As always, please post any issues you find, or questions/suggestions you have. I hate to see really great mods languish, so I'm going to try to bring NovaPunch up to date. The original mod thread can be found here. I know, "No pics, No clicks". So here's a start, with some of the sample rockets: ![]() Imgur Gallery with other images: (Nov 20, '16 Updated to include a sampling of the engines) Change Log Next Major Step: Start working on getting the legs functional (Gotta learn Blender and Gimp, so this won't be quick. Still to do overall: (In no particular order) RealPlume support Other stuff as I think of it Listen to your comments and suggestions Look at other requested mods once I get this one fully up to date. Tiberion's shuttle parts has been requested. I'm up for that, but I need to get a handle on Blender & Gimp. Interested? It's on Spacedock only, for now. Known Issues: Credits: License: CCA-SA4 The contents of this mod are copyrighted by their respective original authors and released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You can read the full terms of the license on the Creative Commons webpage by visiting Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
  2. About This is the new thread for B9 Aerospace. The old thread is available here This pack adds a vast selection of new parts, introducing new spaceplane components such as new engines, cockpits, wings and fuselage systems, new structural components for orbital installations and colonies, and so on B9 was originally developed by @bac9, @Taverius, and @K3-Chris, now maintained by @blowfish and @Flashblade with help from many others Requirements The latest version is compatible with KSP 1.3. All other KSP versions should be considered incompatible. If you are on an earlier version of KSP, however, you may be able to find a compatible version of B9 here B9 depends on several other mods to make it work. They are included in the download, and listed below in the "Dependencies" section. Installation Instructions You can install with CKAN and have the dependencies installed automatically. If you are doing a manual install, open the zip you downloaded, find the GameData folder and copy all of its contents into your existing GameData folder in KSP. If you already have any of the bundled mods, check which one is the latest version. Note that the core and HX packs come with the same version of some dependencies. B9 will not work unless installed correctly. If you're having issues, please verify that you have installed it correctly. Download Three packs are available for download: B9 Aerospace Core Pack - All of the main spaceplane parts B9 Aerospace Legacy Pack - Older Mk1 and Mk2 parts, modular wings. Requires the core pack and all of its dependencies B9 Aerospace HX Pack - Large blocky futuristic parts. Does not require the core pack, comes with its own dependencies Also available on CKAN Changelog Latest Version Release 6.3.2 Release for KSP 1.3 Fix some mismatched brackets Previous Versions FAQ Q: The mod crashes the game for some reason, what can I do? Make sure that everything is installed correctly, your dependencies are up-to-date, and you are on the correct version of KSP. If you can't find the issue read this helpful topic and post the issue in this thread. Be sure to include your logs! If you are quite certain that you have found a bug, you can create the issue on our Github page. Try to provide as much detail as possible - logs, example craft, reproduction steps. Also be sure that the issue is reproducable with only B9 installed. Posts along the lines of "Its not working" or "Everything is broken" won't really help us much. Q: I don't understand a thing in those IVA displays, there are too many buttons and screens Here is a very helpful manual. Q: Why aren't you respecting stock balance? Mods should reference stock for the configs of the new parts, otherwise balance of modded game would be all over the place! While we try to respect stock balance as much as possible, there are a number of inconsistencies in the balance of stock parts that make it impossible to keep balance against every stock part. If something seem very far off of what it should be, feel free to ask in this thread. Q: I can't find those huge blocky parts from the opening image in my part catalog. Why are those missing? They were recently separated into another download as they mostly don't share dependencies with the main part of the mod and as many people prefer not to use them. Q: I can't find the modular wing pieces that are depicted on many screenshots of this mod. Why are those missing? They were removed and will no longer be developed. They are available as an optional download in the Bitbucket repository linked on top of this post, but we do not recommend using them. A far better option is using procedural wings, since you'll have just one part with just one material and just one texture covering any possible wing shape then. Good for performance, good for design freedom, good for looks. Grab the procedural wings here. Q: Why aren't procedural wings integrated into the main B9 package? Because they have entirely separate dependencies and are maintained by different folks. Merging them will only needlessly complicate updates. Pictures New Mk1/Mk2 Parts HX Parts Old Screenshots Dependencies Core Pack B9AnimationModules plugin by blowfish B9PartSwitch plugin by blowfish Firespitter plugin by Snjo and RoverDude ModuleManager plugin by ialdabaoth and sarbian RasterPropMonitor by Mihara and MOARdV SmokeScreen plugin by Sarbian Legacy Pack Depends on the core pack and all of its dependencies (not included in the legacy pack download) HX Pack B9AnimationModules plugin by blowfish B9PartSwitch plugin by blowfish ModuleManager plugin by ialdabaoth and sarbian SmokeScreen plugin by Sarbian Credits Old core team: bac9 - 3D modeling, texturing, editor tools Taverius - balance, 3D modeling, craft design, maintenance K3|Chris - 3D modeling, texturing, IVA New updates: blowfish - plugin code, maintenance, balance, coordination of new updates flashblade - various contributions V8jester and M4ck - stack node adjustments danfarnsy and JaredTheDragon - RPM fixes joshwoo70 - RT compatibility sparkybear - Part tags taniwha - Fix for planet-illuminating lights Contributors: Nazari - HotRockets Engine FX: forums jadebenn, Hyomoto, Helldiver - RPM MFD configuration. alexustas - RPM MFD configuration FPSlacker - HR exhaust pressure compensation Special thanks: DYJ C7 r4m0n Sarbian NathanKell egg snjo ferram4 Mu mrBlaQ License This work is shared under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. Dependencies may come under their own licenses. Please check dependency documentation for details.
  3. SM Stryker Armory and Aerospace combined Continued from the fine start by @strykersm This update brings hatches, improved textures and other tweaks Current parts: Cockpits: BF-109 ; Mig ; Hyperion (P-80 lookalike) ; Razor ; Jetfire (SR-71/F-106 lookalike) Intakes: Early and Late variants of Mig-21 intake ; Engines: Reaper AB Jet Engine (based on Su-9 engine); Kiril AB Jet Engine (based on Mig-21) AT this point I intend not to add anything new, but will continue to update overhaul and enhance as time goes on and my texturing skills improve . All included parts are based on the originals by @strykersm. who has kindly given permission for this continuation changelog emergency download CC BY-SA 2.0
  4. Shadow Space Technologies Unlimited - Labs Division This is the public discussion thread for ongoing development of SSTU parts and plugin code. Downloads: The latest test versions may be found at: And are also available on Github: (Github will always be more up-to-date than curse, as they are auto-published there; I have to manually update Curse; so please check the GitHub link if you are looking for the latest versions) Please keep in mind that these are all testing releases. Things may break between releases. There will be bugs. Many things are unfinished and/or unoptimized. The test versions are for ironing out bugs in new features and for testing out prototype parts before they are finished; as such they will always have bugs, often severe, and there will often be unfinished parts (no textures, missing features, etc). Please only use these versions if you wish to contribute to testing and are comfortable with the state of the releases. Additional Parts / configs (by @JoseEduardo) Wiki (WIP): Contribution: IVA Modeling: SSTU could greatly use someone with interest and experience in modeling IVAs. If you think you are that person, please contact Shadowmage through PM to work out the details. Testing: If you would like to contribute to pre-release testing (and get to try things out in their pre-release state), please follow the link above; the most recent test version will be at the top. Please submit issue reports for any problems you encounter via the GitHub issues tracker: (If you do not report the issue there, it will not be resolved; issues posted in the thread or through PMs will be forgotten about and likely never fixed; so please, do the organized thing and use the bug-tracker). Configs/Patches: I welcome pull requests and contributions for adding patches for mod compatibility, adding new part configs, or fixing issues in existing part configs. Documentation: One very major part of the mod that could greatly benefit from public contributions is the Wiki: While this is the 'dev version' wiki, I will be using it to form the basis of the public release wiki; so any/all information and details that can be filled in now will be transferred over to the public release repository and wiki when it is created. Feedback, suggestions, comments, etc: Please feel free to post feedback, suggestions, questions, etc regarding development releases and/or any posted previews. Even if you are not on the testing team, I still value your feedback and suggestions. Please use the issue tracker for any 'official' feature requests; it may be found at: Bug Reports: Please submit issue reports for any problems you encounter via the GitHub issues tracker: No other method for submitting bugs will be supported; posts on the forum or through PM will be forgotten about before I can ever get to them. Opening up a ticket ensures that your report does not get lost in the forum or forgotten about. No ticket = no fix. Enough with the disclaimers, and onto the parts! The Parts: The goal of SSTU is to provide low-part count, CPU-efficient parts for common uses. To this end many of the parts are designed with additional integrated functionality beyond the base functions, for instance integrating RCS ports and engine(s) into a fully fledged service module. I have tried to maintain a stock-compatible appearance, though as I am not an artist or modeler (at least not by training/profession), how well this has worked out is subject to opinion. Master list of parts; current, planned, the whole lot: Ship Core: Engines A set of engines in many varieties, including pre-built engine clusters. Many more engines, mounting options, and cluster designs will be added over time. Ship Core: Series A A set of parts modeled after the Soyuz CSM stack. Includes Orbital Module, Descent Module, Service Module, and LAS. Ship Core: Series B A set of parts modeled after the Apollo CSM stack. Includes two command modules (one with integrated heatshield and parachutes), launch abort system, and Apollo-inspired service module. Ship Core: Series C A series of parts heavily inspired by and based on current NASA - SLS project. Includes representations of SLS upper stack initial configuration, and lifter parts designed in the vein of the lower/core portions. The upper stack is designed to allow for a low-part-count manned orbiter setup, while the lower-stack parts are intended for super-heavy-lift capabilities. Command module and upper-stack are 3.75m, while the lower-stack lifter parts are 5m. Ship Core: General A line of generic / utility parts. Fairings, RCS, Science experiments, and procedural decouplers of various types. Includes a full line of configurable/dynamic fuel tank parts in standard cylinder, sphere, R-7 booster (integrated decoupler), and upper-stage (integrated rcs) form factors. Includes a full set of truss based cargo bay modules. Also includes a full line of interstage fairings and petal adapters, and standard payload fairings. (Many parts not shown in album) Lander Core A series of parts specially crafted to enable low-part-count non-atmospheric lander designs for use in the stock Kerbol system. Station Core A line parts for low-part-count station use. Includes inflatable Bigelow-inspired inflatable modules, inflatable centrifuge modules, ISS inspired habitat and lab modules, and a line of TKS/DOS inspired single-part station cores (integrated solar, engines, rcs, docking ports, sas). Also includes a full line of stand-alone solar panels and a 'welding' docking port. (Album not yet available) Craft Files None currently available, will possibly start becoming available when the mod has reached a stable state (not for the foreseeable future). Additional Addon Compatibility and Integration RealPlume -- Optional but highly recommended. SSTU includes a set of patches for RealPlume for all engines as well as most other engine-enabled parts. More will be added over time. Stock effects are also included, but options and configuration for those are much more limited. If you want pretty-looking exhaust effects, get RealPlume. MechJeb -- If MechJeb2 is installed, Command Pods (and some service modules) include a built-in MJ module. The tech-unlocks for these are based on the default MJ tech-settings. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement -- As of KSP 1.2+, KRJ is no longer necessary, as the stock Auto-Struts can eliminate most of the wobbles. Might still have utility on extremely large craft designs, but should no longer be nearly-mandatory. USI-LS -- Patches for most parts are included, and will be enabled when the requisite mods are installed. These patches add a few days worth of life-support to each of the pods and some of the service modules. TAC-LS -- Some patches are included. Not up to date, and not all parts are patched. ConnectedLivingSpace - A simple CLS patch is included to add CLS passability to all SSTU crewed parts. FAR - Unsupported. You are on your own if you choose to use FAR. Any problems involving FAR needs to be brought up in the FAR thread. RO/RSS - Unsupported. Take any support requests regarding RO to the RO threads. KR&D - Known to be incompatible. Some config edits can be made to allow them to work in the same install, but KR&D cannot adjust stats on most SSTU parts. Introductory video by MrMeeb Known Issues IVAs - Many are incomplete. WIP. They'll be finished 'eventually'. Textures - Many unfinished textures. Please see the Github issues tracker for a complete list of known issues: Future Timeline / Future Plans Please see the Github Milestones and Issues Tracker to see future/current development plans. Milestones (long-term plans): Issues Tracker (current in-dev stuff): Legal: Source: All source code and compiled plugin binaries for this addon are distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0, except where noted below, where that code is distributed under its own license. The text of this license may be found at: EXCEPTIONS: None at this time Source code for plugins is included in all releases packs (source may also be found for the most current version at: Models/Art/Configs All Assets and Artwork in this addon are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except those areas noted below, which are distributed under their own licenses. The text of this license may be found at EXCEPTIONS: None at this time ModuleManager Module Manager is distributed under its own license (CC-SA). Source code and licensing details may be found at: Community Resource Pack Community Resource Pack is distributed under its own license (CC-BY-NC-SA). Source code and licensing details may be found at: Mini-AVC This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin KSPWheel KSPWheel is a dependency for the SC-E (shuttle) landing gear, and is distributed under its own license (GPL 3.0+ It may be found at: The Team: Development: Shadowmage - Modeling, animation, texturing, plugin code, concept development, and most configs (balance). And a special thanks go out to all others who are making this add-on possible: JoseEduardo - Co-Conspirator, Testing and feedback, RO and RF Integration, Craft files, additional texture sets blowfish - Testing, feedback, and concept development MrMeeb - Intro video, testing and feedback. StratoChief - RO and RF Integration VenomousRequiem - Concept development and feedback. MeCripp - Testing and feedback _Augustus_ - Testing and feedback drtedastro - Testing and feedback riocrokite - Testing and feedback, concept development for part reduction falken - Testing and feedback martinezfg11 - LC-POD IVAs Jimbodiah - Craft repository and testing -if I missed you on this list, sorry! (feel free to send me a PM if you think you deserve a mention in the credits) Donations: I work on this mod during my spare time, and use vast amounts of caffeine in the process. If you would like to help contribute to my coffee fund, please see the link below. This is purely optional, but can help keep me motivated and energized ( = more work getting done!).
  5. Do not use any grappler parts as vessel Root. Command Pod, roughly same size as Mk1; will work on IVA when I get my hands on the new PartTools. Now has data transmitter built-in. Two variants depending on other active mods. KAS: adds front mounted winch unit w 30 meter cable. Size slightly reduced, Increased ejection force. No more harpoon bouncing off of asteroids. SCANSat: adds small SCANSat network uplink unit w/ BTDT scanner. FStextureSwitch2 for some visual customization options Advanced Drone Unit, derived from the Command Pod. Crew space converted to service bay. More EC and Mono capacity. Integrated RCS thrusters. One variant available RemoteTech: Service bay removed. Adds 500km passive Omni antenna and 9Mm directional antenna, should allow comfortable operation within Kerbin SOI. Increased EC and Mono capacity. Integral RTG Grappler unit, very handy for moving things around when you don't have a docking port. Strong SAS and RCS thrusters. Moderate EC capacity and LF/OX, LF, or Mono fuel options. Reduced SAS power to 20; Max RCS power increased to 15 with default RCS thrust set to 5%. Radial NV engine; burns LF/OX or Mono. Reversible thrust. Full extension to around 2m, a tad shorter than the FT400 fuel tank. can give you that extra clearance you need when hauling large objects. Keep Kerbals away from moving parts. Fixed reverse thrust. added thrust Gimbal. now with KSPI-E config. wide range of characteristics depending on fuel type. Added Indicator for reverse thrust mode. Helper Drone, small remote controlled RCS block with integrated light and RTG. Max RCS thrust of 8 w/ default thrust at 10% max. Minimal SAS. Use grabber to dock after initial separation. 3km omni antenna if using RemoteTech. Adaptor Carrier; same dimensions as Push Adaptor but fitted with higher capacity Mono tank and compartments for up to 4 Helper Drones. Grabber unit only. Will replace Push Adaptor part in future. Fixed collider boxes so you don't get stuck grabbing on to Size 1 Docking port when you get perfect alignment. Added orientation indicators and switcher. Red-Left, Green-Right, Yellow-Up. Push Adaptor/Service Bay; Grabber/DockingPort/Service Bay. Service Bay replaced by KIS container if you run KIS. Grappler Jr. Grappler arm w/ Service Bay, integrated external command seat. Service Bay replaced with KIS container if KIS is installed. I don't know what it's good for... Jeb made me do it. CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 SpaceDock: Dropbox: ModuleManager: Enceo's IVA! Retrofitted from the copula, fits real nice! Pics below Blank IVA, more or less, for those what want to roll their own.
  6. Beta release now available! Download from CurseForge NOTE: Default light settings in KSP only allow for 8 lights due to the added resource loads lights can cause. To increase the number of lights available, go to Settings/Graphics/Pixel Light Count and adjust it according to your system's abilities. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Compatible with @Li0n's Crew Light License is: a modified Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License and view-able on Curse. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Source And this is a stock aircraft on the runway with several of the lights attached to give a size comparison. So this all came about because I wanted some lights for a truck. After spending days trying to tie into ModuleLight I finally threw my hands up in disgust and wrote my own partmodule. Features: Works with multiple light sources on a single part using animations. GameObjects (lenses) so designated in the config can have their material color changed to match the light color. This happens real-time in the hangar. As you change the light color, the lens color changes. The color changer takes either _Color or _Emissive colors. GameObject (lenses) off colors - The plan is eventually to animate the lens colors to match the light color animation so that they fade in and out. I'm not there yet. Until such time, the lenses turn off and on during blink and remain on otherwise. The off color can be added in the .cfg file. Blinking lights - Most of these lights can be set to blink. On and Off times have a range of 0.1 sec to 10 sec. These are set via sliders in the hangar. Each light's blink time and blink state is set independently and is persistent Preset colors - Some of the lights on other mods I've seen have this cool blue shade rather than the stock yellow. With this plugin, you get 15 (at the moment) preset colors and the ability to add your own by adding to a dat file in the plugin directory. Preset format is: Color name,RGB.Red,RBG.Blue,RGB.Green I.E. Candle,255,147,41 Current color presets include: Candle 40W Tungsten 100W Tungsten Halogen Carbon Arc Warm Fluorescent Standard Fluorescent Cool White Fluorescent Full Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Light Fluorescent Black Light Fluorescent Mercury Vapor Sodium Vapor Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium Future plans (hopes) Animating lens colors via code to match light colors. GUI menu to make that searchlight rotate and tilt. (done) Create a disco party truck (done) ProTip: To quickly locate these parts, search for Kerbal Electric in the hangar parts list.
  7. TRAILERS: (Thanks to @Drakenex for the screenshot gallery and the historical descriptions!) Changelog: What is this mod? Variety is the spice of life. BDB doesn't necessarily add new gameplay hooks, new systems to the game, new features. What it does add, are parts. Lots of parts. The mod adds a tremendous number of parts, including launchers, spacecraft parts, and probe parts, all in a stockalike style. The focus lies primarily on the US space program up through the Apollo program, but there are several unrelated parts. The parts are not perfect replicas, but rather take inspiration directly from existing designs. Care has been taken to research and include parts for projects that were proposed but never happened, to increase the possibilities available to the player. Parts are made in a lego frame of mind, and I greatly encourage you to mix and match parts to see what cool things you come up with. The mod is not recommended for new players, as the mod adds a good deal of clutter to the VAB lists. The mod also adds new standard sizes (such a 0.9375m, 1.5m and 1.875m diameter) of parts in order to more accurately scale to KSP. Extreme care has been taken to leave the mod with as small a footprint as possible while keeping the graphical fidelity to acceptable levels. The textures are not HD, however they are intended to look as good if not better than stock textures. For example, the entire Titan rocket series (39 parts total) is made using 1x 1024 texture sheet and 5x 512 texture sheets (1 per fuel tank series, 1 for SRBs and 1 for Transtage). Compared to stock, which generally uses a 1024 texture for a single part, the savings are enormous. For those familiar with KSP mods, BDB can be considered a stockalike equivalent of FASA, and a US counterpart to Tantares' soviet rockets. Well, what do I get? Currently, the mod includes 300 parts you can use to make: Mercury (Courtesy of Bloeting Aerospace Corp) Gemini (Courtesy of Trails Manufacturing Co.) Apollo Block II, III, III+, and V CSM Vanguard rocket with Able and Ablestar upper stages Scout rocket Redstone rocket Juno II, IV rockets Diamant rocket (All variants) Thor-Delta rocket (Almost all variants can be made) Delta 2 rocket (Including upper stage, GEM SRBs) Atlas rocket (Can make pretty much everything up to Atlas 2AS) Agena upper stage (All variants) Vega (old Kerolox upper stage for Atlas) Centaur D, G, G', T upper stages Atlas V rocket (Pretty much just the CCB for now) Titan 1, 2, 3, 4 rockets, with SRMs and Transtage (No IUS yet!) Saturn (Can make C1, 1B, V, and 1C right now, along with some extra parts for more options) New probe cores New antennas and dishes New science experiments I would like to see X, Y, and Z in game! Awesome! I love having people interested in the mod's development. First, check the roadmap to make sure I haven't already planned on making it. If it's on there, it will get done - eventually. Some day. Hopefully. If not, feel free to ask on the thread. Preferably with pictures, or something. Fair warning - I don't have much of an interest in modern rockets, so don't expect to see things like a Falcon 9 or some such in this mod. I also don't plan on covering anything Soviet - Tantares already does a fine job of representing those in a stockalike style. Right now I'm also sort of swamped, with content planned for upwards of the next year! However, if you have something relevant to what I'm currently working on (ie you can't have X rocket without Y part for it) please speak up - I like to be complete! There's something wrong with the CKAN configs for BDB! Myself and the other authors do not maintain the CKAN configs for this mod. @linuxgurugamer has graciously volunteered (I think) to look into any issues pertaining to this mod on CKAN. Compatibility: Credits: Licensing: Like what I do? Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patreon or Paypal! Set up recurring donations through Patreon ...Or make a one time donation via PayPal #RealThrustHasCurves
  8. ===> main download. <=== ===> SpaceDock mirror. <=== ===> Available in CKAN. <=== Dev thread here Video review by Kottabos: Video review by GrunfWorks (fresher one): Languages: ,, For other languages - commit to GitHub instance of ChopShop (/GameData/ChopShop/Localization.cfg). Other mods support: ModuleManager IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for mods support. Connected Living Space is supported where it matters. F.A.R. is supported. (Hopefully...) JSI Advanced Transparent Pods Modular Fuel Tanks and Real Fuels are supported. RealFuels is recommended. TweakScale is supported and highly recommended. RasterPropMonitor RemoteTech is supported and recommended. Is supported by other mods: ModuleSolarTracking - should automatically make SSP right-click menus less confusing. SETI Techtree and Balance mods Parts are mostly self-explaining - either in Imgur album or in game. But here is what you're generally getting: Deployable skycrane in two sizes. Easy to use modular parachute system. Double-axis solar panels. Multistage Lander tank systems. Tiny electric impeller for atmospheric drones. Family of rovers - both manned and unmanned. Also a fix for stock rover body orientation. Mk2 spaceplane extension parts - mostly butts and some noses. Primitive unmanned soil sampler. Real worls CubeSat double-dipole antenna replica. 2.5m hubs. Aerodynamic blisters. Opening heatshield, allowing protection for your bottom docking port. Small tweakable weight to finely balance your tiny probes. Changelog: Troubleshooting: It's GNU GPL 3.0 until I find something more CopyLeft-ish. Now I have a proper place on GitHub, so grab Unity Package from here and feel free to make commits. Comments, bug reports and ideas for further development are welcome.
  9. Animated warp effect: Inroducing a new, stand-alone Alcubierre drive for KSP! What does it do? The Alcubierre drive works by moving space around your ship, not through accelleration. In KSP we do this by changing your vessels position based on the engine throttle controls for the warp engine. Speeds of up to 16 times the speed of light are possible. How does it work? Use massive amounts of electric charge to create Exotic Matter. Point at your target. Use Exotic Matter and Xenon Gas (the latter is for the maneuver thrusters) to go straight to the target. Note that since your velocity does not change, only your location, you will have to compensate for any orbital speed differences. This can be excessive (15K+ DV) or, with proper planning, next to zero. To be clear. This is NOT just a fast, efficient engine. There is no acceleration (other than a tiny amount from the maneuver thrusters). It works through translating the ship's position (simulating how a real Alcubierre drive might work). What's the catch? How is this not OP? You will still need either very careful navigation or excessive DV changes to achieve orbit. Also, because of the destructive nature of the warp bubble, parts outside of it (both on your own ship and others) will be destroyed. Warp bubble collapses are also destructive, and maneuvering at excessive warp speeds can be very dangerous (everything from losing control through parts of your ship slipping outside of the bubble and exploding). What other mods do I need? None. Really. The only dependency is Regolith which is needed for it's converter (used to make Exotic Matter from EC). What other parts do I need to support this? Stock only. Really. Near Future Technologies reactors, or reactors from the USI mods will make some things easier, but you can get away with a completely stock warp ship with just the addition of this part. Can this support [mod X]? If you want integration with other mods, tell your favorite modders to ping me. I am very open to collaboration LICENSE: Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely DOWNLOAD HERE Source can be found here
  10. Because UbioZur has kindly allowed to update his work, Alewx and girka2k have taken care to update and maintain this great mod. From the UbioZur's original thread: ----IMPORTANT---- These are the basic requirements that are necessary for any support of the issues that are happening. -What KSP Version is used -What Welding Version is used -Which Mods are installed -Preweldment craftfile -KSP.Log If you do not provide this information, do not expect great help. ----IMPORTANT---- Please read carefully "Known limitations" and "Known Issues" sections before using this mod. The program is still under heavy development, so you may encounter problems when using it, and the result of it's work may not satisfy you. In this case, do not hesitate to report it here. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin. Download version 2.5.1 for KSP 1.3.0 Download version 2.5.0 for KSP 1.2.2 Download version 2.3.3 for KSP 1.1.2 Download Config and Icons for very useful Filter Extensions mod. Examples for welding (even including single animated parts): Latest changes: 2017-07-09 - Version 2.5.1 - Continued Recompiled for KSP 1.3.0 Fixed empty WeldedMeshSwitch slots 2016-11-15 - Version 2.5.0 - Continued New Feature: Internal merging Welding parts with internals will now create new internals for this weldment Improved mass calculation precision 2016-11-15 - Version 2.4.4 - Continued Fixed NPE with certain parts 2016-11-10 - Version 2.4.3 - Continued Fixed scaling of parts having only a single mesh 2016-11-08 - Version 2.4.2 - Continued Fixed scaling of parts Fixed a bug with CoM offset with multiple models Full history of changes: Installation As usual, extract the GameData folder from archive into the main folder where your game is installed - for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program WARNING! Don't delete GameData\UbioWeldingLtd\Parts folder or you will lose all your weldments! Usage Create the set of part you would like to weld inside the VAB or SPH Press button in stock Launcher Follow the instructions. Weldments will be saved in the GameData\UbioWeldingLtd\Parts folder Reload game and then you will have your weldment available on the part list. (You can try to save time by enabling the "Database autoreload" option in settings, but it should be borne in mind that this mode is incompatible with many mods and can cause problems.) Known limitations / supported and unsupported mods If you weld together multiple RCS, you will not be able to use the weldment for rotation - the game doesn't allow it. Don't include in your weldment more than one Leg/Light/Solar panel/Science experiment - it is game limitation. The main restriction is not to weld together two identical parts from this list. So for instance, you should not weld two legs together. One leg and one illuminator on the same weldment does not present a problem. Also it is better not to combine together several Docking ports in one weldment. If you weld Engine with integrated Alternator, your weldment always will have Electricity amount equal to 0 even if you have welded a battery to it (Bug/Feature of the game). Multiple Engine with Fairing are not supported by the game. Generally, I suggest not include the engine(s) in your weldment. Crew Hatch: Game allow them only near the CoM of the weldment or hatch will be unusable. Game won't allow several hatches. Winglet/wings/control surfaces/parachutes: they can/must work incorrectly after welding. Other limitations will be described Soon(â„¢) Incompatible mods: You can have all these mods installed, and will have no problems. But welding the parts from them will lead to unusable weldment. Procedural parts Infernal Robotics Compatible mods: Tweakscale Hullcam VDS (only one camera per weldment) Remote tech (don't add more than one antenna to your weldment) Feel free to share in this thread what mods works and don't work for everyone to know. Known Issues welded engines are causing a major trouble, already when they are welded and also as a new part. Other stuff Sources The latest version for 0.25 The latest version for 0.24.2 Legal stuff Code and artworks are licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) creative commons license. See for full details. This work based on malkuth's update for UbioZur's original code. All rights to original source code belong to UbioZur. The rights to malkuth's code update belongs to malkuth The rights to subsequent code changes and artworks belongs to Alewx and girka2k Thank you UbioZur for kind permission to continue your work! <--- If you suddenly decided to press star to raise reputation, do not forget that support of this mod is our joint work with Alewx and Girka2k so please raise his reputation too!
  11. [1.2] SpaceDock

    SpaceDock in different sizes, usable as orbital shipyard. Content: 6 different sized SpaceDock parts, based on 3 different meshes Combined with a lot of USI and Future Technologies parts. @RoverDude's new Konstruction mod parts fit nicely. Credit: This mod is using the meshes and artwork from @Stevie_D's IXS Enterprise. Upstream: The current IXS WarpShip mod features the pure structural parts this mod derives from. License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public Development Thread New Replace the regular one with the modified KIS.dll to enable the KISPickup feature. Kerbal Engineer building with the SpaceDock, use the "g" and "h" shortkeys. Download v0.2.1 SpaceDock is not on SPACEDOCK CKAN Revision Control Change-log Relationships Dependencies CommunityTechTree Recommended mods Extraplanetary Launchpads Suggested mods Konstruction KAS/KIS USI-Core Supported mods Connected Living Space Tips Building Needs Extraplanetary Launchpads Be careful to build only vessels which fit inside the SpaceDock... Building vessels with attached launch clamps conjures the Space Kraken. Attach some containers with RocketParts to use the vessel build feature. Attach some inventory containers to store parts. Bring up all kinds of docking ports. Known Issues The twin nodes on the port and starboard don't allow the passing of Kerbals yet. The light can't be turned off. The light does not consume any charge. The Dock looks like it could be deployed but there is no animation yet. Only new vessels can be build, there is no way to maintain already existing ones easily. Related
  12. Introducing Konstruction! Konstruction adds new parts and game mechanics to KSP centered around base and orbital construction! Features: Weldable, configurable construction ports, with auto-rotation and configurable parameters on the fly. Once connected, these can be removed, resulting in a permanent joint between the parent parts of the two ports. Design your assembly in the VAB, cut it up and add construction ports, reassemble in-situ. Great for large bases and stations, or building larger vessels in orbit! Konstruction also includes an array of parts that can be used to create forklifts, cranes, magnetic couplers, stabilizers, etc. - ideal for building vehicles to help with in-situ assembly. If Module Manager is installed (not included till an official 1.2 version drops), the claw will have a magnetic grappler added to it automatically. Lastly, Konstruction includes the absolutely adorable Akita Rover. Small enough to fit in a Karibou cargo bay, great as a little runabout for your base. And now the important bits! Download Links Use any of the links below to download this mod, or pick it up via CKAN. Source Code and Change Log Donation Info! If you like what you see, and want to help out (or just buy me a beer!), please consider donating, either via PayPal or Patreon. License Information Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license (see attached). Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  13. This is a companion thread to my Mk2 spaceplane parts expansion pack. While that thread will handle releases and support, WIP models and so forth will be posted here to avoid main thread clutter. I am also working on a similar Mk3 Spaceplane expansion parts pack as well as the occasional non-spaceplane part; WIP content, dev releases and so forth will for those will also be posted here. Mk3 Expansion pack This is a parts pack intended to flesh out the stock mk3 parts lineup with new engines, cockpits, fuselage parts and more, to give players more options when building spaceplanes. parts almost exclusively use MODEL nodes and stock textures, so RAM footprint should be almost non-existent. -Command Mk3 Cupola Mk3 Hypersonic cockpit Mk3 Drone Core Mk3 Inline Cockpit -Propulsion C.L.E.A.V.E.R. Mk3 dual-mode engine 'Cyclone' Concentric Toroidial Aerospike 'Fulcrum' gimballed Linear Aerospike 'Elephant' 2.5m Thrust-Reverser equipped Turbofan 'Hurricane' 2.5m prop engine 'Wellington' Mk3 basic jet 'Wipeout' TurboRamjet 'Coxswain' Orbital Maneuvering System 'Hades' Nuclear rocket 'Sievert' Nuclear Jet 'Atlas' Mk3 SRB -FuelTank Mk3-1.25m adapter mk3-mk2 tricoupler mk3-1.25m tricoupler mk3-1.25m quadcoupler mk3-inverted mk2 mk3 hypersonic nosecone mk3 rounded nose cap OMS shoulder tank -Control Chine Cap w/ RCS Chine Segment RCS Fuselage Extension RCS cap Fuselage Extension RCS segment Heavy RCS thruster -Structural Mk3 Decoupler Mk3 T-Hub Mk3 X-Hub Radial Fuselage Extension/saddle tanks, 5 variants(endcap, 2m, 4m, intake, 1.25m adapter) Radial Fuselage Extension crew cabin Truncated Fuselage Extension for Mk3 cargo bays -Aero: Chines in three flavors; short, long, endcap Big-S class wing boards - square, rectangular, and triangular Mk3 circular intake Mk3 Shock cone -Utility mk3 Service Bay w/ integrated EC/MP storage Mk3 inline docking port Mk3 shielded docking port Download from Spacedock or GitHub Changelog: Licensing The contents of this mod are distributed a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License' This mod uses the Interstellar FuelSwitch plugin Feel free to post comments/critiques/feedback, and if any of you have ideas for parts that you simply have to have to flesh out your mk2/mk3 experience, speak up! Ideas for new parts are welcome. The list of parts on the to-do list/suggested/requested: Mk3 heavy radial/inline air intakes mk3 double-decker crewcabin inline and rover cockpits mk3 ion/nuke engines mk3 landing legs
  14. MacLuky Space Solutions Standing on the shoulders of giants we strive to bring a unique set of parts to the game that enhance and excite the gameplay. Download from GitHub: or SpaceDock:'s Space Solutions Current release consists of: The IRAS Space Telescope IRAS is modeled after a telescope that was constructed at Hollandse Signaalapparaten, my first employer. The mod tries to stay close to the original. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * CTT * Bluedog Design Bureau (scale down so it can be launched on a Delta rocket as original) * TarsierSpaceTech Known issues: None License Space Labs A set of space habitats that can be easily converted into early space labs using the the better science labs mod. Consists of an early 1.25m cabin like lab with expandable yagi antenna, a small 2.5m can and an inflatable lab that can be launched on a 1.25m stack. More info in the dev thread: Mod Support: * Prepped for BetterScienceLabs Known issues: - hatches and ladders not working License LanderCan MK12 After observing subway commuters during rush hour our lead engineer figured out how to add 2 more seats to the interior. Mod Support: * ASET and JSI props Known issues: - Textures loaded twice License FusTek Karmony IVA Simple IVA for the beautiful Harmony module. Reused original props, credits go to FusTek. Mod Support: * ASET and JSI props * Kerbalism and USI-LS Known issues: - Textures loaded twice License Mod Review Roadmap Rosetta and Philea (Solar panels, grabbing hook) ESA Launchers (Lionheads revived or own stuff) Foldable Rover (wheels, wheels!) Fictional crew capsule. Cross over between Dragon and Apollo and Soyuz. Special thanks Bobcat, dboi88, CobaltWolf, InsaneDruid, martinezfg11, SpannerMonkey, NecroBones, Climberfx
  15. Procedural Parts, Starwaster Branch. Download Latest Release for Procedural Parts Features The features include Everything accessible by tweaking A broad range of shapes including cylinders, truncated cones, filleted cylinders, bezier cones. New part shapes are easy to develop and plug in, so cuboid / pill shaped / whatever else you want shaped will be able to be created. Most stuff configurable in the config file, including resources and fill ratios, tech levels, available shapes Diverse support for career mode - tank shapes, dimensions, and contents all limited by researched tech All supplied parts are carefully designed to be as 'stock alike' as possible in their tech level requirements - You can't create a monster tank before you've discovered basic rocketry for example. Other mod support - tanks for RealFuels, Kethane, Extraplanetary Launchpads, and TAC. Heat shields for Deadly Reentry. (thanks to OtherBarry) Plays nicely with Ferram Aerospace Research Multiple textures available for part surfaces. These are fully compatible with StretchySRB textures. A Module - TankContentSwitcher that can be applied to existing tanks (with say module manager) and allow their contents to be tweaked. Tweak any tank in the VAB into a Liquid fuel only or oxidizer tank. Parts available Tanks Different parts supplied for different 'groups' of fuels (Liquid fuels, SRBs, Monoprop, Xenon). The multiple part approach is to allow for tech limiting of sizes and volumes. SRBs Tweakable thrust (or burn time for real fuels). Tweak between a choice of two bells that are designed for surface or vacuum, with varying ISPs. Decoupler Tweakable diameters (with tech defined limits), ejection impulse, and can be in either decoupler or separator mode (again tech dependent). Structural Part Good for fuselage, adapters, whatever. Half as light as the equivalent tank. Batteries It's a bit rough and ready, but it works well enough. Nose Cone Specialized structural part for nose cones. The shape is limited to a smooth cone with a bounded ratio of diameter to length. Heat Shield Built to the same specs as Deadly Reentry. Will shield any sized object from heat. (requires deadly reentry) Installation Just extract the zip into your KSP folder and you should be away. Some of the integration with other mods requires the latest version of ModuleManager, which is included in the zip. Known Issues Sometimes if the procedural part is the lowest part on the rocket, it may explode on the launch pad. Easily worked around with a launch clamp. This is fixable but will take more effort than its worth. Custom Textures and Texture Packs Procedural Parts is compatible with all texture packs for StretchySRBs. It's easy to roll your own texture packs too. Here's some texture packs that other people have compiled: Ferram4's Saturn and Nova Textures. Installation instructions in zip. Download MainSailor's Procedural Textures Forum Thread for MainSailor's Procedural Textures blackheart612 Full thread! Enceos' Procedural Textures Full Thread Integration with Real Fuels and Modular Fuel Tanks Integration with Real Fuels and Modular Fuels Tanks is complete. Ensure you have Real Fuels version 6.1 or newer, and Modular Fuel Tanks 5.0.1 or newer. For MFT, the existing tank types are turned into the corresponding MFT type. For RealFuels, there's an SRB which can be switched between low altitude and high altitude versions, plus a tank which can be switched between the various RF tank types. Integration with other mods Procedural Parts has built-in support for MFT, RealFuels, Kethane, Extraplanetary Launchpads, and TAC. There's also a procedural heat-shield for stock / Deadly Reentry All part's drag models will automatically update if using Ferram Aerospace Research. The tank types will automatically appear if the mods are installed. They should be 'fair' compared to their unmodded versions. How to cheat in career mode have lower tech restrictions The current tech restrictions have been tailored to closely mimic stock, with a bit of room to alter the original specs. Note that this will not be changed with the out of the box config. If you'd like more generous limits, you can create a MM patch (ie: cut and paste this into a file called mycheats.cfg in your GameData dir) and tweak to your liking: @PART[proceduralTank*] { @MODULE[ProceduralPart] { @TECHLIMIT,* { // Increase the max length for all tech levels by 3* @lengthMax *= 3 // Corresponding volume increase @volumeMax *= 3 // Increase the max diameter by double @diameterMax *= 2 // Since volume goes up on diameter^2, need to use increase^2 @volumeMax *= 4 } } } Future plans (sorry, right now Starwaster has his hands busy just doing maintenance and updates) Cuboid parts, with customizable side lengths Extruded parts, such as hexagonal and octagonal pieces Add optional mounting pod for surface mounts to pod tank. Procedural command module, possibly with rescaling / tweakable IVA. Features That Are Not Planned Shapes with 'holes' in them and concave shapes - including toroids. Procedural wings, procedural fairings - there's good mods for these already. Procedural engines - May happen one day, but not a priority. Acknowledgements ProceduralParts has an extended family tree StretchyTanks is the original module by the great @AncientGammoner StretchySRBs was created and updated by NathanKell and e-dog. ProceduralParts is a near complete re-write by @swamp_ig. ProceduralParts was then maintained by @NathanKell ProceduralParts is now owned and maintained by RadarManFromTheMoon Then it was maintained by @OtherBarry and RadarManFromTheMoon Now it's being maintained by some @Starwaster person. Also featuring Extensive work on config and mod integration by OtherBarry Models by Tiberion Further textures by Chestburster and Dante80. Config code by jsimmonds Licence Remains as CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported.
  16. This is a stock-alike (ish) probe expansion pack inspired by real missions from the mid-1960s to now. I will start with basic probe cores, and utility parts and the move on to animated science parts and solar panels. Expect parts inspired by (but no realistic replicas of) Voyager, Galileo, Pioneer 10, Venera, Hubble, Kepler, New Horizons, Juno, And more! WIP Part list: IMGUR ALBUM Beta v0.15 Download: To prevent issues, please remove any previous versions of the mod before updating If you have any issues please check this FAQ Also available soon (probably) on: Requires: Dmagic Orbital Science(For some science experiments to work), DMagic ScienceAnimate (included) Mod configs included: Remote Tech by @rakol Tweakscale by @Jso SCANsat by @akron Phase 3 - Rovers and Landers Pack: Phase 3 is Very well down the line since these parts will be more complex (Animated wheels and legs). This will add stock-alike parts inspired by Lunokhod, Viking, Beagle, Rosetta/Philae, And the many mars rovers Here is the WIP Parts list: Sample Crafts v0.2: (Two Barquetta Communication Satellites, Barquetta-Odyssey, Deep Space 1, Landvermesser, Mariner, Quetzal, Tatsujin, Tatsujin-Express, Torekka, Vorona, Vorona-SAR) Nerva HT Engine 1.0 Released! Link to release thread or download below: Spacedock Dropbox Real Plume config by @VenomousRequiem. Module Manager required for RealPlume configs. License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Please let me know if you release anything based on my work. I'd love to check it out! Want to support the mod? Check out below, and thank you! Paypal
  17. Figure I would get this particular topic rolling With lots of modders using custom categories, we're starting to bump into each other. Is there interest in establishing, similar to CTT and CRP, a Community Category Kit (CCK)? If so... What categories are you currently using? How are you placing your parts in those categories? (Paging @Angel-125 and @Nils277 since those are two off the top of my head where we may have conflicts). Discuss [Heads up - will move this to a proper release thread, but here's the current Github link for interested parties :)]
  18. PicoPort is a small parts mod pack which contains a set of very small Docking Ports intended for use with tiny probes. Presently, this mod comprises four parts: Coupling: 1. PicoPortBasic - This is an orientation specific, ungendered docking port. It will mate with other PicoPortBasics in only 4 positons (90 degree rotations). This is useful if you wish to use balanced RCS from porbes connecting to the mother vessel. 2. PicoPortPlus - This is an ungendered docking port, similar to Clamp-o-Tron. 3. PicoPortM -This is a Male PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the femal counterpart. 4. PicoPortF - This is a Female PicoPort, non-orientation specific and will only dock with the male counterpart. DOWNLOAD: Primary: Github Secondary: SpaceDock download and copy the SHED folder directly into the your KSP GameData folder. Licensing: The contents of this mod are distributed a CC-BY-NC-SA International License (please refer to the license file on github for further details). Highly Recommended Supporting Mods: PicoPort is a stand-alone parts mod and does not have any other mod dependencies, that said, it has been designed around the utilisation of supporting mods and it is highly recommended that you add them to your collection (they are very useful in their own right). IndicatorLights by @Snark Thanks: I must say thank you to @DStaal for setting me off down the path of this pack, its been a good learning experience (basically blame him). Also thanks to him and @linuxgurugamer for helping with testing and development ideas. Change Log: Feedback and suggestion: Always welcome, if you have any ideas which you might like to see implemented let me know and i'll see what can be done! Localisation now supported! Any translations would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Omicron - walkable and usable interiors, hatch doors, docking ports, seats, all for your Kerbals Delight! Join the next era in space flying car playmobil like! *ingame*ingame*ingame*ingame *render Hello, Everyone. So, this is my idea, from child, I dream to fly one of these. A flying car. The name is OMICRON! Is a flying space car with a foot on reality and other in near future. The engine is in the same principle of a Saber engine, but Vtol too, and will accept stock rocket engines in the back. all parts are modular and you can build on your own. But i put some example crafts with the download. My attempt is to have the EVA and the IVA all together, i mean, the Kerbals will be visible inside the craft, and all windows/doors will be openable, more likely the stock seat, but inside the craft. The configurations you'll be able to do it, reach VTOL, SSTO. I'm not creating new engines to put on back, only the Vtol SSTO ones that show in the pics, on the side of the craft. I hope all can joy this creation and use it in your voyages. Cheers commanders. List of things i still need to do (for full release): Solar Panel; Back docking port; Airbags & Floaters; IVA; Functional cockpit panel; Ejection system for seats and windows; Wings; Fine tuning parts (crash tolerance, temperatures, etc); Download links: (primary) (secondary) Installation Notes: Change Logs: Dev Thread: Dev Thread (Portuguese):ção-das-partes/ Omicron by Climberfx is licensed under a Attribution 4.0 International
  20. SEP v2.3 This is a continuation of the mod originally created by @AlbertKermin, and now co-authored by him, myself, and @DMagic. I'm merely starting a new thread so that I (as a more active user) can maintain the thread as needed. SEP now runs on a custom science plugin, allowing much more complex science over time. (See the next post for more images!) Changelog: Mod Support: This mod has custom science definitions for CaptRobau's wonderful Outer Planets Mod. This mod has custom science definitions for KillAshley's New Horizons Pack. @Nils277 has made a Central Station wedge for use with his Kerbal Planetary Base Systems mod. Run a SEP off your ground base! RemoteTech compatible (requires Module Manager) AntennaRange compatible (requires Module Manager) Dependencies: KospY + IgorZ's wonderful Kerbal Inventory System/Kerbal Attachment System. Credits: AlbertKermin, for creating the original MSEP mod, helping create the original SEP mod, and contributing sciencedefs for the current iteration. CobaltWolf, for creating the new models and parts used in the mod. DMagic for creating the new plugin on which the science system runs. KospY, for the Kerbal Attachment System mod without which my mod could not exist. Vaga, who created the RemoteTech compatibility patch. Kerbas_ad_astra, who created the AntennaRange patch. Beale, whose solar panel texture we used (with permission). Enceos, for his amazing help with converting the original mod to use KIS. JefferyCor, for advice on repairing one of this mod's more troublesome bugs. Dunrana for helping write the Science definitions, testing, and generally getting me back to work on the mod. Shameless plug: Need a lander to carry your SEP down to the surface? Like a fine wine, SEP pairs excellently with Bluedog Design Bureau - which includes a stockalike version of the LEM lander! License: This work is presented under a Simplified BSD license. Art assets used in Surface Experiment Pack were made by Matthew (CobaltWolf) Mlodzienski and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. All credit for the wonderful new textures/models/artwork goes to CobaltWolf, who retains the copyright to his work. All source files for the mod, including uncompiled textures and models, are available upon request. We back boys!
  21. KerbalFoundries - Continued Re-inventing the wheel. Literally. This is the main release and development thread for the continuation of KerbalFoundries, originally created by Lo-Fi and Gaalidas, continued under new development with explicit permissions from the original authors and under the terms of the original licensing. This mod adds a variety of new parts to KSP that include wheels, tracks, and anti-gravity repulsors. For a list of features available to the wheels and tracks in this mod, please see the KSPWheels documentation ( ). Currently included are four wheel models, eight track models, three repulsor models, a single skid/ski, a single screw-drive, and three adjustable aircraft landing gear. Tweakscale is not needed or supported for the wheel or track parts (though you should be able to have it installed without problem, the wheels will not use TS for scaling). Scaling of the parts is accomplished through the KSPWheel plugin's native scaling support, and includes configurable scale powers for all scaled variables (rpm, load handling, motor power output) (in the in-game difficulty menu). Many options are available and configurable through the stock in-game difficulty options menu. Look for KSPWheel and all of the options will be under that tab, including scaling powers and damage model adjustments. Downloads: Releases available on Github ( ) Issues / bug-reporting: Report all issues through GitHub ( ). Include log files, a description of the problem, and screenshots if they will help explain the problem(s). Mod Dependencies: KSPWheel (included) ModuleManager (included) Documentation: Please see the KSPWheel wiki for information regarding the features, functions, and configuration of the PartModules ( ). Images, screenshots, examples: Change log: * Full logs -- Known Issues: * Balance on parts is a bit arbitrary - can be changed based on feedback (especially the scaled balance) * Scaling support is WIP - scaling powers are not finalized (motor, mass, speed, load, etc) * Any other issues that exist with KSPWheel (see the KSPWheel repository/issues list) Future Plans: * More cleanup on configs and lots of balance work. * Add a selection of helicopter style rotors. (custom KF plugin support, modeling, configs) * Add a selection of airplane style propellers (custom KF plugin support, modeling, configs) * Add a selection of VTOL / airship / hovercraft style ducted fans. (custom KF plugin support, modeling, configs) * Add alternate and optional 'ICE' engine handling -- uses lfo/ox/intake air, with torque curves and gearing more suitable to an ICE engine. (KSPWheels) Legal and Licensing: KerbalFoundries - Continued models and art assets from the original Kerbal Foundries are licensed, released, and distributed under CC-BY-NC-SA licensing as per the original license of KerbalFoundries. Adjustable Landing Gear models and textures - originally by BahamutoD, modified and distributed under CC-BY-SA licensing as per the original license of Adjustable Landing Gear. This mod uses the KSPWheel API for wheel-collider physics and PartModules, and redistributes it under the terms of its own license (GPL 3.0+). Source code and license details may be found at: ( ). This mod includes and redistributes ModuleManager under the terms of its own license. Development Team: @Shadowmage - KSPWheels coding, KF configs, model (re)rigging for legacy KF and ALG parts. @TiktaalikDreaming - Models and textures for new parts. Credits and Acknowledgements: @lo-fi - for the creation and development of the KerbalFoundries mod and branding, for helping figure out some of the physics used in KSPWheel, and for his continued support. @Gaalidas - for his contribution to the development of the original KerbalFoundries and adaptation of the DustFX code and dust-camera setup. @LitaAlto - for the spiffy new high-res KF logos @BahamutoD - for the Adjustable Landing Gear assets and concept. @damerell - for sanity checking on physics and math in KSPWheels development. @blowfish - for helping figure out implementation details and tracking down bugs in the code. - Many others on the KSPWheel thread who helped figure out some of the physics and implementation details for wheel features. Donations: I work on modding during my highly-contended for spare time. If you would like to help contribute to my motivational caffeine fund, please see the button below. This is purely optional (and highly appreciated), but can help keep me motivated and energized ( = more work getting done!).
  22. SM Industries Presents v0.9.7.5 What is SM Marine? primarily its is a selection of parts and equipment to make your ships look more like ships, including better looking bridges with limited IVA, working radars, propeller drive systems, masts and antennas, I even found the time to add a few one part hulls As you may know I've been developing weapon mods forever and even as long ago as 0.16 I had working boats and submarines. upon my return I noticed a proliferation of boat mods and thought cool I like boats and ships a lot, i tried them and non of them fitted what I wanted, they were either too big, too complex or just not Spanner. So i started making a small selection of parts to make them more to my taste, along the way i dipped into my many years of experience in the marine industry and way too many hours spent on sea trials and made some hulls, that according to those who have tested them are some of the best behaved hulls in the game, naturally I'm biased. None of the parts are huge but they are all tweakscale prepared, so should you desire they can be huge . Changelog Notes on functionality All radar units included in this mod require BD Armory in order to function. ALL drive units require a recent copy of the Firespitter DLL to be installed, without firespitter there will be no engine sounds. Would very much like a standalone version of the engine sounds functionality Propeller effects are provided by stock modules as is engine reversing. Extending Radar and small Radome the unit is telescopic and also includes a targeting camera, The fwd or neutral position is marked on the shell by use of a yellow line There are 3 types of anchor included all types work as anchors when attached to a KAS winch mount, in addition anchor 4 will activate the AirAnchor functionality of the HL airships airpark modules ( working on a standalone version for this mod) All structural parts will and should sink, please let me know if you find something floaty that should not be. Drive Units and rudders have 0 buoyancy. Each hull carries a small amount of ballast space, each Bridge unit has a pump for filling and emptying the ballast space. The drive units power scales with size so it is possible to overpower all the hulls should an overly large drive size be chosen, for best results keep scales in parity. The Rudder. do not be tempted to add several rudders in order to quicken steering, due to lift in certain circumstances now providing speed it is possible with multiple rudders to induce uncontrollable handling characteristics. The hulls steer at an acceptable rate for the size and mass All of the hulls has RCS thrusters acting as fine position and maneuvering thrusters, these are powered from ballast stored in the onboard tanks, To activate RCS you will need to pump some ballast into the tanks then activate RCS as normal, no ballast = no thrust All drives are intended to run on Intake Air and liquid fuel, the included intake mast will provide enough air for fairly large scales of engine, this part is also scale able For ease and simplicity of use the bridge units carry small generators for LF IA and EC And as a bonus all parts work well with other ship mods especially the Large Boat Parts pack that i am now maintaining while Laythe is otherwise occupied The new small hulls are not currently balanced for HullBreach, they are a lot more delicate than the LBP parts and balancing is a time consuming process, As soon as the balancing is properly achieved the cfg's wil be added to HullBreach. The larger hulls are almost there and will sink with cfg's included in HullBreach The Tug can attach to any other vessel using the included grab parts, styled as a push bar and truck tire these function exactly the same way as the stock Klaw. To use mount the chosen type on your craft, once launched, select arm, this will raise the visible contact pads. To attach to another vessel approach should be around 1m/s any slower and it will not trigger, any faster and you may bounce off before the module can grab the other vessel. To release select release from the gui. Most ships in LBP can be moved by two tugs 1 at the stern of the vessel to be moved and one attached via the Truck Tire klaw to the side of the vessel to be moved just forward of midpoint. this forward tug provides steerage Craft Files Tugs complete Special thanks go to @gomker @XOC2008 @V8jester without whom the mod would not be as neat as it is , and thanks to all the others who've presented ideas, random thoughts which have become a reality Download from SpaceDock other downloads available shortly GitHub Requires SM_Industries Dictionary assembled and created by @gomker SM_Industries EN US Localisation Dictionary Now available stand alone airpark works with the NEW ship main anchor Mods that are considered essential in order to fully use every item in this mod and Other Ship and Boat related useful mods and addons see below ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi all A Note concerning issues. There is now a git repository for SMM in order to access and provide a hard record of any issues that occur, as the mod list grows the more i find I'm forgetting and things that should be dealt with are slipping between the cracks. Therefore it makes sense to do something properly for a change . You can find the issues reporting page at this link NOTICE SM Marine is published under license type All Rights Reserved please do not relist or distribute this mod in any form, via any medium or service without my express permission. Hi all yes the button is new, i don't ever expect anyone to bother, you are certainly not obliged in any way, I was asked by several people this week, if there was a donation button in order to show their appreciation, the wife saw the requests, and after a some discussion i have given in and added a donation facility
  23. The Maritime Pack v0.1.10 Release Date: 05/27/17 Downloads to date: Support this and my other mods on. Download counts, usage chart, donations and the donors list is updated once every 24 hours. This chart shows the number of times a copy of KSP was started up with Maritime Pack installed over the past 30 days. Pictures! Ok, so it seems someone has disabled imgur album imbeds and left large gaping holes in the forums. You can view all of my KSP images here Other Links: Some player cretated ships on KerbalX ____________________________________________________________________________________________ This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to @Beale and his modding tutorial He's responsible for this. ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Known Issues Required Plugins: Firespitter Plugin - made by Snjo (included) All rights to the included plugin are held by the original creator, for license information, please refer to the provided link.
  24. Imgur Album Service Module and accessories designed specifically for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod, vaguely resembling NASA's Orion MPCV. May or may not have a convincing stockalike appearance. Dependencies - AnimatedDecouplers (@Starwaster), for umbilical animation on decoupling, as well as adding stock drag occlusion support for the Boost Protect Cover and Service Module side fairings - ModuleManager (@sarbian), for applying patches for functionality/features provided by dependencies and third-party add-ons - Wenkel Corporation RealChute Parachute Systems (@stupid_chris), for parachute functionality Supported Third-Party Addons - Deadly Re-entry Continued (@Starwaster) - if installed, the SDHI Heat Shield will protect the Mk1-2 Pod from the heat and stresses of atmospheric reentry; most other Service Module components will also consistently be burned up when deorbited - Connected Living Spaces API (@Papa_Joe) - if installed, crew transfer will be realistically limited to through the parachute-equipped docking ports - TAC Life Support (@TaranisElsu / @danfarnsy / @JPLRepo) - if installed, will add a total of Kerbin eight day's worth of life support provisions to the Mk1-2 Pod and Service Module, plus Carbon Extractors and Water Filters - USI Life Support (@RoverDude) - If installed, will add a total of Kerbin eight day's worth of life support provisions to the Mk1-2 Pod - PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System (@Kurld) if installed, will automate SDHI LES and Pod Boost Protective Cover deployment/jettison Download (V3.2.4 / 18 June 2017) - CurseForge - GitHub (Issue Tracker / Wiki) How To Install 1. Ensure that you have all of the aforementioned dependencies installed 2. Remove any previous version of the SDHI SMS add-on 3. Download from one of the sources above 4. Extract the .ZIP archive and copy the GameData folder provided into your KSP root directory The parts should then be located under the SDHI/Service Module System folder Usage - This parts pack is specifically designed for use with the stock Mk1-2 Command Pod - For assembly and configuration instructions, refer to the how-to guide on the wiki - A Launch Escape System is included in this pack, which has better performance than the LES from the stock game; it also comes with a built-in Solid Fuel-powered RCS thruster to allowing mid-abort course corrections Uninstallation Instructions Remove the SDHI folder and all its contents from the GameData folder. If you have other SDHI part packs you wish to keep, just remove the Service Module System subfolder. Need Help? Please read the FAQ at the bottom of this post first, as it addresses common issues and their solutions/explanations. If your issue isn't covered by the FAQ, post your bug reports and support requests in this thread, providing as much information as possible (error logs, screenshots etc.). Optionally, you may also submit a ticket on GitHub. Licence This parts pack is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), which in layman's terms means: - You are permitted to use, copy, redistribute my work as-is - You may remix your own derivatives (new models, alternative textures), and release them under your own name - You must credit Robin "sumghai" Chang (author, Sum Dum Heavy Industries Service Module System) when publishing your derivatives in the download and forum posts Further Information - Development thread (Behind-the-scenes, preview of upcoming features) Release Notes 3.2.4 - 18 June 2017 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.3 - Updated various MM patches to use FOR instead of FINAL - Added MM patch to hide parachute-equipped IACBM docking port from VAB/SPH editor parts list if FusTek Station Parts is not installed - Existing vessels that use the part are not affected - FusTek Station Parts development builds also now include a special MM patch with a FOR keyword to automatically re-enable the SDHI IACBM - (Pseudo-)Compatibility Patch for Ven's Stock Parts Revamp - If Ven's Stock Parts Revamp is installed, the parachute-equipped SDHI Clamp-o-Tron docking port will revert to using the stock Clamp-o-Tron model rather than the revamped model - Removed Ship Manifest plugin from list of Supported Third-Party Addons - Ship Manifest is still compatible with SDHI SMS, but is not neccessary for Connected Living Spaces-restricted crew transfers Bugs/Known Issues - PEBKAC support does not make use of LES pitch control motor RCS thrusters to actively point pod retrograde during abort - Kurld is working on adding this feature to the plugin in a future update 3.2.3 - 18 December 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.2.2 - Fixed USI Life Support MM patch to use NEEDS instead of FOR - Added PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System compatibility - This automates Launch Escape System (LES) and Pod Boost Protective Cover deployment/jettison - Boost Protective Cover will automatically jettison when pod is pointed retrograde - Changed LES engines to use ModuleEnginesFX in order for compatibility with PEBKAC support - Added custom exhaust plume and smoke effects to LES main engines Bugs/Known Issues - PEBKAC support does not make use of LES pitch control motor RCS thrusters to actively point pod retrograde during abort - Kurld is working on adding this feature to the plugin in a future update 3.2.2 - 22 November 2016 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Tweaked heat shield aerodynamics parameters so that pod stays retrograde during atmospheric reentry - Moved heat shield to Thermal category and Advanced Landing tech tree node - This brings it in line with the stock heat shields - Added USI Life Support compatibility - Eight days' worth of Supplies and Mulch storage for the standard crew of three Kerbals - Storage is applied directly to stock Mk1-2 Pod 3.2.1 - 20 November 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.2.1 - Service Module and Avionics Ring tweaks - Increased reaction wheel torque from 5 to 15 kN/m - Set SAS to standalone operation, allowing crafts with inexperienced crew to have full SAS capaibility - Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud colliders are now manifold (closed) meshes - Launch Escape System (LES) pitch control motor RCS thrusters now have custom flame and sound effects 3.2 - 8 July 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.1.3 - All models have been re-scaled to actual size in-game - Side fairings have been overhauled - They now split into thirds rather than halves, and include built-in solid rocket jettison motors to help push the panels away cleanly after separation - The parachute-equipped IACBM docking port has been updated to match the new design from FusTek Station Parts - The ports will now enforce docking orientation angles at 90 degree increments - Updated support for tg626's Kerbal Optical Alignment System (KOAS) mod, previously known as the Docking Target mod - This adds an inline docking camera and target to the parachute-equipped SDHI Clamp-o-Tron docking port 3.1.1 - 23 April 2016 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.1 - Added support for DennyTX's OLDD docking camera plugin to both parachute-equipped docking ports - All parts now have search tags - Improved heat shield texture and normal map - The fairingless LV-909 "Terrier" Liquid Fuel Engine has now been deprecated - This is because the stock LV-909 now includes the ability to hide the engine shroud - Existing crafts will not break, but users are encouraged to switch over to using the stock engine for new crafts - The fuel cell in the Service Module and Avionics Ring can now be toggled using Action Groups - The Launch Escape System (LES) has been reassigned to the more sensible Advanced Landing tech tree ndoe - This is a Level 6 node, which puts it on par with the other SDHI SMS parts - Tweaked the ModuleAnimateGeneric parameters used to prevent the Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port from being toggleable outside VAB/SPH editor scene - KSP 1.1 fixed some typos in the parameters used in KSP 1.0.5 3.1 - 13 February 2016 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.5 - A dedicated Launch Escape System (LES) is now included in the parts pack - The LES runs on Solid Fuel, and is capable of lifting a Mk 1-2 Pod, heat shield and Pod Boost Protective Cover up to 2.0 km in altitude, making pad aborts viable compared to the stock LES - The LES also includes built-in RCS thrusters that are powered by its own independent Solid Fuel reserve, allowing mid-abort course corrections - Added support for tg626's Docking Target mod, which adds a cosmetic docking alignment target mesh to all Clamp-O-Tron docking ports - Dropped support for HotRockets! plugin - The plugin is currently not compatible/updated for KSP 1.0.5 - The fairingless LV-909 engine will now only have stock engine FX - Dropped support for Klockheed Martian Special Parts plugin - The plugin is no longer being maintained - The Heat Shield's flotation collar no longer works - Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud jettison motor thrustTransforms relocated to the sides of the shroud - The thrustTransforms were previously located under the skirt of the shroud itself, which would overheat nearby parts such as the Service Module and Heat Shield - Shroud texture modified to include jettison motor nozzles and warning label decals - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port no longer toggleable outside VAB/SPH editor scene - This long-standing bug was fixed with the introduction of scene-specific animation toggling in KSP 1.0.5 (courtesy of SQUAD developer NathanKell) - Rebalanced part costs to be in line with stock parts (courtesy Kerbas-ad-astra) - Avionics Ring now has higher entry/per part cost, lower mass and adjusted CoM offset - Service Module now has higher entry/per part cost, lower mass and adjusted CoM offset - Service Module Adapter now has lower entry/per part cost, lower mass and lower breaking force/torque - SDHI Heat Shield characteristics updated for KSP 1.0.5's thermal model - Side fairings and Mk1-2 Pod Aeroshroud colliders reworked using convex rather than concave meshes - Side fairings now decouple from the Service Module itself rather than the Service Module Adapter - The Service Module and Avionics Ring now have built-in support for MechJeb and RemoteTech - The Service Module and Avionics Ring decoupler will wait until the umbilical has fully extended before releasing the Mk1-2 Pod Bugs/Known Issues - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 3.0.1 - 10 July 2015 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.4 - Heat shield is now compatible with 1.0.4's updated thermal system - Deadly Reentry support has also been updated accordingly, and the corresponding patch is now compatible with DRE 7.2.x - Fallback patch for stock parachute behaviour has been updated - Deployment altitude increased to 1000m - Minimum air pressure required to open reduced to 0.04 kPa - Both values are comparable to stock parachute part performance - Note: RealChute is still the recommended default Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 3.0 - 11 June 2015 --------------------------- WARNING: This is a potentially craft and save-breaking update; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 1.0.x - The Service Module's fuel cell now uses the new stock ModuleResourceConverter system, and has the same performance as its stock standalone counterpart - Stack attachment node directions have been updated to conform with 1.0.x stricter definitions - The Node Resizer plugin is no longer required when attaching the Heat Shield to the pod, Service Module or Avionics Ring - All textures have been converted to DDS format for faster loading and reduced memory usage - A bright patch on the Pod Boost Protective Cover has been fixed - The Heat Shield is now compatible with the new stock reentry system - Ablative darkening is not used in SDHI SMS, and has been disabled - Deadly Reentry is still supported, and the corresponding patch is now compatible with DRE 7.x - The fairingless LV-909 engine has been updated to have similar performance to its stock counterpart - The Service Module colliders have now been fixed, so that surface-attached parts like solar panels and RCS thrusters should no longer float out from the lower propulsion trunk segment - The Service Module Adapter textures have been reworked to be visually consistent with the Service Module upper ring itself - The Pod Boost Protective Cover and Service Module Fairings are now fully compatible with the new stock aerodynamics system - This requires the latest version of the AnimatedDecouplers plugin, which provides special versions of the standard decoupler/jettison PartModules in order for the stock ModuleCargoBay to know when to update its drag occlusion behaviour - Removed Ferram Aerospace Research MM patch for Pod Boost Protect Cover - The latest versions of FAR now intrinsically and automatically handle drag occlusion for hollow parts, making such patches redundant - Fixed HotRockets! MM patch for the fairingless LV-909 engine Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 2.4 27 December 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.90.0 - Added Editor Part List Filter By Manufacturer Icon for SDHI - Heat shield floatation collar powered by Klockheed Martian Special Parts now considered an optional feature instead of a depedency Bugs/Known Issues - In the VAB/SPH editor scenes, When surface-attaching solar panels and other small parts to the ribbed propulsion trunk segment of the Service Module, the parts will sometimes appear to be suspended a fair distance away from the surface - The problem generally occurs when angle snap is enabled, possibly due to editor scene changes in KSP 0.90.0 - No known fix - Part testing contracts are generated in Career Mode - This not intended behaviour, since the SDHI SMS is intended to be tested as a complete assembled stack rather than in piecemeal - A future update might include a proper contract for testing the SDHI SMS 2.3 10 October 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.25.x - Updated references and scaling factors in stock parts used by SDHI (such as the Fairingless LV-909 and Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version) - Replaced FSanimateGeneric with new stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric - IACBM fins, Boost Protect Cover hatch and Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port remain toggleable in the VAB/SPH editor scenes - Firespitter plugin is no longer required, and has been dropped from the list of dependencies - Added fallback patch for stock parachute behaviour if RealChute is absent - Note: RealChute is still the recommended default - Stock parachute behaviour only deploys main chutes, and should only be used in an emergency as it may cause sudden or craft-damaging deacceleration upon deployment Bugs/Known Issues - Mk 1-2 Pod Umbilical Port is now also toggleable outside of the VAB/SPH editor scenes - This is due to a limitation with the current stock KSP ModuleAnimateGeneric behaviour, but is not game-breaking. 2.2.1 30 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Updated TAC Life Support patch for compatibility with new v0.10 version 2.2 29 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Added Node Resizer support - This dynamically changes the stack nodes of the Avionics Ring and Heat Shield to size 0 while in the VAB/SPH editor scenes, allowing for easier attachment (and thus fixing the "bouncing" attachment node bug) - When entering the flight scene, this automatically switches the node size back to 2 to ensure a strong structural connection as usual - New meshes, graphics and better details for the FusTek Karmony hatch on the IACBM parachute-equipped docking port - This is for compatibility / visual consistency with future versions of FusTek Station Parts 2.1.1 21 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Fixed TAC Life Support patch so that it only applies if TAC LS is actually installed. 2.1 7 August 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.24.2 - Native TAC Life Support compatibility - Increased Mk1-2 Pod Food and Waste storage capacities - Added Water, Oxygen, WasteWater and CarbonDioxide storage to Service Module - Added Carbon Extractors and Water Filters to both Service Module and Avionics Ring - A combined Command Pod / Service Module would thus contain up to eight Kerbin days' worth of provisions for its three crew - Fixed HotRockets! patch dependency checking - If HotRockets! is not installed, LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) will revert gracefully to stock effects - RealChutes 1.2.4 compatibility fix - SDHI TextureLibrary and ProceduralChute removed from parachute-equipped docking ports as they are no longer required - Fixed missing drogue canopy texture - WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking change; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update 2.0 27 July 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.24.x - Native integration for Connected Living Space (CLS) API - Parachute-equipped docking ports will allow crew passage if Ship Manifest is installed - Native Deadly Reentry Continued support - Heat shield will protect command pod during atmospheric reentry - All other parts should burn up reliably when deorbited - Native HotRockets! particle effects support for LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) - Consolidated Service Module and Avionics Ring textures / subdirectories - Native FAR support for Boost Protective Cover - NOTE: When first installing FAR and/or SDHI, you must delete CustomFARPartClassification.cfg from your GameData\FerramAerospaceResearch\ folder in order for FAR to properly rebuild its part classification definitions to include the SDHI parts) - Reduced docking port spotlight range and intensities, as they are not intended for general illumination - Fixed Service Module rescaling bug that occurs on scene reload - RealChutes compatibility fix - WARNING: This is a craft and save-breaking change; it is recommended you abort / recover existing SDHI craft before installing this update Features: - New Command Pod-Service Module Umbilical interface on Service Module and Avionics Ring - Stock Mk1-2 Command Pod now has option to show / hide SDHI Umbilical port - Umbilical will animate when decoupler is triggered - Requires Starwaster's AnimatedDecouplers plugin - Boost Protective Cover now has toggleable crew access hatch, compatible with FASA launch towers - Opening the hatch allows Kerbals on EVA to board the command pod, while closed hatches prevent Kerbals from getting out - Boost Protective Cover can now be adorned with mission flag / logo - Self-inflating floatation collar built into Heat Shield - Triggers automatically on splashdown to keep the pod afloat while awaiting recovery - Requires dtobi's Klockheed Martian Special Parts plugins 1.9 5 April 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.23.5 - Fixed IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version docking light colors 1.8 20 March 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Reduced drag on Service Module, so that when it decouples from the Mk1-2 Command Pod just before re-entry it is less likely to bump back into it - Set Boost Protective Cover decoupler force to 0, as the ejection force is made redundant by the cover's own solid rocket motors 1.7 13 January 2014 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Dropped FusTek_Sumghai.DLL in favour of external dependency on Snjo's Firespitter plugin - You will need to download and install the latest version of Firespitter yourself - This change now allows the IACBM guidance fins to be tweakable within the VAB/SPH 1.6 24 December 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes - Added new 0.23 EFFECTS{} for parachute sounds (stupid_chris) - Tweaked main parachute deployment altitude slightly; the mains will now deploy almost immediately after drogues are cut, instead of after a (decidedly terrifying) period of free-fall. 1.5 8 December 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Compatibility upgrade to take advantage of new features in RealChute v0.3 - Parachute drag is now dependent on effective canopy area rather than stock drag - Command Pod assembly will now hang under parachute anchor realistically without the need for the CoMOffset hack, and as such the latter has been removed 1.4 24 November 2013 --------------------------- Changes / Fixes: - Parachute-equipped docking ports now use stupid_chris's RealChute Parachute Systems plugin - Drogues will now auto-cut properly before automatically deploying the main chutes - Docking port lights can now be toggled normally during parachute deployment - This is not included in the pack, so you will need to download it separately - Updated drogue parachute textures to distinguish them from the main parachutes 1.3 8 November 2013 --------------------------- Features: - New Part - SDHI 2.5m Avionics Ring - Avionics Ring is essentially the upper decoupler portion of the full Service Module, with a bonus battery, reaction wheel and toggleable integrated fuel-to-electricity converter - This is particularly useful for people who want to build their own Service Module, but also use the SDHI Heat Shield and Boost Protective Cover 1.2 25 October 2013 --------------------------- Changes: - VAB/SPH: Moved SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter and SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing to Aero tab - R&D: Moved SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter to "Supersonic Flight" node - If you have unlocked this part previously in Career Mode, you will need to edit your persistence file to temporarily remove the adapter from the list of unlocked parts, and then re-unlock after restarting the game - Modified SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover collider to allow the Mk1-2 Pod underneath to be selected - Hover your mouse pointer over the "Cut To Rescue" graphic on the cover and right-click 1.1 17 October 2013 --------------------------- Changes: - Compatibility Patch for KSP 0.22+ - All parts have now been assigned to the appropriate nodes in the Research & Development Tech Tree - Parts are in the same Tier Level as the Mk1-2 Command Pod (i.e. Tier 5) - "Specialized Construction" unlocks: - SDHI 2.5m Heat Shield - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter - Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version - IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version - "Supersonic Flight" unlocks: - SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing - "Heavier Rocketry" unlocks: - SDHI 2.5m Service Module - LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) 1.0 12 October 2013 --------------------------- Features: - Initial release - New parts - SDHI Mk1-2 Pod Boost Protective Cover - Clamp-O-Tron Docking Port - Parachute version - IACBM 1.25m - Parachute version - SDHI 2.5m Heat Shield - SDHI 2.5m Service Module - LV-909 Liquid Fuel Engine (Fairingless) - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Fairing - SDHI 2.5m Service Module Adapter - Boost Protective Cover is ogive-shaped to fit stock Mk1-2 Pod and any surface-attached accessories underneath - Staging activates both the shroud decoupler and jettison solid rocket motors - If shroud jettison is to be triggered via action groups, both the decoupler and the solid motors must be manually mapped to the same action key - Docking Ports come with short-range illumination lamps and integrated drogue/main parachute system - Clamp-O-Tron variant is compatible with stock standard-sized docking ports - IACBM variant is compatible with the FusTek Station Parts Expansion add-on - Service Module comes with: - Non-staged CM-SM decoupler to prevent accidental Pod/Service Module seperation during flight (action groups or right-click context menu used instead) - Toggleable integrated fuel-to-electricity converter for use Bugs/Known Issues - Drogue parachutes do not auto-cut until mains are fully deployed - This is due to the use of *two* ModuleParachutes, which is technically "hacky" by KSP standards - Unlike BobCat's Orion spacecraft, however, the parachute-equipped docking ports will use the greater of the two drag configurations, guaranteeing a safe landing - Warranty void if parachutes are deployed on a planetary body other than Kerbin - Docking Port Lights become untoggleable after parachute deployment - This is because of the way KSP handles animations; the game can only save the state of one animation at a time, and the docking ports need several animations to handle the various parachute deployment stages and the lights. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Acknowledgements - @stupid_chris: RealChute Parachute Systems plugin - @Starwaster: AnimatedDecoupler plugin, stock aero fixes, heatshield rebalancing - @Kerbas_ad_astra , @StevieC and @NathanKell: various tweaks and fixes
  25. Download via the USI Catalog Page This modpack is a repackaging of the PackRat Rover as well as new parts geared towards planetary exploration. Contents: The Pack-Rat Rover. A modular heavy-duty Rover for all of your planetary exploration needs. Easy to assemble Durable Balanced No twiddly surface attachment - everything snaps in place Integrated RTG and batteries Integrated headlights Glow-in-the-dark tape, for when you forget to turn the lights on... Handles like a dream - Munar speeds up to 20m/s Includes experiment storage lockers Includes a new science component (a data camera) Six customizable equipment slots (demo includes four science crates, a seat, and a data camera] Includes a Rover Delivery System - a cage framework with plenty of surface attachment space, and nodes for both the Rover and stack attachment in a 2.5m form factor (though a 3.75 fits the entire wheelbase of the Rover cleanly) Oh... And it can be completely assembled in the field using KAS... If you are assembling this as a sub-assembly in the VAB, start with the roll cage (it has a spare attachment node on top) If you are assembling this via KAS, start with the Front (and surface attach it to a pylon or something so your Rover does not fly away on minmus or something) The Advanced Extravehicular Suit (AES) What started out as a hardened EVA pod soon transformed into an assortment of small parts to extend it's functionality. Parts included: The AES Commad Pod - Tiny, with full glass IVA Micro SAS Micro RCS thrusters and mini tanks Micro decoupler (so handy!) Electric ducted fan motor (atmo only) - Nifty in that it ties to both the RCS and Engine systems FireSpitter and ModuleRCSFx are both required and included. Requires the Community Resource Pack (resources only, no ORS maps) as well as various USI DLLs (all included). Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely Additional Modules: This package redistributes FireSpitter This package redistribures Module Manager Download on GitHub: Changelog: 0.2.5 - 2014.11.01 [LIST] [*]Reorganized folder structure to better support package managers [*]Included complete CRP [*]Replaced TGAs with PNGs [*]Increased maintenance pod range to 5m [*]Thanks to FrancoisH, fixed several broken welded parts [*]Thanks to Deadpan110 for surface attachable packrat wheels [*]Merged in the Safety Light, and made it KAS-attachable [*]Updated FireSpitter DLL [/LIST] 0.2.2 - 2014.10.07 [LIST] [*]KSP 0.25 Support [*]DRE/ATM support for the HERP command pod and jumpseat [*]Fixed typo in Jumpseat name/description [*]Minor update to HERP IVA [*]Added in HERP lights [*]New maintenance pod and various crates for resource transfer [*]Bundled KERT for EVA Transfer support [/LIST] 0.2.1 - 2014.09.28 [LIST] [*]Synced ORSX/CRP changes [*]Added the HERP command bubble and Jumpseat pods! [*]FAR/NEAR support [*]Engine tweaks for the ducted fan engines [*]DRE support [*]ATM support [*]Better packrat wheels! [*]FireSpitter Hover Mode! [*]Corrected model for ducted fan (transform issues) [*]Switched to latest USI DLLs [*]Switched to ORSX and new CRP [*]The PackRat has been adjusted again - be careful, old ones may have bees. [*]Updated RDS cage (3.75m) with matching fairings [*]Ducted fans have attachment nodes and should play symmetry better [/LIST] 0.1.3 - 2014.09.12 Bundled ORS 0.1.2 - 2014.09.12 [LIST] [*]Small update to the duct fan model - beware this may cause your ships to look weird as some transforms changed. [*]Slight boost to RCS power, texture size reduction, some model updates. [*]CRP Integration [*]USI Tools Refresh [*]Internals tweaks [*]Fixed bug where IVA caused a transparent pod [/LIST]