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Found 4 results

  1. I think this is the right forum for this question, I've looked else where but have not found this answer. Does Kerbal allow horizontal launches from different altitudes on earth ? or just launch pads ? If not can I raise a launch pad to a 50,000 ft mountain side (though it would be stationary) ? I'm interested in the academic math and physics involved. Specifically how big (mass) a rocket would need to be to put a 3 kg payload in LEO. TY, Patrick
  2. I recently designed a Pegasus style plane-rocket to launch small payloads from my Eve base to low Eve orbit. I swear that I didn't know anything about Pegasus before designing the mission, but, when looking for a name to give to the youtube video, I stumbled across a Pegasus rocket video. Anyway, this is the video (it is quite self-explanatory): Have you ever launched a rocket Pegasus-style? Please let me know. I am very curious to see how you addressed the issue ...
  3. Dear @Kerbal Astronautics it's ready! Here comes a full stock Pegasus-Stargazer system called Chrysaor-Kalliroe. Coming from a old project started about two years ago it was not possible to create a TriStar-like carrier powerful enough a this time with the Whiplash being the only turbofan available. I threw away the carrier file and just keep the launcher in case of better days : Time passed by and a week ago I discovered the work of Kerbal Astronautics who made a Pegasus-Stargazer craft. It immediatly brings me back the envy to finish an incompleted work. And now with the Goliath available no way to step back again. The craft in available on KerbalX : Build with 93 parts, the carrier is powered by three Goliath engines and able to climb to 10 km before dropping the launcher, but at this altitude the whole system whill be about to stall. The best launch configuration is between 5-8 km, at this time the speed should between 170-115 m/s. Stabilize the roll as much as possible, keep the Y-axis a bit positive then drop Chrysaor as your will. Once free you have some seconds to stabilize a bit more if you need it then you can light up the first stage. The rest is more than basic and easy. Honestly it's the sole system with one of my shuttle I decided to ensure the whole control from the launch to orbit for the first time since maybe a year. Its whole stability is surpprinsing good enough to make it easy to fly. First stage separation after a minute. Second stage activation. . The third complete its function of circularization. The payload is a small relay satellite only built to confirm the system possibilty to place a payload of 1-1.5 tons in orbit. I decided to use its own engine to place it on a more convenient orbit for its limited capabilities. After these maneuvers some dV was still available. But to me the best part of the system is that : The carrier is recoverable with Stage Recovery mod. The whole flight album is available here :
  4. The CYGNSS satellite constellation is launching on an air-launched Pegasus rocket. Watch it here! UPDATE 15 Dec 2016: Launch successful!