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Found 2 results

  1. Mun Scraping

    How low can you go? This is a challenge to see how low you can get a satellite (or other spacecraft) to orbit the mun. The orbiter should be stock, but mods are allowed for delivering the orbiter to the mun. The challenge is about orbiting the mun, not getting there. Post your apoapsis and periapsis heights, and some pictures of your spacecraft and orbit. The final orbit should be sustainable. Your score is the sum of your apoapsis and periapsis heights. Lower scores are better. I finished my attempt with a score of 12111 meters, and will be posting some images shortly.
  2. So I just launched my first vessel of 1.1 into orbit and noticed my apoapsis and periapsis indicators weren't aligned with the orbit. Upon further investigation I realized none of the planet or moon's map indicators were in the right spot. I don't believe that any mods broke it but since I have a modded install I'll post here. Here are the mods I currently have: At 120% UI Scale nothing is broken: But at 100% and 80% UI Scale for example things begin to break: Any suggestions to help or should I just wait for a patch? Thanks EDIT: Found the solution myself. When you change the UI Scale you must restart the game to fix the issue I stated above. For example: When you begin the game your UI scale is set to 100%. If you change the UI scale to, for example, 80% the map indicators(apoapsis, periapsis, planets, ect...) will be in the wrong locations. After restarting though, the map indicators will return to their correct positions.