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Found 1 result

  1. Today is a glorious day! Despite being over budget, and far behind schedule, the Kerbal Space program has landed on the Mun, and beaten those filthy kommunists/kapitalist dogs! Or did they? Fellow kerbalists, your challenge today is to create a set of photos that will convince an uneducated public that you did indeed land on the Mun, without actually doing it. Photos must be able to stand up to at least the laziest of scrutiny. Try and make it look like you're on the Mun. Photos with obvious buildings, grass, or whatever, will not qualify. Each unique, passable Mun scene you make (of a flag planing, rover trip, kerbal on a ladder etc,) will be worth 50 points. Double that if you're using a mod that adds reflections to helmet visors. If you include a nice little story with your Mun pictures, your score may double again. Plus, I'll give an X-factor bonus of up to 25% for extra complex efforts, or excellent scenery.. Please also include an image or two that shows how you did it. I need to make sure you didn't cheat by actually going to the Mun. But hide these in spoiler tags, so they won't ruin the effect of your fake pictures. Also, try to take your fake mun pictures on Kerbin. Do it in space if you must, but there will be a 40% penalty to plan around. No photoshopping allowed. Try not to directly copy previous attempts, this may get a 10% penalty. Use the remains of a demolished space center, use any cheat, mod, use asteroids, use anything, just don't land anywhere but kerbin! Go "land on the Mun"! And good luck! P.s. We all know the real Moon landing did happen. This thread is not intended to dispute that, and anyone who attempts to do so might find themselves fed to to the kracken. Leaderboard: jojofishfishing: 431 points TJPrime: 326 points SirJodelstein: 270 points Rayheat: 250 points CaptainApollo: 234 points Mad Rocket Scientist: 200 points Tw1: 200 points UpsilonAerospace: 154 points r_rolo1: 104 points SemiaCloud: 50 points