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Found 1 result

  1. Ive been playing KSP and attending these forums for so long and ive done so much. But ive got nothing to show for it. Ive always wanted to document my gameplay and share it here. But I could never get into it. I would always forget to take screenshots or record video. So this is my attempt to fix that. I want to make a thread and upload what I do have for starters. Then I'm confident once knowing that I have a thread open that will motivate me to post content. First off I play KSP with a custom Career game. I start out with all parts unlocked except for science and gave myself enough to purchase these strategies. I then zeroed my money, reset it to 10k and got started. This way I am free to do what I want when I want. The only hurtle being money. And this game gets expensive very, very fast. Contracts are still needed I find. Ill take whatever I can get. I'm planning a manned land and return to Duna as I type this thread and ive managed to get some field resreach and monument eva contracts. So that's a plus. And the face is close enough to the equator for a good drive. As for the past Iv moved on from Mun missions. Only did that one manned mission so far. ( With the short attention spans and all) I hadn't even thought to document anything at the start sadly. So this thread will begin a bit late but that's okay. I have some pictures from the earlier missions Ill share. ... The hardest part about making this was a name honestly. So here we go I'm going to give this a shot. ----------------------- Maguire Reclaimable Aerospace. *because these engines are making me thirsty!* Kerbals are ambitious creatures and they don't have much for attention spans. An interesting combination of traits. Past mission image dump.- Reusable rockets. The way of the future. This here is Zeus. ( I'm bad at names, but I'm working on it. ) Powered by nine FASA H1 engines and a single Chaka J2X up above. It can put an enttire moon mission to orbit and return. To be honest I don't really know its full payload capacity. Without the landing equipment... it could be all I ever need for a good while. A Dunan surface hab I made was 45 tons which needed a pair of SRB's. So that's what id call it at. Launch of Zeus carrying the programs first manned Mun mission. Landing of the Zeus first stage. Believe it or not I think this one did land. It used four engines instead of just one. Here in KSP we have the vast luxury of throttle. Yes that is it MechJeb. And yes MechJeb is in control. I need consistency. I need this to work every time. I can indeed do it myself, but I am far too sloppy and waste too much Dv upon which I have a tight budget. I think that one there landed with 12 Dv left. Call that getting my moneys worth. Loading quicksaves is also out of the option with a 100km load distance ( BDArmory ). And even with MJ the success rate is.. 60% at best. The solar panel was an improvisation. It was too extend outward from a bay built into the Apollo SM. However it was "stowed" and would not deploy. Power was depleting so I had the engineer EVA and with KAS/KIS was able to refit the panel.. kinda just slapped it on. The Zeus upper stage is itself overpowered for the Apollo hardware. I was able to do this Russian style and had the ejection stage burn off a large amount of velocity for landing. Let there be light. Home soon. No light pollution out here... Since then ive performed several missions with the Zeus booster. My approach yields a pretty good success rate and the savings really do show. So do the failures unfortunately. However the following Eve and Duna mission I was quite proud ff. Each was a slew of probes mounted on an inner rack attatched to the ejection stage. One for Gilly high/low obit, Eve high and low. Same with the Duna ( Dunan?) system. Not many pictures, but I do like them. The Duna ascent. A sample return on its way back to Kerbin. The same exact science probe only this one wont be coming back... Eve's Sunset... ...the most incredible view the game has given me since I began playing. And if you haven't figured it out by now all this is the Kerbal Renaissance Pack by Proot. The man has outdone himself on this one. That's all I have up until now. As I'm typing this I have a kerbal exploration rover on its way to Duna as well as a surface habitat. The crew is to launch asap on a new 5 meter booster Ive named Sigma. So now that I'm actually making this thread Ill probably be taking a lot more pictures and video so I need to know. Is this format okay? Myself personally I like the blown up pictures inserted right into the post as opposed to the imguar albums. However if that's frowned upon I will use them. Other then that this new rocket is ready to go. Ive been testing it with dummy payloads for days. The Mission carrying the 58ton Orion-Nuke with the crew is to be next and dock with the Hab/Lander. PS: I need to work on a flag.