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Found 2 results

  1. So i am working on a mod that adds HTP engines (High-test-peroxide) to the game.Some are absolutely tiny! I mean they are smaller than the ion drive! Much smaller(smallest making a tremendous 0.5 KN , that is already done) And i made one engine, full with configs, and a compressed air tank, because some of them will need pressurization because they are pressure fed, and the engines will eat the fuel, and some of the air in the tank.Some will not use the pressurization, because they will have a gas generator that decomposes HTP and pressurizes the tank with the gas. I have real life sounds, i will put them later here in sound cloud or something, and i plan to do RO configs (i already made RP configs). I plan to do like the BMP engine as an extra. Some of them will be bigger, and i plan to do a Falcon 9 amateur replica 1:10 scale sounding rocket. So , what do you think? SHOULD I CONTINUE? WILL ANYONE DOWNLOAD THE MOD? Please tell me your opinion. BMP 5 test fires: BMP 2 MY FAVS(pure htp engines)
  2. In the late 1950s to 1960s, British companies experimented with RP-1/H2O2 engines. Burning an 86 Percent mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and water onto RP-1, (the peroxide which was passed through a catalyst to first decompose it) the rocket engines managed to pull a 265s ISP, and lead to the Gamma Family of rocket engines, which powered the Black Knight and Black Arrow Launch Vehicles. Since RP-1/H2O2 is hypergolic, no ignition source was required, and the engines were very simple and reliable- there were no engine failures through the history of the Gamma family of engines. Additionally, H2O2 is non-toxic- thus the Gamma engines had most of the advantages of a Hypergolic engine without the toxic propellants and exhaust. This kind of make you wonder why this propellant combination was abandoned for the most part. Though there were revivals by companies like Beal Aerospace and now Blue Origin for use on the BE-2 engine, H2O2/RP-1 has remained largely unused. Yes, rocket engine development is expensive, and it is less efficient than cryogenic, or even the Titan IV's hypergolic propellants (302 s ISP for Titan IV, and 266s ISP for a Gamma 8 RP-1/Peroxide engine) but it would still make for a good throttlable cheap SRB alternative. Also, the good reliability records and experience with the Gamma engines made me wonder why they decided against a similar engine's use on say, the Ariane 1- or why Blue Origin decided against using it for New Shepard, and instead using H2LOX.