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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been setting up evenly spaced triangle orbit satellites at 120 degrees for my network and can get them at exactly at 120 from each other without any deviation. But every six months-year the phase angles either rise or drop by .01 degrees and decades later my little triangles are all messed up. I know it's because my apoapsis and periapsis are just barely not matching but damn it's hard to get the apoapsis and periapsis that precise. Has anybody else had this issue?
  2. On KSP, where can you find extremely precise orbital position definitions in game? I'm trying to figure out how to time my interplanetary mission ejection burns precisely. For example, the interactive calculator (I'm using the Illustrated one) provide very precise phase and ejection burn angles say for a typical Kerbin LEO to Duna of 44.36 deg and 150.91deg. But how can you be that precise?! Clearly just "eyeballing" such things in the normal tracking station or map view can never achieve this sort of accuracy? Note I have experience playing Orbiter, which did provide such positional details in-game. I'm assuming a similar thing must exist somewhere in KSP, just I haven't found it yet?! Or perhaps there some add on that does this (ie it would be handy to have the phase and ejection angles calculated somehow?) Cheers and Thanks, J.Stevenson