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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys! I was looking around the forums, and I noticed that there was no photos showcase thread anywhere! So I searched around and found this one: Sadly it's been out of action for almost an year now, and since I didn't want to go around necro-bumping old threads I decided to make a new one. So, post your pictures (non-KSP) here, whether you're a professional or a newbie! Just try to put all the images inside spoilers as to not clutter up the thread! I guess I'll, uh, start. Here's some random pictures I took with my trusty-yet-used digital camera!
  2. Lately it happened with new Horizons and the Pluto-Charon system, EVERYONE talked about it. It gave NASA a lot of reputation for going to the system. This let me wondering, why can't go to eeloo, take pictures and have the entire kerbalkind talking about my mission, and thus gain some positive reputation. So that is what this suggestion is. Basically it would be "Reputation experiments". They are parts that take pictures or record video's of whatever the parts are pointed at. And if you put certain things onto you pictures (like for instance, a kerbal on the surface of eve) you gain reputation. It would work EXACTLY* like the science system, but you get reputation as a reward*, and a pretty picture of course. EDIT: *scratch that, you also get a dialogue showing you the picture taken, and with a button to save it as a screenshot. It is just another boring experiment otherwise. Imagine the following scenario. Imagine your first unmanned Laythe rover nearing its destination. As you near the moon, you record photos of the beautiful watery moon, with a Joolrise in the background, and transmit them back. Upon arrival of the pictures, every kerbal on kerbin goes wild, as the pictures are the sharpest ever taken from the moon. Your space program earns science and reputation. (You save the picture as a screenshot). It is time for landing. During the last stages of descend your lander deploys the video recorder and records Laythes surface getting closer and closer. You land, the rover drives from the landing platform and takes a photo of itself and the landing pad. The landing has succeded. What do you think? Suggestions are very welcome! __________________________________________________________________________ All suggestions in this thread! (any suggestions to these suggestions are also very welcome) -map view -Currencies -Parts and camera experiments -Contracts -First person view