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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.4.4 and Making History 1.3 is about to be launched! This patch includes various improvements and bug fixes for both the base game and the Making History Expansion, as well as language corrections. Additionally, this patch includes some new Steam features, including the full in-game integration of the Official KSP Steam Workshop hub, the implementation of Cloud Saves on Steam for both game saves and missions and an improved and expanded controller support via the Steam Controller framework. Click here to learn more. Check out this patch's Changelog for further details: =================================== v1.4.4 & MH 1.3============================================================ 1.4.4 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * Improve wheel suspension micro-oscillation and sliding. * Added steam controller profiles for officially supported controllers (XB1, PS4) as well as a generic profile for HOTAS-like joysticks. * Added Steam Workshop support for craft files. * Added Steam cloud support for saves (Career, Science and Sandbox) and craft files, as well as helper files. * Increase PQS cache on startup and performance improvements. * Added vessel position data to debug menu. * Updated map nodes to be visually different when behind a celestial body. * Added version display in game to include installed expansion versions. +++ Localization * Localization string changes for German. * KSPedia updates for German. +++ Parts * ModulePartVariants now supports cost and mass modifiers for variants. Note that if this is added to existing variants, the mass of crafts in flight will be preserved at the old value. Only new vessels are affected. +++ Bugfixes * Fix smoke plume VFX issues across all smoke types. * Fix missing Jetpack EVA jets for rotation groups in all suits. * Fix Rapier Smoke plume. * Fix splashdown VFX being on wrong world axis. * Fix splashdown VFX being under the surface. * Fix Smoke VFX velocity being changed by engine input (ie once its emmited its in the world space). * Fix lower quality reentry VFX not displaying. * Fix reentry VFX being too compacted. * Fix reentry VFX showing from hidden side of vessel (ie. showing through the vessel). * Fix various other VFX emitter issues: Flameout VFX, SRB Engine flame VFX, Explosion VFX * Fix screen resolutions list in the main KSP game settings. * Fix timing issue in startup of cargo bays sometimes occluding parts they shouldn’t. * Fix parachute breaking RCS when P is pressed while kerbal is EVA in space. * Fix Gilly and Bop scaling in map mode. * Fix Kerbal (EVA) occlusion inside cargo bays, fairings, etc. * Fix Resource contracts unable to complete (in non-English games) due to localized resource name being persisted in saves. * Fix Craft Thumbnails not rendering when tall launchclamps in use. * Fix Tylo crater biomes. * Fix launch site display being unlocalized in tracking station widgets. * Fix fairings and shroud displacement when switching to vessels. * Fix open URL calls so that Steam doesn’t think KSP is still running once shutdown and a URL link has been opened. * Fix advanced tweakables in PAW to correctly display all text in Asian languages. +++ Mods * Allow ScenarioModule’s to start at MainMenu scene. +++Miscellaneous * Added internal ability to filter and display game settings by DLC Expansion. * Removed Red Shell. 1.3 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Add SPH camera panning to the GAP when SPH camera controls are set. * Add Making History stock launch sites to Career game Points of Interest list. * Add parameter details for any action nodes in the Missions App during mission play. * Add validation error for nodes that have part selectors and the selected part is invalid. * Add incompatibility checks to mission files for a range of checks including version issues and action or test modules that aren’t available. * Improve information displayed in node body for repair node. * Add Steam Workshop support for mission files. * Added Steam cloud support for missions. * Improved Mission file size and load performance. * Reworked builder canvas and camera to improve performance * Change line connectors in the builder to improve visual quality. * Added GAP camera settings and canvas zoom setting to game settings. * Added ability to set launch sites as targets for vessel crashed and landed nodes. * Auto-recover vessels on launch sites when spawning creator defined vessels to launch sites during a mission. * Remove launch clamps from vessels spawning splashed on liquid surface. * Added key binding to focus the search bar in the mission builder. * Added Escape key binding for closing all dialogs in the mission builder. * Added tab and shift-tab key binding to move between SAP input fields in mission builder. +++ Localization * Localize values and status for no active vessel on test nodes. +++ Parts * Updated the M1-F rover wheel suspension to resolve an issue with ground bounce / jitter and increased the suspension stiffness and ground clearance. * Structural tubes now vary mass and cost based on length/diameter. Note that mass updates only apply to new instances of these parts - vessels in flight will not have the mass of these parts adjusted. +++ Bugfixes * Fix mouse scroll in the GAP to work when mouseover GAP, and not require a click first. * Fix mission browser from locking up whilst a pending delete confirmation dialog is open. * Fix error when docking nodes in the mission builder and selecting Undo. * Fix NRE when deleting nodes in mission builder in pressing Delete key twice. * Fix crew dialog list/assignments in editors (VAB/SPH) when stay in editor is selected during mission play. * Fix spawning vessels during mission play and whilst in the flight scene. * Fix bug when attempting to test mission from the mission builder with the default mission loaded. * Fix destructible building log errors when changing scenes during mission play. * Fix crew assignment test node when using multiple instances of the same craft file in a mission. * Fix mission node updates in mission builder for nodes that have number range parameters. * Fix resource drain node not draining resources correctly in some circumstances. * Fix part failure and repair node display in the mission builder and missions app. * Fix localised resource names used in the part resource drain and part resource amount nodes. * Fix localized resource names display in mission builder node bodies. * Fix Point Of Interest bonus being awarded for reaching new launchsites if you are able to launch directly there. * Fix Mission Objectives Flow from missing some branches in logic. * Fix launch site display name in mission builder canvas nodes UI. * Fix test vessel situations against launch sites. * Fix Mission Builder music on returning from Editor. * Fix flag spawning at start of mission when player created vessels on start node. * Fix stuck at loading orrery on play mission under certain conditions. * Fix infinite loading screen if user tries to test/play an empty mission. * Fix mission browser dialogs cancel button being not interactable after deleting a mission. * Fix automatic completion of kerbal recovery node when set to Any kerbal. * Fix launchsite rotation to match model rotation. * Fix possible lock-up if mission banners are missing. * Fix NREs when spawning vessels with RCS. * Fix not saving a revert checkpoint when spawning vessels in flight during a mission and vessel is not set to switch to that vessel. * Fix deleting missions and possibility to have inoperable cancel button. * Fix builder dragging at non-100% UI scaling. * Fix vessel spawning in a mission during flight. +++ Missions * Fix localized text in Mission - To the Mun Via Minmus. * Fix localized text in Mission - Munar 1. * Fix localized text in Mission - Sally-Hut 1. * Fix localized crew names in Mission - Acapello 13. +++Miscellaneous * Corrected prices for structural tubes. Happy launchings!
  2. Patch 1.4.4 is on its way and with it various improvements and fixes such as language corrections, FX improvements, and more! As part of our commitment to continue supporting and improving upon KSP, 1.4.4 will add some cool and previously unavailable Steam functionalities that will enhance the KSP experience to users of this platform. For starters, we’ll be launching the Official KSP Steam Workshop hub, along with its full in-game integration. Since the conception of the Making History Expansion, we knew that mission-sharing was crucial for its success. Now, with the integration of this platform into the game, we are making it easier for creators and players to share Missions and Crafts without having to mess around with copying folders from other websites and putting them in the KSP folder tree. This feature will allow you to upload your creations to the hub directly from the game, as well as to subscribe to and vote for your favorite missions. Additionally, it gives us the ability to feature missions from the community and drive visibility to these creations. With patch 1.4.4, it will be more straightforward than ever to enjoy all the content made by the players for the players! This patch also implements Cloud Saves on Steam for both game saves and missions. Once 1.4.4 is released, players will be able to access their save files and mission files from any computer by logging into their respective accounts. Last but not least for 1.4.4, we’ve improved and expanded the controller support for the game via the Steam Controller framework. With the intention of closing the gap between the mapping found in the consoles’ Cursor Mode and the one currently supported in the PC game, we’ve carefully provided configurations and full support for DualShock 3, DualShock 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One controllers, and added a new configuration for the Steam Controller and one for HOTAS-like joysticks. We also added a supplementary contextual controller set for EVA situations, in addition to the currently existing ones for the Menus, VAB/SPH commands, Flight Controls, Map, and Docking Mode. Click here to see the new controller layout. We hope you enjoy these new features. Keep an eye out the patch’s release later this week, and stay tuned for more news and everything Kerbal via our official forums and our various social media channels. Happy launchings!