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Found 4 results

  1. Like the title says patched conics going crazy around Jool. I set it to 2 or 6 and still crazy. Its making setting up maneuvers difficult. Its causing lag when calculating. Worst its crashing KSP every time I switch away from a probe with a maneuver node on intercept with Jool. Verified files on Steam. Only have one mod, alarm clock, which I deleted with no improvement. Suggestions?
  2. How can I disable rendering patched conics for a vessel? I want it to look like before you upgrade the tracking station, with just the grey orbit lines. Examples: (I got the images by taking a screenshot without/with the tracking station upgraded.) I need to be able to switch back and forth between the two modes, so nothing permanent. How can I do this via code?
  3. I'm doing a rescue mission without patched conics. I got my rescue ship within about 19 km of the stranded Kerbal, but I still couldn't target the stranded ship, even though I could see its pink "target" crosshair in the main map. How close do I have to get to target it so that I can enter target mode and complete the orbital rendez-vous? To be clear, I'm not asking for a tutorial on how to do an orbital rendez-vous; I've done countless rescues and docking operations in the past. But I've always had the benefit of patched conics, and this time I don't, so I can't click on the target or its orbit and enter target mode. (That is, the mode with the target in pink on the navball.) Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello forums! Lately I've been launching all my interstellar missions directly into a encounter orbit with their supposed target. How I launch those is in the spoiler This tactic works great, I do not have to stop in a low kerbal orbit and circularize and I do not have to deal with turning giant ships in orbit. I simply keep on burning. But a problem I do have is that I can't really see what my craft will do once it enters the target SOI. I am working on a Jool mission and I intent to use Tylo as a gravity assist to slow me down. Yet when my craft is on it's orbit towards Jool I cannot see what my craft will do after it encounters Tylo. The manouver node lines and orbit lines stop at the last SOI change (tylo -> Jool). Is it possible to get more lines drawn. I do remember it was possible in the early days by changing a parameter in a settings file. Yet I cannot remmeber which.