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Found 25 results

  1. v. 1.3.9 AoA Technologies Development Thread Changelog: v. 1.3.9 "Low Pass" - Updated for 1.3 - New fin texture - New internals - Some new textures - New engine FX v. 1.3.8 "Mach 1" - Everything works v. 1.3.8 pre - Bugfixing - New interior for Tucano cockpit - New Bronco cockpit - New FlyPit - Messing with props - New agency logo, more intuitive v. 1.3.7 "Afterburning" - New Afterburning engine FX - Fixed Falken RCS bug - MiniAVC compatibility - Changed Tech Required for some stuff - Full compatibility with 1.2.2 v.1.3.6 "Sonic" - Minor bugfixes (Internal transmitter, BD Armory compatibility, and other misc stuff) - Custom ScienceDefs : Electronic report to replace crew report on drones - New AoA Technologies Agency - Hawk cockpit FLIR ball working. - Fixed not showing & textures bugs Requirements RPM Aset props & avionics (included) ModuleManager & Firespitter plugins (included) Credits to @nli2work for props used. Licensed under CC-BY. Links: >FOR 1.2 CLICK HERE< Source: I and martinezfg11 are open to suggestions Old KU34 texture. Delete the old folder and replace. Open Hangar on KerbalX Parts: Falken Drone Falken Drone RCS Hawk Drone Hawk Drone with FLIR ball Cobra MKII Cockpit + Nosecone KU-34 "Kolibri" Cockpit Rafale Cockpit K/A-18 Super Kornet Cockpit Super Tucano Cockpit K-22 "Afterburning" engine 3 Surface controls including K-35/B winglet FlyBit cockpit K-C Bronco cockpit Hope you enjoy it. => @martinezfg11 Is still working on the mod, I'm just maintaining it. Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  2. The Fly Like 1936 Challenge is a challenge that wants you to create a Douglas DC-3 and fly it to the North Pole and set up a base. Here are some basic achievements: 400 points: Bomber - Drop your base from your DC-3 in air! 200 points: Party Bus - Bring some extra kerbals (at least 20 kerbals.) 300 points: Bring Him Home - Return the DC-3 home without refueling! 100 points: Sully - Land it in the water (in one piece!)
  3. and if there is please link.
  4. Okay everyone, so just to keep the "The Final Stand" (Yeah, bad grammar; sue me) hype train going, I'm uploading some of the ships that'll be used! It'll have descriptions, nationality's, and pilot scores, as well as some more info. (I'll maybe put a KerbalX link in; who knows). Without further ado, enjoy!
  5. Can we build something similar to the stratolauncher that jettisons it's landing pylons (which has fuel that is burned off initially to carry a spaceplane to high altitude that then heads to another planet's orbit. Easy: Get the spaceplane to CisMunar orbit and return after landing and then dropping something (10 tons) there. Harder version of easy is to also carry 60 Kerbals. Medium: Same as Easy but on Dun. Harder version is dropping 50 tons. Hard: Launch to Duna, land, drop 25 kerbals, land on Ike, drop 10-40 tons as well as 30 kerbals. Make a refueling stop at Ike, burn towards Mun, land, jettison 15 tons and then reenter kerbin orbit without assistance.
  6. Welcome! We hope you like it here in our new sale garage, with our new Lamborghini. Here at A.A.A. we take great pride in bringing you the best of rocketry and aeronautic advancements. all craft file links at bottom of post. Rockets: Hyperion The flagship rocket of AAA, the Hyperion can VSSTO up to and over 100 tons to LKO. Able to be landed and reused, this is THE ship for eager minded entrepreneurs and frugal space programs alike! The Hyperion can be reconfigured for a variety of uses. Comes with streamlined command pod, capable of emergency detachment. warranty void if landed on Mün. Titan A Ahh... the Titan A. The poor, (but still rather wealthy) man's Hyperion. Able to VSSTO up to -redacted- tons of payload to LKO, this rocket can transport whole space stations into stable orbit. Base model includes Station Core. Probe core for landing not included. Warranty void if used as ICBM. K-2 (replica) The K-2. A pioneer of rocketry, and capable of suborbital flight to boot. Originally designed as a child's model rocket, this machine has turned itself into a symbol of one of the worst regimes to ever rule Kerbin. But it's still a pretty cool rocket! PLANES X-7509 "Highly experimental. Highly dangerous. Really Cool"-Jebediah Kerman The X-7509 is a new long range strike bomber from AAA. Capable of refueling from any part of the globe, this plane is a must have for all cold war locked countries. For an emergency bombing run, the ore tanks and nuclear reactor can be dropped, and used as a makeshift Thermonuclear weapon. Seats four(4). Mach 1 capable. Warranty void if bomb dropped while plane is inverted. K-797 Capable of carrying over 120 passengers to numerous destinations around the globe, the K-797 is the next generation passenger aircraft. These planes are going fast, so make sure to gets yours now!! K-84a A leader in passenger comfort, the K-84a is also at the forefront of customer safety. Able to fly on any one of its three engines, able to belly land on land and water, and able to fly half way around the world, this plane is a must have for any innovative airline. S-581 "Thermeso" A max speed of mach 3+. suborbital capable. Room for two passengers. Move over Kearjet! The AAA Thermeso is an incredible piece of engineering, and just happens to be incredibly fun to fly! Buy yours now. Kb-3-427 Do you need a bomber capable of crossing the KSC continent in under five minutes? do you need to strike in the dead of night? Do you, for some reason, need to break mach 4 while doing it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, AAA recommends the KB-3. Carrying three 1000 kiloton warheads, this plane serves the same goal as the X-7509, but in a fraction of the time. Warranty void if bombs are dropped at below 5 kilometers.( please do not drop all bombs at same time. AAA recommends using the two symmetrical warheads first, and then deploying the third). K-108 "Reliant" Need the charm of a slow, subsonic flight? Then the K-108 is the plane for you. boasting two sets of wings, yes TWO, this biplane is ideal for a relaxing trip on a sunny afternoon. Warranty void if used as a stunt plane. F-97 "Radiance" Imagine the Radiance as a minivan.If your mid sized sedan was mach 1 capable, had a max ceiling of 22 kilometers, and could transport your kids to school in under five minutes. Oh, and if it was loosely modeled after the KR-71 white bird. You know what? scratch that whole minivan idea. Its a plane, gosh darn it! Warning: Not capable of landing on water. Download links for all vehicles: Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks for all your help guys. I've managed to build the craft i was looking for. Thanks for explaining the fundamentals so well. I've been building fast crafts of all shapes and sizes now. Hi, I'm having trouble building the plane i want. I've not much experience with planes at all, only ever built a couple of ssto's and even then i cheated the .cfg's . So i've started with the stock Mk4 Revenspear. None of my design attempts could reach more than 300m/s and this stock craft can reach 820m/s so i went with it. I need it to do as close to 1000m/s and have a range of 800km. This is the distance to my second base where i plan to eventually launch all my Kerbin rockets from and for shuttling crew and small payloads i need the speed, my big cargo plane takes 1hr10min to get there and that's far too long to do often. I also need a small cargo bay for the payloads. I've unlocked all plane science nodes. Here's the craft. The problem i'm running into is the range, every time i add more fuel and gain range, i need more thrust, i add more thrust and I've lost the gained range. I find i need a certain amount of thrust to get to around 360m/s before it seems to just run away with itself up to 800ish if i can't get to 360m/s it's a long slow journey. If i get the 360 i always then quickly get to 800 but fall short on the range every time. I've tried all sorts of different altitudes but not been able to squeeze out more than a few minutes extra flight time. This has a range of about 550km and can just about get the to the 360 tip over point. The ultimate goal would be to have a range of 1600km so i could air drop supply payloads instead of needing to land and refuel for the return journey. I also tried drop tanks but any side tank made reaching any sort of speed immpossible. If you can help me i'd really appreciate it.
  8. Alright, I'm not gonna sugar-coat it. I got a new Joystick[1] for christmas. I'm bored. Send plane designs so I can try to fly them for fun and profit. My current mod list is as follows: [1]Logitech 3D Pro.
  9. @Munbro Kerman, @MajaeV, @chadgaskerman Planes you three have requested have arrived! Avro Vulcan - F-15 Eagle - SU-47 - Sukhoi SU-34 - MiG-21 - Pictures! All aircraft are stock, no mods needed to use. I try to make them as close to 1:1 scale and as high of detail as I can. If you have an aircraft you'd like me to build, please don't hesitate to ask me in the comments, because I will gladly build them. Have fun with them! - TheKorbinger
  10. Hello every ksp player and merry christmas! This is an challenge for you all! The idea is to build a real life commercial airplane. It wont matter if it is a cargo plane, passenger plane or business jet. Rules: No mods only MechJeb or some kind of navigation or autopilot allowed. No cheats or debug menu 2,3,4,6 or 8 engines only Put a screenshot from runway, at flight, at destination and while landed back at KSC Things to do: Normal mode:fly to airstrip Island and back Hard mode: fly to south pole and back Super Hard mode: Impress me Have a good time flying m8
  11. So these guys over at KASA got their space program running, exploring stuff and getting all these rad contracts. We want a piece of that. Of course, testing is right out, we dont have the latest tech, construction too, we couldn't build working sattelites if our lifes depended on them and for the survey stuff we would need equipment we dont have. But the tourism, we can do that! There was an old airport near the sea we could get for cheap. Mostly because noone goes there anymore and the last plane departure was months ago. Some of the crew could be persuaded to stay with us, luckily four pilots were among them! We also managed to "aquire" some rocket engines from KASA and the last owners of the airport left an abandoned plane in the hangar so we did the logical thing and cobbled them together to get our very own (hopefully) spaceworthy plane. Thats the Spaceplane Alpha One with Mirella, Mortimer, Telssa and Elbart. They got these spiffy new suits and will fly planes higher than they ever before have. They will touch the stars above Kerbins sky. They will also fly tourists about and make loads of cash. I mean, we have a business to run here. ---- Prerequesites List of mods (no parts or physics mods)
  12. I've been a little obsessed, as of late, with making WW2 styled aircraft and boats. So I've decided to share them with the world.! You can get them here: And, of course, here's some pics of each. Aircraft The KBD4- Sinker The K810 The K17- Tsyphon Boats The Firedrake Class Flagship The Zephyr Class Destroyer The Zulu Class Battleship Edit: Thought I could have embedded the albums, but can't. unfortunate
  13. I think this is needed as a category. I'm sure that I'm not the only one with plane trouble. In this thread, I hope for people to share their planes that they are struggling with so that they can get help from those who know more about what they're doing. I'm starting this thread because I have a craft that is being, very troublesome: the X-23. The X-23 was something I thought up while I was very bored. The idea involves a whole lot of non-snapping angle adjustments on the fuselage and other janky tweaks. When it gets put on the runway, it dips down on one side then levels out again. When I try to launch it, something seems to really want it to swerve around, but even if I do my best to get it to stay straight, it still went off the runway to the right, towards the launchpad. I did manage to get this dang thing to takeoff, but once in flight it wasn't very stable at all. I need serious help with this craft... I haven't opened the craft in a while so I'm not very sure on it's stats... The .craft file says its dimensions are 12.002367,4.47398376,9.33164692. I believe that it is 23 tons (hence the name X-23) Uses some mods but I don't fully remember. Probably just Firespitter and I think it uses a part that I made that is just a re-stat of the stock seperatron to have 4x thrust, 4x fuel consumption, but 4x fuel capacity. (X-23 craft file) [My "potential missile part (solidBoosterSep-Copy)] Sorry I don't have a picture, but I will try to fix that and I hope others can use this thread to get the help they need. -lococarl, over and out.
  14. MajavE's Replicas (Newest Addition: Gloster Meteor F.8) Hello! I'm MajavE and I like building planes YouTube channel: I always use the FAR mod, so my planes are built to work in FAR. However, I try to keep the actual plane as stock as possible, and I will list the mods with the plane pictures if any are used in the plane. Basically, FAR is a must if you want to fly the planes like I intended them to be flown. DOWNLOAD MY PLANES FROM MY DROPBOX!: Also, before you fly, always remember to check the action groups. I always use action groups for different purposes in the aircraft and most of the planes will not work properly if staging is used. Have fun! Requested Planes: Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt Grumman F9F Cougar Messerschmitt Bf-109 Messerschmitt Me-262 Junkers Ju-87 Vought F4U Corsair English Electric Lightning Polikarpov Po-2 McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom HAL Tejas Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 Foxbat Yakovlev Yak-15 Sukhoi Su-27
  15. Dornier Dove (Single Prop): Dornier Double Dove (Double Prop): Image set: Sorry for the non-embedded images, i am unsure of how to do that. Video here though:
  16. This little plugin lets you map the airplane trim controls to joystick and keyboard keys. (because alt+WASD is meh!) Nothing more, nothing less. here is a screenshot: TRIM_PITCH_UP / TRIM_PITCH_DOWN: press to trim the plane up or down TRIM_ROLL_LEFT / TRIM_ROLL_RIGHT: press for roll trimming TRIM_YAW_LEFT / TRIM_YAW_RIGHT: press for yaw trimming RESET_TRIM_PITCH reset pitch trim to zero RESET_TRIM_ROLL reset roll trim to zero RESET_TRIM_YAW reset yaw trim to zero RESET_TRIM like pressing RESET_TRIM_PITCH, RESET_TRIM_ROLL and RESET_TRIM_YAW at the same time SET_TRIM_PITCH : 1. level out plane 2. press and hold button 3. release pressure on the stick 4. release button. The plane is now trimmed out SET_TRIM_ROLL: Like SET_TRIM_PITCH but with roll SET_TRIM_YAW: Like SET_TRIM_PITCH bit with yaw SET_TRIM: like pressing SET_TRIM_PITCH, SET_TRIM_ROLL and SET_TRIM_YAW at the same time Source Download license: GPL v3
  17. Changelog : Intorduction: Ok, so we went on alot of rocket adventures (hence the name Kerbal Space Program ) but what if we want to build this magical thing below? Yeah thats right. This is a tutorial on how to build a PLANE! CoM/CoL/CoT: So, what is the most important thing you need to do for a plane to fly? Well do you know the Center of Mass (or CoM)? Mass is Weight. But we also need to focus on two other forces: The Center of Lift (CoL) And the Center of Thrust (CoT) On the bottom left corner in the editor there are buttons to check all these forces, as the following screenshot shows: The CoM should be infront of the CoL to prevent flipping, the CoT should be alinged with the CoM to prevent unstable flight. If the CoM was behind the CoL, then the plane would want to pitch upwards, as if you put a string behind a model plane's CoM. Here is a screenshot on what your CoM, CoL and CoT should look like: Stalling: So you probaly were flying and then you thought "What happens if I kill speed to about 20 m/s?" Here is your unfouranate answer: you will stall. Stalling is when your wings are at a critical AoA. Your wings no longer produce lift and the air flow turns into eddies. So what do you do if you ever get at your stall speed? There is one answer that is easy to remember: Push the nose of your plane down. Then, when you get to normal speed pull up. Yes. It's that easy but even in the real world this is how you do it. Landing Gear: If you want your plane to take off, you need landing gear. Tricycle landing gears are the basic landing gears for all KSP begginers. Tricycle landing gears are basicly like this: One landing gear under the nose and one landing gear on each wing (Note: To put landing gear on wings, turn off angle snap. It's below the buttons for the CoM/CoL/CoT). But what if our landing gear was like this? Well, it will veer off the runway and go BLAM BOOM BANG! So if you want to take off your landing gear has to be like this
  18. Hi everybody. Ever Since version 1.1 I'm having trouble flying my spaceplanes. I really have to pitch slowly in order avoid flipping the entire vessel .i've tried lowering and increasing the authority limiter but that didn't help. The only workaround seems to be to use more SAS units, which doesn't feel right ... is there something I'm missing?i hope ypu guys can help. Here's an example of a typical plane:
  19. These are the stock versions of the craft used in my short film Cold War Blackbird, during the film they were painted, had decals applied and some had BD Armory systems. Otherwise the craft were stock. Cold War Blackbird is a short film set in 1972 in an alternate Kerbal universe over the country of Kerbitnam. All the craft were from that time period in our universe but as far as I know no MiG 25's ever flew in Vietnam. However all the other craft were in Vietnam during that period. Where possible the planes have performance similar to their real counterparts. There are also ground vehicles and other accessories all stock. It was filmed in 1.05 and no effort has been made to update these craft to 1.1 yet. I would share the film versions but the changes would be difficult to replicate. You can see the film here -> Download Renders: @Starwhip did a nice render for me, thank you. Craft: SR-71 Blackbird McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom II Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 25 Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Republic F105 Thundercheif (not used in film) M49AC2 Refuelling Truck Willy's Jeep (already released via KerbalX) Airstairs Imgur Albums SR-71 Blackbird McDonnell Douglas F4 Phantom II Mikoyan Gurevich MiG 25 Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Republic F105 Thundercheif M49AC2 Refuelling Truck Airstairs
  20. Here I will be posting my designs. Some of them are ordinary while others are out of this world. STOCK Planes: Quadane I A four winged twin hull passenger jet capable of carrying 200 kerbals. That's right, 200! Including pilots! It's a little sluggish when it comes to controls, and it requires you to run off the runway to take off, but it DOES fly. Make sure to stock your snacks off, otherwise you won't be able to keep the Kerbals happy through out the journey. It comes with over 8000 Kiters of fuel! Permission is given to make modifications to the aircraft, but not to post a download of the modified design please! Pictures are also welcome of your flight, or modifications! Download (Dropbox) Heliplane I Okay, this one is... very odd. I made this plane based off this picture. I believe it is supposed to be a hybrid helicopter/plane, sort of like an osprey. I believe it achieves this by locking the rotor blades in place during plane flight, and they release during heli flight. Anyway, I had fun making it. Here are some pics: Hotkeys: 1) Activate main engines 2) Activate afterburner - main engines 3) Activate VTOL engine 4) Activate afterburner - VTOL engine Note: The VTOL engine does not lift the craft. Note 2: On take off, turn on all engines, then turn on afterburners before releasing brakes. Note 3: Tap WASD, do NOT hold them, to turn Note 4: Hold down S then immediately W to pull a Top Gun Note 5: Hold S to SALTIL Note 6: For how ungodly unstable this plane is, it actually recovers just as fast, which surprised me. Have fun trying to control this bucking bronco! Note 7: The VTOL engine in AFB mode will help a LITTLE while turning, but not a lot. Note 8: Good luck trying to land safely. Here are some pics: Download (Dropbox) P.S. I would LOVE it if someone could make a video about this plane! ACE COMBAT 'S ADFX-01 MORGAN This build was inspired by the plane of the same name from the Ace Combat series. Here are two pics of the aircraft: The iconic feature of the Morgan and it's big brother, the Falken, are that they both come equipped with super huge engines, and have unique weapons. In game the Morgan comes with a laser system, a giant missile which has enough explosive power to cover an area roughly the width of a 747, airbus a380, or worse the an-225, and ECM pods. This plane is my favorite of the series, the 2nd being the CFA-44 because of a special weapon which launches around 30 missiles at once which can hit a target with the up most precision. This plane does lag my laptop when all weapons are on board. If you don't want the weapons, feel free to remove them. Part count is 175(Roughly) Pics in game: Download Stock Soyuz I made a stock rendition of the Soyuz. Flies great, stable, gets up to orbit fine, though I use Gravity Turn to get my rockets into space a lot, so Idk how it handles without it. Comes with vernier engines and landing SRBs, though they don't do anything really. Pics: Download: XP-104-C Space Arrow (For 1.1) Direwolf Industries has been working on this Space Shuttle for a good while, but due to wheels being breakable at low speeds prior to 1.1, we have withheld this design from the public, only allow a select few to fly this unique shuttle. But thanks to them, their advice, and 1.1's new wheels, we are finally proud to release it to the public. Meet the XP-104-C Space Arrow! This shuttle can get a fully fueled 2.5 half tank into LKO, with only drops of fuel left(Does not use any fuel from the dummy payload tank). The ascent requires a very precise plan as not to waste any fuel. Production process: XP-104 was the initial design, looking like a elongated space shuttle with butterfly tail. Cons: Couldn't raise nose to land safely. XP-104-B added canards as well as jet engines for powered gliding capability. Yes, powered gliding, they do not allow full flight. Cons: Could raise nose, but would break apart on landing, even at low speeds XP-104-C Elongated the front of the delta wing where it meets the shuttle. Changed design of canard and moved canards closer to the nose. The tips of the delta wings where extended. Drogue chutes added to help with braking. Bigger nose gear. Cons: Extra weight limits payload capability. Pictues: Disclaimer: May bounce above 10 m/s and at higher vertical speeds front wheel may brake/explode while landing. Direwolf Industries is not responsible for wheel breakage or LOCV. Any damage, LOCV, or scratching of paint is the sole responsibility of the flyer/pilot. By flying the XP-104-C Space Arrow you (The pilot/player/flyer) agree to waver DIrewolf Industries and GoldForest of any and all responsibility of this aircraft/spaceplane after it leaves the factory floor(Dropbox). Download: Action Groups: Brakes: Brakes, drogue chutes, tail airbrake 1: Reverse Engines
  21. Today i landed my Stock Space Shuttle on the abandoned island airstrip and everything went good. I wanted to recover the whole shuttle and its crew with a big cargo plane and not just clicking (Recover). My Cargo Plane arrived and somehow the wings ripped off on landing so now i had 7 Kerbals stuck on the Island. I thought to myself "challenge accepted" and i built a VTOL to recover those poor Kerbals. The VTOL was a great plane built with MK2 Parts. I succesfully landed the VTOL at the abandoned island and got all my Kerbals into it. And on Takeoff the engines went crazy and a wing ripped of because i hit the Tower. But atleast all of my kerbals (which were 9 now) survived the VTOL crash. And i had to send another Plane to recover them. But as you might have guessed that plane didnt make it either because on landing the front wheel ripped of and the whole plane crashed into the ground killing 2 more kerbals. So i had 2 dead kerbals and 9 living kerbals still stuck on the island. I sent a ship made with stock parts over to the island and finally i rescued all of my kerbals. But i wanted to clear of all the downed planes so i sent a Helicopter crew which had explosives (KIS) to blow up all the debris. So i blew everything up but as soon as i wanted to take off the Space Kraken ate my whole savegame. I will never land on that island ever again. Cheers guys
  22. PLANE CONTEST Hello, I'm making a little contest with the FASTEST , COOLEST , BIGGEST , STRANGEST planes you have ever build. RULES: 1. Every participant can have no more than five planes, so choose your best ones! 2. After submitting your planes I will choose between 0-100 points. You can vote for every plane but not yours. 3. Post a screenshot of the plane with it's name, highest speed on the navball and different abilities. (screenshot: F2) If there's anything you want to ask you should ask me in the comments section! Wish you luck!
  23. I have an average skill on general ksp matters, and an improved, after so much failures, skill in flying, stalling and landing. Also, a decent knowledge of CoM, CoL, etc. Besides all that, I can't build a heavy space plane that gets into orbit with two extra fuel tanks, use them, dump them, refuel a space station and come back to Kerbin, Space-Shuttle-style. This is the only way in career to refuel a space station with minimal cost, I think (apart from the SSTOs, but don't get me started on building heavy SSTO) And when I say heavy, I don't mean the mass in tons, but I'm referring to the 3.75m diameter, the largest fuselages there are for space planes. I've been trying for a quite long time now, and making them survive both basic orbital manuevers and a landing is simply impossible. Yes, the CoL is behind the CoM, yes, I saw where the CoM and CoL are after the fuel gets reduced to the amount it has on reentry. I did the painful calibrations just right, tested the plane, most of the times it's fine. Yet still, after orbit, the thing seems to break upon the slightest bump on the ground or spin around (I have tested the very same plane, with depleted fuel, at Kerbin and works fine). I have tried different control surfaces, larger, smaller. I have landed a spaceplane on Eve, I have managed numerous missions with ordinal "flat" space planes, but heavy space planes just don't work for some reason. I just think the game doesn't like heavy space planes. Has any of you tried persistently and failed to build a heavy orbiter? Is anyone avoiding the heavy, 3.75m diameter design because of its impossibility to cooperate, or am I doing something incredibly wrong? If you have any working designs or images of a 3.75 orbiter or, better, SSTO, please help me, this matter is anything I am trying to do with ksp these days.
  24. After almost 1200h on the game and a lot of planes, I thought I should maybe do some sort of random stuff repository here And I have the same sort of topic on an other KSP forum, and I want some more feedback and maybe some advice for improvements ? So, here comes nothing: Hello and welcome to this hangar ! Here I will post some of the nice and/or stupid tings I build. It will be mostly planes, plane-ish crafts, weird things, and planes. I'm not super good at building rockets (the furthest I went is Dres I think), and even worse at SSTO's, so I don't have a lot of interesting crafts of these types. For the moment I will sort from the oldest to most recent craft, and maaayyyybe, if asked, put downloads. Though I don't know why would someone want to download these Anyways, to the actual stuff, that's why you're here right ? First, the X-2 (oh yeah, I'm bad at names): my first really good plane, this guy was the fastest plane I built at this time, topping at 1820 m/s (it was in 0.24 I think) Then, a lot of unsuccessful attemps at flying things. Then I reached 500h, and I made this Mirage 2000 replica. It was my first replica that actually looked good. (0.25 if I remember well) Then I did more things: The Konstellation, a VTOL SSTMun using LLL, heavily inspired by Star Citizen's Constellation This spaceship that if you know where it comes from, then you're awesome: Then, 0.90 came out. And I decided to start a new line of planes. The ABX series. Combining uncommon designs with good maneuvrability, multipurpose and easy to use. The first one is the AB-02 (yeah I know it's not ABX, and it's the first one so why is it 02, the thing is that at this time I didn't know I'd make more) Then there's this replica I did of the GAF-1 Varcolac from Ace Combat Join Assault: And then there's this: my first Big plane, the Pegasus IV was a long-range cargo plane that was actually a bomber (but don't tell the KSC on the other side off Kerbin, they might get angry) Theeen 1.0 came out. And with it, Mk3 parts. So I did a replica-ish of the VC-10, an old-ish Brittish liner: Next is the ABX-03. One day, I asked myself, "what if I put 2 cockpits side-by-side instead of one behind the other ?" ...and I did this: This thing was so maneuvrable, I didn't even understood why. It could dodge missiles just by doing tight loops, take off at only 40 m/s, do all kinds of stunts... then the atmosphere got changed again, and it was just a maneuvrable plane. Huh. Anyways, next is the Pegasus V: a medium ranged heavy cargo plane, reboot of the Pegasus IV, but using Mk3 parts: Then, some less interesting stuff, including a 'meh' Harrier replica, and an over-made STS with Orion. Until this: This is M-21, an SR-71 Blackbird modified to carry D-21, a recon drone capable of flying at Mach 3.3, 27km above the ground. Then I tried to make the F-15 ACTIVE, an F-15 modified by the NASA for studies on super-maneuvrability: Next is the Pegasus X: a long range scientific research and exploration plane. Can go everywhere on Kerbin. And come back. Then, I, uh, did some sort of... experimentation with fairings as fuselages... And I did a small P-38 Lightning: After all this repurposed bovine waste, I continued the ABX series, with the ABX-04: Change plane type by changing engines ! Put the basic jets, you have a nice aerobatics training plane. Put the Panthers (depicted as BahamutoD's Vectors, it was pre-1.0.5), and you have a fast and freakingly maneuvrabe plane. Put the Turbo Jets, and you have a racer that can handle some of the hardest turns you can give him (but with low autonomy). Anyways, it's awesome to play around with. Also, this... (At this moment, I realize I may have posted a bit too much stuff) Now, the fast. The lightweight. The boring-looking. The maneuvrable. ABX-05. Going from 0 to 100m/s in only a few seconds, and taking off in... a second and a half (the half is to avoid hitting the engines), it still needs some work, especially with weight placement. Another replica, the infamous, short-winged, widow-maker: the F-104 Starfighter Another, other replica, that I think could use some improvements: the F-16C Fighting Falcon And then, BDArmory 0.10 came out. With missile turrets. So I tried to make a thing that kinda looks like the Spiridus, a giant airborne fortress from Ace Combat Joint Assault (I liked this game): Equipped with 24 engines, 14 AA guns, 4 8-missiles turrets, 4 rocket turrets, 2 ground-strike lasers, a Howitzer cannon and an AA cannon, this big guy isn't kidding. But it is lagging. And, the last but not least, the XF-358. Experimental multipurpose plane, it can be equipped for all kinds of missions, and is maybe my favourite design. And it has an awesome cockpit, really nice work on that IVA Bahamuto. Aaaand that's about it for now. I, uh, didn't think I had that much stuff to show, but, uh, yeah Anyways, please leave some feedback, and maybe some advice for improvements ? Thanks alot