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Found 1 result

  1. 2017 So, as many of you know, PAX 2016 was amazing, with many big YouTubers and Indie game dev on site, and of course, that leads to the question of PAX 2017! Now it may seem a bit early, but I’m sure you know that planning ahead is always good. My personal dream for a while has been to meet the KSP dev team, so I can personally thank them for their hard work, and geek out about my favorite gaming topic, KSP. I’ve met many wonderful and amazing people in my short stint on the forums so far, and have learned a ton about rocketry, orbital mechanics, interplanetary missions, and the like. KSP has helped me understand just exactly how difficult NASA’s job is, and it is my hope to meet them. This leads me to my main question: Are the KSP devs planning to attend PAX 2017? I personally think the community or the dev team should host a panel for KSP next year, and it has the potential to be huge, given the size of KSP’s amazing fan base. I have no idea if this was done before, but I think it would be an amazing way to show how far KSP has come, and sell some more people on it. The more people buy the game, the more the KSP dev team can afford to invest in the game to make it better. I personally hope that some of the SQUAD staff might attend, and maybe for a demo, somebody could get up and play a few of the old versions that were major updates like the first ever release, then maybe .90, then 1.0, then whatever the latest version is, talking about the history of KSP and show-casing the features. Are YOU planning to attend Pax 2017? Post here! I would love to know, and maybe meet you! Do you know if anyone from the dev team or HarvestR is attending? Post below!