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Found 1 result

  1. After making a series of rockets that where doomed with the jiggling disease when taking off, and placing 100 batteries in one tiny space. I watched as I played 50 hours without even coming into orbit.. I made a lot of crazy creations and, went trough a lot of beatifull and crazy moments. But after I lost the sense of progress in career mode, and none was there to share my funnt experiences, it made me quite dissapointed. There are a lot of mods, and a lot, a lot, of screenshots, guides, and videos. I sense that everyone would like to share their creations more than currently possible. The feature I want to see in future updates in KSP, to not let the game fade out, to give this game what it deserves: a multiplayer, but not the kind of suggestions i've seen before, because i feel that is a project to big, and isn't what the people want. I want to be able to share my landed rockets, and bases on outer planets, and around orbits. I want a big multiplayer game, but the only thing visible is what you share with you're friends: the basses, landed aircraft, and orbiting/landed rockets! possibly (1) you could share mods or buildings on planets, or community made scenario's; possibly (2) if things overlap you can choose whethere damage will occur or just to ignore it, or to slightly being able to change the place where it's standing. People are still playing GTA San Andres, why? because of the multiplayer, and why are people still playing Skyrim after completing it so many times? that's the same answer for making KSP a game that will never (slowly as possible) go down in history! the modding community is already helping a big deal, and the fact that you have to learn this game before you can properly play it, really helps! I made an account on this forum just to say this, because it saddend me that this game doesn't have multiplayer, and therefore doesn't get the attention it deserves.. that's my opinion atleast. I mean, you're airplane is awesome and al, but if none know about it, the creation becames less valuable for the creator. wich are we all in KSP! so please, make it you're next development plan, and it doesn't need to be big! I wish you the best of succes! and this is my personal opinion, critics would be apreciated! and i'm not from netherlands/spain so English isn't my "home-language" so forgive the weird grammar or wrong spelled words that this topic may have contained