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Found 131 results

  1. Flying planes in KSP is rather frustrating. But one of the things that I find most infuriating is that my plane always arrives about 10 feet above the runway, and proceeds to drop down onto it. Invariably, it then bounces on the totally inadequate wheels (I only have the stock basic landing gear at the moment) and explodes. Why does my plane always start so high? I've built it on the floor of the hanger, but it makes not the blindest bit of difference - launch 10 ft off the ground, drop and boom.
  2. This craft was the result of me just messing around. I was attempting to make an aircraft that was as unconventional as possible, and instead what I created is by far the most maneuverable jet that I have yet produced. This craft can easily pull 30g maneuvers Download: Craft Mass: 14.63 tonnes Part Count: 69 Preformance: -Rotation Speed: 60 m/s -Max Speed SL: 271.6 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 4000m -Max Speed CRZ ALT: 274.4 m/s -Max Dive Speed: 348 m/s -Maneuverability: Extreme -Stall Speed: 20 m/s
  3. From the whimsy department, presenting Long Umpire, the flying boat. It won't go to orbit, but then why would you want to go to orbit with a boat? It's fun to fly, is fully amphibious, ditches and takes off water easily, and has a handy ladder in case the pilot wants to take a dip and get back on-board, and a cargo bay with a ramp in case she wants to pack a lunch, or a rover, or something else that can be rolled on, or off. Passenger variants with Mk 3 passenger modules are also feasible, I tried. To ditch, slow down to 100 m/s at 50 m altitude, then hold wings and nose level until you notice that you've stopped. Completely no-drama and very forgiving, it doesn't mind if you plop it down a bit nose-first, or fly it down a bit fast; I've made touchdowns at well over 100 m/s without any issues whatsoever. To take off, hit full power, waggle your wings to get the floats out of the water, hold attitude horizontal until you're going at 50 m/s or so, then pull up. If somebody flies a practical mission for this, I'd be curious to know what it is. Craft: (Named after the most iconic flying boat of all, the Short Empire, although the looks are more Caspian Sea Monster.)
  4. The Chausiku Kibowen class of heavy lifter spaceplane is an attempt at squaring the circle: combining the simplicity of a rocket with the efficiency and recoverability of a spaceplane. While that may be impossible, the Chausiku Kibowen comes close. It takes off easily, flies to orbit easily, re-enters easily, and lands easily. Craft file: The payload fits in a wide 3.75 metre fairing between twin fuselages. There's room to flare out the fairing a fair bit. Because it's in the centre, it minimises CoM shift issues, and the fairing keeps it aerodynamically efficient. Most of the body is structural: it is not intended to fly with full fuel load. The supplied craft file has plenty to get into orbit with the payload. To fly up, lift off at about 100 m/s, and once you’re at about 200 m/s, point the nose up at just under 20 degrees. Then do nothing at all until the jets start to flare out: at this point you should be still climbing healthily at about 25 km altitude, going at around 1400 m/s. Then hit 2 to toggle mode and start the tail engine, and fly yourself to orbit. To return, hold attitude between 45 and 60 degrees until transition to normal flight. If you have any fuel left, it helps to pump it towards the nose, as in very balanced regimes it may want to get into a flat spin when you hit thick air. To get out of it, apply thrust. Approach and landing are extremely easy. It touches down below 40 m/s at a reasonable angle.
  5. After learning how to make propellers in stock KSP, I wondered if it was possible to make a solar-powered aircraft, like Solar Impulse or the NASA Helios. The problem is, all the propeller engine designs I've seen require the engine to be physically separate from the aircraft, preventing electricity from wing-mounted solar panels from reaching it. Is it possible to make a propeller engine that isn't physically separated from the aircraft, or somehow "beam" electricity into the engine? If not, are there any easy code fixes that can allow either of those things?
  6. The Antonov AN-225 Mriya was a large cargo aircraft designed to carry cargo of up to 250 metric tonnes that was designed and developed by the Ukraine based company Antonov in the years 1984 to 1988. The Mriya was designed to carry large payloads both inside it's large cargo hold as well as on top of the aircraft. The Mriya was designed with launch vehicles such as the MAKS project in mind, this influenced numerous design elements including the twin vertical tail fins which left the aircraft's rear clear for rocket exhaust to pass through. However, said feature only saw service in transporting the Soviet space shuttle Buran. The Mriya holds the title as being the longest and having the widest wingspan of any aircraft in operation, as well as having the largest maximum take-off mass of any aircraft ever built at 640 metric tonnes. The name Mriya is Ukrainian for "Dream", which I think you can agree is a truly accurate name to this colossus of an aircraft. Part Count: 979 Length: 87.5m Wingspan: 88.3m Mass: 640.3 tons Craft file: Performance: -Rotation Speed: 60 m/s -Cruising Altitude: 7500m -Max Speed at CRZ ALT: 222.7 m/s (exactly the same as the real thing) -Stall Speed: 40 m/s -Maneuverability: Surprisingly okay For more images as well as additional information, please check out the KerbalX page!
  7. For those that struggle with finding that perfect part or put together that perfect fighter fuselage, this is the mod for you. Brought to you by SM Associates @XOC2008 and @TheKurgan (with some excellent modelling by @SpannerMonkey(smce)!), we bring you Versus! Versus was created with two things in mind, lower part count aircraft to utilize BDArmory and related mods more efficiently, and to put together head-to-head match-ups between aircraft of similar style and function. These fuselages are all-in-one, including cockpit, radar, engine, ammo, and fuel. (On some occasions, the fuselage will also have a weapon integrated such as with the F-15 in this initial release.) Versus R1 includes the fuselages to pit a MiG-31 Foxhound against an F-15(A/B/C/D/E/However you design it) Eagle. Keep in mind this just contains the fuselages and a few extra bits like drop tanks, and the Pilot Pitot parts(for full Weapon Manager, Wing Commander, and AI Pilot capabilities.) Make sure to attach the pitot or some similar Weapon Manager part to ensure you can control your craft. You will of course also need to outfit the vessel with wings, landing gear, control surfaces, weapons, and whatever various odds and ends you'd like. To note: This mod is intended for "full size" aircraft. Tweakscale is not supported, as it can and will most likely alter the weight and flight characteristics with disastrous results. Thrust, velocity, and atmospheric curves have been toiled over to get the most realistic performance we can squeeze out of these aircraft. This mod was designed for and with Stock aero, as such FAR is not supported, but if this works in FAR then all the better for those users. Versus is CC BY-ND 4.0 I know, no pics no clicks! Download on Spacedock or Dropbox. Recommended (but not required) Mods: BDArmory Continued - Required for pilot pitot part to function SM Armory KWS - Cold War BDArmory Extension Kerbal Foundries Procedural Wings
  8. 747-8 Replica.

    A mod aircraft called 747-8. It is very maneuverable and is very stable at both high speeds and low speeds. Takeoff speed is 50 m/s, landing speed is ~<100 m/s. Can climb straight up like fighter jets. Try it out for yourself! Please try it out and tell me about things that need improvement. Building tips are always welcome Pics for you guys
  9. LF-1 'Bear' Light Aircraft

    Introducing the LF (Light Flyer) 1, 'Bear'. It has space for six Kerbals, can fly for around 3 hours, has airbrakes and parachutes, can be fitted with landing gear or floats, and has a top speed of 281m/s, and only costs 15,000!
  10. Slowest plane in ksp

    This is a challenge about having the slowest plane. Rules in the video. +stock, no cheats. post your scores in the comments (forum equivalent)
  11. Firstly, thanks to Squad and Blitworks for making the enhanced edition, even with all the major issues in the last version, I still dumped many hours in playing because I had so much fun anyways, and now I can do so even more to my hearts content... Thanks! Anyways, I've been doing a science play through to help get me more familiar with the parts and new controls before going into a career mode, but early on I was playing with space planes and when putting on one of the wings, they started bugging out and disappearing briefly, flickering in and out of existence. I tried to move it to alleviate the error, but instead it just left a ghost of itself in the original place, still flickering. I couldn't move or delete the ghost, but I could delete the actual part. I don't remember what wing it was, but it was one of the bigger ones you get from the first science unlock for wings.. The reason I mention this is because its the only reasonable thing I can think of that caused what I'm about to explain next. After going back to the space center and reloading into SPH, it worked fine... until I tried to launch my plane. The camera spawns in pretty randomly, sometimes under the runway, in the sky, or just pitch black. I can't pause, bring up the cursor, move the camera, or anything. Also, the time in the top left always says 999 for the years and days and what not.This continued to happen no matter how many times I reloaded. To get out of it, I have to close application and not do it again. Any help is appreciated P.S. Wow, okay. I just tested it again to confirm some of my info, and it loaded in fine... This had been happening my entire playthrough from the start and it suddenly works. I will leave this here though, because its still a pretty serious bug to have happen, and hopefully it can be recreated so it can be fixed. To clarify, this bug had been happening for a long awhile, I have no idea what fixed it suddenly.
  12. Nice MKseries Body Made by: Kerbal Battle Field & Icecovery Studio & Kerwis Team This mod has 4 parts (currently), including Mk 2 size cockpits (with IVA) and bomb bays. Our members: Models: @Kernowden Kerbin Textures: @Kernowden Kerbin @Icecovery @Johnny005611 IVA: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Import: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Configs: @Kernowden Kerbin @thedawm Technical Support: @Acea @ladeng @flywlyx @Icecovery @BF2_Pilot All members come from Kerwis team DOWNLOAD: SpaceDock Recommended: RPM Aviation Cockpits BDArmory Continued AEST AARS Add engine Add engine "117S" and "Product30" in V1.0.4 KBF Weapon (bomb bay model size measured by AIM-120 and AIM-9X in this mod) License: Nice MKseries Body was released under CC BY-SA 4.0.

    This brilliant work of engineering has twelve wings. more than any other plane I've ever seen. humorous video: craft file:
  14. I seem to be having a little problem with my planes on takeoff. That's three separate designs now, so I have no idea what's wrong, and in fact I can't see much in common between them. They all have the exact same problem though. On the runway, during takeoff roll, a particular speed comes when the aircraft starts leering of the center of the runway. It should be noted that I am using FAR and I'm not really an expert with plane design, even though i enjoy it. Right coming back to the case, I present to you most recent of these troublesome designs. It is in no way a spaceplane, as one can see by its engine. Hence it was designed with low-speed, low-altitude performance in mind. However, the runawy sideslip is fatal on takeoff, the plane ususally rips off a wingtip, rotates around it and comes to stop, sliding backwards. I have also found a description of it that I've written. Both for RP purposes and as notes for myself in case i come back to it after a longer break:
  15. My supersonic plane starts shaking in 600 m/s or more. I tryed to add some struts but it doesnt help . Do you know what do do? Here are some photos of my plane: Imgur image Thank you!
  17. Right now I have a plane that starts to go in a spiral when power is turned off, and never recovers from the spiral by itself. What kind of plane design would be able to automatically recover from a graveyard spiral without power so that it ends up pointing in the prograde direction?
  18. I'm working on a new fuselage mod that expands Mk2 with a new profile-- MK35! MK35 is a fuselage extension based around the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II's stealth profiles and bays. So far, I have a few models, shown below, and a basic fuselage shape, which is in Unity. What I'm looking for is someone else to help me with texturing and modeling. The models will likely need a major rework as they aren't really all that stealthy. This will be fixed in the future, and the Radar Cross Section will be dramatically lessened. Testers aren't needed yet, but any input is welcome! Thanks, and any help is appreciated!
  19. The Solid Plane

    This should be a nice simple challenge. Build an airplane, powered only by solid rocket engines, capable of taking off from the SPH runway and landing on the island runway. Rules: Solid rockets are the only propulsion allowed. No jets, no liquid rockets, no RCS, no infiniglide. Aerodynamic control surfaces only. If your command pod has reaction wheels, they must have torque turned off. Rolling takeoffs and landings; you can't use dedicated solid thrusters to lift off or anything messy like that. No staging, no damage. What takes off must come down in one piece. Kerbal it! You've gotta have a pilot; no probes. Is there scoring? Well, sort of. All submissions must be able to take off from the SPH runway and land on the island runway (velocity = 0) but there are leaderboards for different capabilities within that set. Your plane only needs the capability; you can get the following achievements/challenges on a separate run. I'll make a rockin' awesome badge if I get enough buy-in. Achievements/challenges: Speedrun. Take off, come to a full stop on the island runway, return, and come to a full stop on the SPH runway, in as short a time as possible. Shockwave. Reach the highest possible airspeed (below 60 km altitude). No recovery required. Endurance. Travel as far as possible from the SPH and make a successful rolling landing. Spaceballs. What's the highest altitude you can achieve? No recovery required. Featherweight. What's the lowest-mass solution you can manage? Replication. Make your solution look as close as possible to a real-life aircraft (I'll judge). More achievements/challenges may be added based on demand.
  20. Electric Propeller Stops Running

    I have a working stock propeller (following Squiddy's tutorial). It works properly and will fly, but when I switch from the propeller to the plane, the propeller's trim (alt+e) lock gets reset and it slows down. I have to keep switching back from the plane to the propeller to spin it up again. Does anyone know how to keep the propeller spinning when I switch vessels (keep trim lock on)? Sorry for the possibly confusing description of the problem, please ask if I need to clarify something.
  21. Deploy Elevons Further

    So i built this small bomber, where i wanted to use elevons as my bombing bay doors, but when i deploy them, they open up only so little. But to safely drop something out of there i would need them to open up to 90 degrees. I've seen people use elevons as doors, that opened really wide, so i'm curious how to open them further than usually. (More than just putting the deploy limiter to 150) Thanks for answers
  22. After a bit of trial and error I've finally managed to make stock propeller engine which works well in a thin atmo on Duna, and at the same time it can provide enough thrust to allow creation of bigger airplanes. New engine is about 4 times more powerful than the old ones and it can be safely reloaded, which makes it reusable. Duna Transporter is stock electric prop driven cargo plane designed specifically to be able carry 12t of cargo in thin Dunian atmosphere. RTG powered engines provide unlimited range and a maximum speed of 162m/s at low altitude and about 132m/s at 5k. Link to the craft file on KerbalX
  23. Airplane on Saturn

    Finally, I did what I had planned a few years ago: I dropped the plane into gas giant. And it didn't broke apart!
  24. A fully operational carrier hull and bridge. As opposed to Eskandre's excellent Nimitz, this one has a ski-jump. It's not actually based on any real-world aircraft carrier, but it probably most resembles the Russian Navy's Admiral Kuznetsov. The lifts and hangar are fully operational. The mod is actually just a single part that comprises the hull, deck, lifts and bridge. It generates its own power, but it's meant to be used along with other ship mods for engines, radar, antennae, defence systems, etc. DOWNLOAD FROM SPACEDOCK