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Found 54 results

  1. There are many good tutorials on how to build a plane. This tutorial is about piloting the plane. I shall use my LKA-1A for demonstration. I recommend the reader to download the plane for practice. It helps to have a plane that is easy to handle at low speed. I am not going into details about how is plane is constructed but note that its COL is just behind the COM and has wing incident. Get Jeb (or other pilot) into the plane and launch. 0.1 Before taking off, get off and plant a flag just off the west end of the runway. Then get back to the plane, or just recover the pilot and plane and launch again. Taking off 1.1 Turn on SAS (T). Deploy flaps AG2 1.2 Turn to full throttle and stage (space) to start engine. 1.3 When speed reaches 40m/s, pull up lightly (S). 1.4 Retract flaps after the main gear leave the ground. Maneuvering 2.1 Climbing and descending is easy, just press S or W to pitch up/down. 2.2 To make a large turn left, first roll anti-clockwise (Q), then pitch up (S). When the plane is heading the desired direction, level the plane. Vice versa for right turns. 2.3 To make a small turn left, roll a few degrees anti-clockwise (Q), then yaw left (A). Level the plane when done. 2.4 For practice, climb to 7000m, fly to the mountain range west of KSC, do a crew report and then fly back to KSC. Landing We will land right back to the KSC runway, from the west. This the hardest part of the tutorial. It is know the runway runs from west to east, and is 70m above sea level. Imagine the runway extends east and west, and you should be flying along the runway. 3.1 Begin the approach from about 30km away. Descend to 1000m ASL, and throttle way down to slow down to 55-70m/s. 3.2 Set the flag you planted as target. Note the navball. In this case the target is at your north-east, at about 070. So fly north-east at greater derivation (say 045). 3.3 Now the target marker is at 090. We are roughly aligned. However note the runway is still centered within the triangle bracket marking the flag. Do some fine tuning with the method described in 2.3. 3.4 Looking ahead, the front gear, the runway, and the flag is aligned. The heading is 090. We are running true. Lower flaps (AG2). 3.5 Aim at flying 300m ASL, descending at 5-10m/s while entering the KSC airspace. The final approach begins. For this plane the recommended landing speed is 45-55m/s. 3.6 We are over the runway. Check that the course is still 090. 1-2 degrees off is OK. 3.7 The landing gear is a bit weak. Pull up a little to slow the rate of descend while a few meters above the runway. Aim at <3m/s vertical speed when touching down. 3.8 Hit brake when the main gear touches the ground. When the plane fully stops, mission accomplished. Otherwise just turn around and try again. If everything fails there is still the parachute, so our little green pilot will live and fly another day.
  2. This is poll where i'm wondering if you prefer building rockets, planes, or something else like SSTOs more in Kerbal Space Program.
  3. I Cant Land Planes. I Cant Land A Training Plane. It Might Take The Death Of 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999+1 Kerbals In The Attempt Of Landing 1 Plane. A Training Plane. I Can Never Land A Plane. Anyways. Can You Land A Plane? And Can You Give Me Tips?
  4. This little plugin lets you map the airplane trim controls to joystick and keyboard keys. (because alt+WASD is meh!) Nothing more, nothing less. here is a screenshot: TRIM_PITCH_UP / TRIM_PITCH_DOWN: press to trim the plane up or down TRIM_ROLL_LEFT / TRIM_ROLL_RIGHT: press for roll trimming TRIM_YAW_LEFT / TRIM_YAW_RIGHT: press for yaw trimming RESET_TRIM_PITCH reset pitch trim to zero RESET_TRIM_ROLL reset roll trim to zero RESET_TRIM_YAW reset yaw trim to zero RESET_TRIM like pressing RESET_TRIM_PITCH, RESET_TRIM_ROLL and RESET_TRIM_YAW at the same time SET_TRIM_PITCH : 1. level out plane 2. press and hold button 3. release pressure on the stick 4. release button. The plane is now trimmed out SET_TRIM_ROLL: Like SET_TRIM_PITCH but with roll SET_TRIM_YAW: Like SET_TRIM_PITCH bit with yaw SET_TRIM: like pressing SET_TRIM_PITCH, SET_TRIM_ROLL and SET_TRIM_YAW at the same time Source Download license: GPL v3
  5. Welcome to the first annual KSC Car and Air show. This is a special contest for builders of cars, trucks, planes, and other wacky stuff. It is a community driven air show where KSP players can upload their craft here to be a part of this event. After all the slots are full, I will set up all the stuff in a save file, and then I will announce the winners of each category. I will also share the save file with everyone else, so they can find all the craft in one place. Have fun! Uploading guidlines: PLEASE INCLUDE A CRAFT FILE!! Also, please include screenshots, a good description, and the category of entry. (Cars/trucks/small aircraft/large aircraft/crazy wacky stuff) No more than 1 entry per category per user. STOCK ONLY! (Ven's stock revamp and BDarmory are allowed, as well as Airplane plus, KAX, Tweakscale, SXT.) DEADLINE: THERE IS NO DEADLINE! HA HA HAHA!! Open slots: Light Aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Heavy aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Cars: 3 slots open. Trucks: 4 slots open. Wacky stuff: 5 slots open. Sponsors: Thanks to our sponsors, Forests Inc., And Bullseye LLC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO SQUAD for the images. Current entries: "Heavy Aircraft:" Haruspex. (Condor) Thor_Wotansen. (Borr) drtricky. (ABH-17 Rapture) ShadowWolf56. (Boeing 737) Skylon. (SB-1 Dragonfly) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Airbus A380) DarkLion. (Batwing-SSTO) Draconiator. (KTR-10NP) DunDun92. (KC-1 Transport) ImmaStegosaurus. (AN-12E) "Light Aircraft:" Triop. (F-20 TigerShark) NotAnAimbot. (F-2F) LazySoUseHyperedit. (Cessna) TheEpicSquared. (AF-1) GDJ (Kraken-MK1-Disarmed) DunDun92. (F-10 Striker) Mumbro Kerman. (F-16C-50 Fighting Falcon) Draconiator. (Kerbtrolite-K-1) PaperAviator. (MIG-21) Draconiator. (IHNCWTNT) (I have no clue what to name this) "Cars:" Azimech. (Charger RT-31) tgaerospace. (TSG Zelion) qzgy. (BAC-Mono type 5) 53Miner53. (Formula-Solar-Stock) GDJ. (Avro-G-Prix Special) Dark Lion. (Kustom-Krazer) doggonemess. "Trucks/tanks/trains:" KenjiKrafts. (10-15-Hllensturm-HDMT---32) Qzgy. (Mallard V3) NotAnAimbot. (Wolverine-2A1) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Oskar-Mayer-Wiener-Mobile) 53Miner53. (Deora-II) Ozelui. (Cargo-mate tractor) (Exo-Trailer) "Wacky stuff:" PaperAviator. (Canada Goose) EpicSpaceTroll139. (E-50A - Triton) DarkLion. (Bo) HB Stratos (BAC-Concorde) Andetech. (ADX-FJC Flying Car)
  6. Warning : mild anomaly spoilers I've always used FAR for the challenge and sake of realism, but never really flown a plane because of the difficulty of such a thing and because I focus my KSP games on career, which have you very rapidly leave Kerbin's atmosphere for farther and oddly shaped horizons. Sure did I attempt a few test flights to get my hands on it knowing I would want to fly spaceplanes at some point, but even with a handful of tutorials for designing and flying planes (and understanding the UI) and a good amount of practice, I never managed to land anything. Problems during take off are easily solved and flying an eventually balanced plane is not too difficult with a joystick, but landing with FAR was a nightmare and all my test flights would end up in a ball of fire. So I ended up giving up and decided to postpone flight mastery to another day. I just installed the Anomaly Surveyor contract pack yesterday and one of my first missions involved going to a location close to the KSC, the abandoned airfield. Well, it has to be it, I guessed. No rocketing around that time, we'll have to fly there with a plane. Jeb swiftly hopped into my previously designed early career plane and took off (forgetting to embark Bill and Bob, but we won't need to reset experiment anyway, isn't it). I could have practiced my landing, but thought you know what, I might as well try and land there, if I get tired of failing, I'll parachute Jeb and the contract will be a success anyway. Against all odds and after a couple of tries, I actually manage to land there with only a little trip outside the runway! I taxied there, obviously Ok, great! Amazing achievement, I should call it a day and recover the plane, right? But I have quite a bit of fuel left (randomly added to balance the airplane) and I want to keep going, I can do that, it's easy now I'm not at all overconfident! So where is the next anomaly? There's one quite close on the other side of the KSC and one about 600 km south east. Let's go for the latter, I want to try out a long, high altitude flight. So I accept the contract and here we go. Do you have time to talk about scatterer? Totally anticipated it would be night time when I arrive and not at all cheating with the luminosity with Planetshine Oh, mission control must have forgotten the part where the Monolith is on top of a huge mountain peak... What do I do now? Land in the highlands and attempt to climb? That would take days. Abort and go back to KSC? I might not have enough fuel and how disappointing... No. There is only one thing to do in that situation with Jeb piloting and that crest on the right looks like a perfect, smooth and leveled runway! I do not want to miss and fall into that... Here we go, slow and steady. By that time, I learnt there actually is a trim in (stock!) KSP, it should be feasible. The secret recipe was to lower the throttle and play with it and the flaps position for speed control (I would inevitably stall at flaps 3 even at full throttle) and to set the elevators control deflect to very high (30 instead of 7 with my settings) in order to be able to touch the ground parallel to the slope with a huge pitch inclination just at the limit of stalling. Perfect landing! Nothing wrong, nothing special to see, the left wing and the tail were removed for the sake of parking stability on the slope. Aaaand we made it! A gentle touchdown under 50 m/s at a 30° pitch on a 30° slope, followed by a gentle braking with no slipping, no destroying half the plane or anything! And on the first try, not at all after a few dozen attempts! Totally unrelated pictures All and all, I learnt a lot today. I definitely will be flying more often with FAR and am considering giving GAP a try. Any other recommendation from FAR users? Yes, Jeb, you can go home, now.
  7. Yep, the challenge is simple. Recreate a footage or photo outside KSP (Other games are fine) inside KSP. Rules, for those who still don't understand what I'm trying to mean & those I can think of Include the original video / picture. No original footage, no compromise. Some of us don't know what you're trying to mean without the original footage. Declare your achievements, and your total point, together with your submission. me when lazy to actively judge stuff be like lol If it's a video, you may use the audio from the original video, as long as Picture and/or video is made in KSP. Artworks are allowed. It could be a movie / game release poster, or an official proposal drawing of something like a rocket, plane, etc. A user can post up to infinite amount of entry, as long as at least ONE user enters a submission, then the user before user B can enter another submission. No doublepost, in short. Cheats are not allowed, sorry. Only Autostrut, Unbreakable Joints & Kerbal Joint Reinforcement allowed. Decouplers, wings, structural panels, etc. are fragile, bends and bows, isn't it? Mods are allowed. Recreating a formation flight in KSP is quite hard without Burn Together, isn't it? Except if you put two crafts and moving it away using the 'Offset' tool. Moving craft using Vessel Mover or Making History is allowed, but if you moved your subject using another vehicle, grab some bonuses below. Adding filters will... uhh... check out the Bonus Points section. Bonus Points (aka Achievements), of those I can think of [20 Points] Contestant! - You've joined. I give this to kickstart your mood. [30 Points] Photoshop Skills? - Add filters to your picture. For now, I'll ban "Negative", "Colour Inversion" or any similar filter. It's an eyesore, am I right, guys? [30 Points] Exact Replication - Your craft (If involved) has (At least near-same) exact same parameters as their real-life counterparts. [35 Points] Interesting - Your footage is interesting / attractive. [40 Points] Nat Geo Wild - Recreate a documentary on animals, or recreate a shot with animals involved. Oversized animals are allowed, but all the other animals involved in the current shot must also be oversized in the same scale if even an animal went oversized. Do you got what I mean? [40 Points] Useful Information - Add a narration (Only applies for videos, picture entry with captions will not receive this award). Narration from original footage is allowed. [45 Points] MIND BLOWING!!!!11!!11111!!!ONEONE!!!1!ONE!!1! - Did I need to explain furthermore? [50 Points] DEJA VU! I'VE JUST BEEN AT THIS PLACE BEFORE, HIGHER ON THE STREETS! - Do an Initial D-style drift. Kerbinside & Kerbal Konstructs are recommended, since these mods have hill roads to drift at. [60 Points] Straight Out Of 2012! - Recreate one of the scenes from the film 2012. [60 Points] Kard Rock - Recreate a rock concert, picture or video. [65 Points] EDM Seems To Be Picked Up By Kerbals... - Recreate an EDM Concert footage, of whatever artist you prefer; Alan Walker, Martin Garrix, Marshmello, Deadmau5, etc. [70 Points, 50 Kudos Point] Teleported Into KSP - The footage subject is exactly at the same coordinate as its real-life counterpart. Good luck searching for one. [80 Points, 75 Kudos Point] Some Ole' Thing Teleported Into KSP - The footage subject is from before Internet became commercially available (Late-1980s - Early-1990s) and exactly at the same coordinate as its real-life counterpart. Good luck searching for one. Leaderboard @klond - 120 Points @Laie - 85 Points @purpleivan - 85 Points [Badges Coming Soon]
  8. Hey guys, I think the trim function when flying planes is very confusing! (I am talking about jet planes in atmosphere, < 10,000 m). (I am talking about KSP 1.6.0, I think this behavior exists until the TRIM function exists...) Let me explain the "strange" behavior in KSP: A pilot assumes that if you trim pitch elevator DOWN (with ALT + W) that the nose will go DOWN immediately a bit, and vice versa, if you trim pitch elevator UP (with ALT + S) that the nose will go UP a bit. Instead, KSP will keep pitching UP when you tip or hold ALT + W (instead of going DOWN immediately) until you reach the "upper reversal point", then it will pitch DOWN, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. After reaching the "bottom reversal point" it will keep pitching UP, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. This behaviour is absolutely unrealistic and very confusing while flying planes! This should be fixed very soon... Where can I report such a "bug"? Sorry for my English (I am German), I hope you understand what I mean... Answers are welcome, maybe you can check and confirm this behavior...
  9. After days reserching the space center history our reserchers found this forgoten spacecrafts some of them are prototipes that never flow ! Heres the hangar were the spacecraft blueprints are: In this thread i wil present you crafts i used and crafts that im currently using. Old crafts will be marked with a and newer will be with a All the crafts from in research to the ones that have blueprints I will try to upload at least one new craft every weak. all pictures were taken from game no post procesin was used only the ones from mods for more photos and other descriptions visit Kerbal X P.S. plese mind my inglish im acctually spanish so dont expect perfect englis I do try my best If you want to make a sugestion for more spacecraft`s or to update an existing spacecrafts comment below!
  10. Ok this is somthing i think is IMPORTANT for KSP, being able to trim you planes Have you ever made and airplane and started flying it around the world (or just a long distance) and had the plane slowly start pitching downwards? If u just left the controls alone you would eventually crash right. Well this is why i want AIRPLANE TRIMMING please help me notify squad and get this to be a feature ingame because its so frustrating doing long straight flights on kerbin. So please help me notify squad about this If you want more info on what trimming is just read this little bit of info its fairly simple: You can also find videos on yt on how trimming works and its uses! To squad: please add this its much needed. You could make it like and optional clickable button when u right click on a probe or a cockpit but man would this be useful. Besides real airplanes use this in pretty much every airplane today so why not add it in ksp?
  11. I've been trying to make SSTOs for quite the while, some successful, the vast majority not. What I have discovered however, is how easy it can be to make stock planes go excruciatingly fast at low altitudes. Iirc, my fastest plane @10km was a near-orbital bomber project that had been partly, maybe halfway, drained of fuel that went 2104m/s or something like that. It burned to a crisp soon after doing so (at least it was unmanned!) but it was cool to see that it would at least go over 2km/s after dropping payload. I made it to 2km/s again in another similar craft but the cargo bay housed 2 small TCS systems and I was at 15km this time. Lasted slightly longer before I pulled the airbrakes and ripped the plane back into subsonic speeds once again. Anyways, the main challenge is to make a plane with jet engines (my 2 planes used rapiers only, of which there were 10) go 2km/s, hopefully even 2.3km/s, and keep it in Kerbin's atmosphere. Sub-orbital hops don't count unless you're just burning of fuel to get TWR up. CATEGORIES: 1. Jets only, low altitude. Air breathing engines only, <15km 2. Jets only, medium altitude. Same as 1, but between 15 and 21km. 3. Jets only, high altitude. Above 21km on airbreathers only. 4. Hybrid, low alt. Jets + one aerospike (or any allowed LFO engine) at or below 15km. 5. Hybrid, medium alt. Same as 4 but between 15 and 19km. 6. Hybrid, high altitude. Jets + aerospike (or any allowed LFO engine) between 19 and 21km. 7. Hybrid, very high altitude. Above 21km. 8. Rocket only aircraft at low altitude. LFO engines only at or below 13km. 9. Rocket only, medium alt. Same as 8, but between 13 and 18km. 10. Rocket only at high altitude. Between 18km and 23km. 11. Rocket only at extreme altitude. LFO only between 23 and 27km. 12. Jet-Ion hybrid. I just want to see someone do this, surprise me! 13. Limbo. Go +2km/s as low as you can, no cheating, and keep thrust below 1000kn. RULES: 0. MINIMUM QUALIFIER SPEED IS 2000M/S SUSTAINED FOR 3 SECONDS FOR ALL CATEGORIES 1. Must be a plane, as in it uses primarily aerodynamic controls and wings. Mk 2 parts are preferred for fuselage in my experience. 2. RAPIERS, for jets only submissions, these engines are not allowed to go into closed cycle at any point. If they do, they are classed as rocket engines rather than airbreathers. This means your run will be counted as a HYBRID category run. 3. Apoapsis height when at top speed should not exceed 30km unless you are doing a power-dive, in which case I ask it be below 40km. 4. Submissions are to be classed by the altitude they are at when they reach top speed, if you reach top speed twice in the same flight, use the lower altitude. 5. Proof of completion is to be in the form of screenshots. If you are not aware, it is possible to have your navball open on the map screen by clicking the arrow at the bottom of the game window. You should also right-click your apoapsis to have it "bookmarked" while setting up your screenshots. 6. For all categories, speed is to be determined with the surface reference on navball only. 7. TCS systems are frowned upon but allowed, it would be hypocritical of me to ban them as one of my designs used them. 8. Bonus: Survival with a manned aircraft at these speeds and altitudes (MUST use stock cockpits, no chairs in service modules!) is likely to be challenging, I encourage you to try it. Detachable cabins are allowed for this subsect of the challenge, although airbrakes are more likely to help. 9. Engines should be of the Small size, or 1.25 meters like the rapiers. Vector is not allowed for this competition for the sake of pushing designs as far as possible, the vector would arguably make this challenge extremely easy at the extreme or high altitude categories. 10. The only mod allowed to be used is Kerbal Engineer Redux for gathering proof of apoapsis height and surface velocity in screenshots. All altered or modded engines or parts are disqualified as are autopilot mods. If I can do it with standard SAS, so can you. 10b. If you have a question about a modded part i.e. cabin, then ask me. Don't use insanely powerful modded engines or scramjets, that would remove the true challenge from this if you did. 11. Ablative heat shields are allowed, but only one, and it must be at the tiny, or 0.625m size, the same as the small circular air intake. It can not be jettisoned after the material is burnt off. 12. No part clipping of engines. You may put fuel tanks inside the wings and attach engines there, but this will mostly add stress to the wings. 13. Have fun, make any suggestions you feel warranted and I will think about altering the challenge. Thanks for reading this book of a challenge.
  12. Having been through some threads I've found some excellent craft from both World Wars scattered throughout. I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for these craft to be shown off properly. Absolutely any plane, vehicle or ship designed and/or built between 1914 and 1950! Here are some of mine to start off: Hawker Typhoon IB Hawker Tempest II & V Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire, way too many marks
  13. If you're flying at night (which is pretty common if you don't want to wait until the next morning to launch your mission, or your flight goes half way around the globe) here's some "safe altitude guidelines" for Kerbin: Ocean: I recommend 300. I didn't like lower because of the wave you will cause behind you, particularly at near-supersonic speeds and above (kudos to Squad for this effect). Ice shelves, Shores: 500 (Note: Kerbin's Ice Shelves are PERFECTLY flat.) Tundra, Desert, Badlands, and Grasslands: 1000 Ice Caps: 2000 Highlands: 3000 Mountains: 5000
  14. So these guys over at KASA got their space program running, exploring stuff and getting all these rad contracts. We want a piece of that. Of course, testing is right out, we dont have the latest tech, construction too, we couldn't build working sattelites if our lifes depended on them and for the survey stuff we would need equipment we dont have. But the tourism, we can do that! There was an old airport near the sea we could get for cheap. Mostly because noone goes there anymore and the last plane departure was months ago. Some of the crew could be persuaded to stay with us, luckily four pilots were among them! We also managed to "aquire" some rocket engines from KASA and the last owners of the airport left an abandoned plane in the hangar so we did the logical thing and cobbled them together to get our very own (hopefully) spaceworthy plane. Thats the Spaceplane Alpha One with Mirella, Mortimer, Telssa and Elbart. They got these spiffy new suits and will fly planes higher than they ever before have. They will touch the stars above Kerbins sky. They will also fly tourists about and make loads of cash. I mean, we have a business to run here. ---- Prerequesites List of mods (no parts or physics mods)
  15. I would really like a real Tail Fin in (basic) Aviation, that is, a triangular part with zero wing surface. Basic Tail Fins are actually designed as Canards or Wings because they have a lift surface. If you put a basic Tail Fin on your craft you'll notice the Aerodynamic Overlay Lift go left (at least it did on mine) when the part is perfectly aligned and balanced. I just want something with zero lift surface so it doesn't screw up my aerodynamics, even if I have to attach an Elevon to it as a rudder.
  16. A few things I've learned about aircraft in KSP for those research missions. I'm posting this 'cuz this is a reasonably good summary of what I've waded through to get some good info on how to do things. Construction: Simpler is better. Turn on Center of Mass and Center of Lift. In order to build a plane that doesn't spin out of control, Center of Lift must be BEHIND Center of Mass and should ideally be left/right aligned with the center of mass. Using Mirror mode when adding parts is great because whatever you do on one side goes on the other. Turn off Cockpit Torque (Reaction Wheels: Disabled) and empty your cockpit of monopropellant. It's basically useless as control surfaces adjust your heading in planes UNTIL YOU GET TO SPACE which you can't do until MUCH later. Your aircraft will be nearly useless at the beginning (Aviation, L4) EXCEPT to run around to all of the buildings and terrains nearby and do science, which should be enough to buy Aerodynamics (L5). When you get Aerodynamics (L5) and the Wheesley engine you can build a half-decent plane. Be warned: the initial fixed landing gear is both annoying in that it creates a ton of air resistance and is basically less reliable than building struts out of toothpicks. I simply toss together a Mk1 cockpit, 2 tanks of fuel (2x400=800), swept wings, the wheesley, a radial air intake, some landing gear, forward canards (tail fins mounted horizontally), a tail fin, some elevons, and one of each of the mission science toys I have (thermometer, barometer, seismometer). Warning: a Wheesley is only efficient at near-sea-level. The higher you go, the less thrust it produces. Warning 2: The When you get Landing (L5) you can replace your toothpicks with foldable Small Landing Gear which should nearly eliminate the problem of breaking landing gear when landing if you come down reasonably gently, and it folds up to reduce air resistance when flying. Set Springs and Dampening to 2 and your rear brakes to 200%. With Supersonic Flight (L6) you can make 20km with a basic plane with a Mk1 cockpit, 4 tanks of fuel (4x400=1600), those idiotic rectangular wings with 2 elevons on each, a single aft-mounted afterburner engine, and 1 or 2 top-mounted Radial Air Intakes. Despite is high fuel usage, afterburn is VERY efficient at moderate altitudes (5-15km) and high speed (700-800mps), even more so than your Wheesley, because of its supersonic thrust multiplier: it gets more powerful for less fuel the faster you go, up to about 800mps. If you want to take on those "above X" contracts and don't want to use disposable booster rockets, consider this design. Warning: it does not have jet-like maneuverability above 15km, that is, trying to turn your plane around will be next to impossible as you will end up pointed perpendiular or opposite to your direction of motion, which in a plane is NOT GOOD. With High Altitude Flight (L7) you can replace your Radial Air Intakes with Adjustable Ramp Air Intakes (Radial). With Hypersonic Flight (L8) you get a RAMJET engine and Cooling Intakes and after that at L9 you get the Rapier. Remember, more X is not always better. If you double your fuel, engines, and wings, you essentially have the same plane for twice the expense! Flying: Remember the speed at which your plane can lift off the ground, which you will need when landing. Be gentle with turning, especially when near the ground. If you can see texture when you look down, the ground is about 500m below you. Consider pulling up. Landing requires you to (1) get near the ground, (2) slow down, (3) keep your plane pointed up about +1 or +2 degrees or so while you land, and (4) brake until it stops. (1) is easy. (2) means shut down your engines to the point where you're just barely keeping it flying and then cut them totally when you're just above the surface. If necessary, you may need to pull back on the stick hard to climb, and then push forward on the stick to fall, to get rid of some of that speed. (3) means you should not let your plane speed fall below the speed necessary to keep your plane flying until you're ready to land. If you do, your plane's nose will point down and you will be unable to get it back up before you crash. (4) is the hard part, particularly in Highland and Mountain areas which can be quite varied so your plane will bounce around and/or tip over and break its wings off.
  17. Some of my plane saves for my friends or the public to try out. No mods involved, stock KSP parts.
  18. Apparently, use of electric motors allows you to design aircraft with contra-rotating propellers- as is demonstrated in these electric racing aircraft designs: I had no idea this was possible, and this massively changes the game in terms of electric vs. internal combustion aircraft. For one, with contra-rotating electric propellers it's easily possible to pack twice as much Thrust into a given airframe as with an ICE design, allowing for higher speeds (in racing designs) ot larger wings and more space/weight for batteries (in actual utilitarian planes). It's also possible to achieve a much higher ratio of propeller-area to Thrust with the same Thrust- allowing for better performance at higher altitudes (electric engines also operate better than ICE ones at higher altitudes, due to not requiring Oxygen..) I could easily imagine an Electric passenger aircraft being designed someday with 5 sets of contra-rating propellers (1 on the nose and 2 on each wing), each with 3-4 blades rotating in each direction with a rather large propeller diameter, being used to support very high-altitude flight with electric aircraft for the inherent advantages this provides (lower drag for a given speed, less turbulence, more glide time/distance in case of engine-failure). At high altitudes electric propellers eventually reach their maximum torque and rotation-speed, and start to consume less and less electrical power as the Thrust produced and air resistance to rotation starts to fall off with even greater gains in altitude. So, if you climbed high enough you could eventually reach the point where 10 contra-rotating propellers (5 sets of 2) with large diameter blades spans and 3-4 blades on each propeller only draws as much electrical power, and produces as much Thrust, as a single propeller at sea level. However at this altitude, Drag would be greatly reduced- meaning you could (and would need to in order to generate adequate Lift to maintain altitude) fly substantially faster than that amount of Thrust would allow you to fly at sea-level. Even accounting for decreasing Lift/Drag at higher speeds, you could still cover far more miles of distance per kilowatt-hour of electrical power consumed with a design optimized for high-altitude flight and cruising at high altitude... This would lead to substantially extended max range compared to electric planes with lower cruising-altitudes, and might (just barely) allow for practical electric Transatlantic flights on a large plane (larger planes encounter less parasitic drag relative to their volume, and have less mass dedicated to cockpit computers, landing gear, and pilots compared to their payload) with a substantial portion of volume (maybe 50% of the plane's internal space) dedicated to batteries, for instance... Other videos worth watching on the topics of electric aircraft and high-altitude flight: (Above: a general overview of efforts at small electric aircraft...) (Above: a video on the development of "Alice", a proposed 800 km range passenger aircraft by Eviation...) (Above: Airbus and Rolls Royce' efforts at developing Distributed Electric Propulsion for large passenger jetliners- with company estimates putting a rollout date of about 2030-2050, target of 2042)
  19. I have been wondering if it is possible to make something like this: I am aware of the Mk2 shape fuselages that provide lift, but how does the mass of those fuselages balance, with the lift? Would it be possible to make a plane with no other form of lift? (besides elevons of course)
  20. Back to KSP after a hiatus. I set myself a challenge to build the heaviest (stock) spaceplane I can manage. I'm currently up to lifting well over 70 tons to LKO in a beast with three large Mk3 cargo bays. It'll loft two of the orange fuel tanks easily with the third cargo bay carrying some extra fuel, or just about an entire space station using all three bays. It re-enters cleanly and flies well, but landings are kinda hairy because it's not altogether familiar with the concept of gliding; deadstick and dry it's more like falling really -- I drop down at a scary steep angle, flare up at just above the ground and then sort of plop there and a lot of the time some pieces fall off. My next objective is to refine the design to address that problem. My self-imposed goal is a 100 ton payload. I've gotten close -- I had one design that could loft that much, but it was a one-way trip only as the dry CoM went too far back and it re-entered in reverse. Anyone else building these things? Any tips, designs, or pointers to share?
  21. Welcome to the speed demon forum. Please submit ships and planes which you think are fast. Kind Regards, Rocketry_Science
  22. As probably none of you know, I am TheKorbinger, a huge fan of this game, as I have well over 1500+ hours in this game, tons of experience included. More recently, though. I have started building in-game replicas of planes that exist in real life. (Jets only) If you'd like to see them, view my profile and look at my posts. links for download, and pictures included. I would like to know more of what people would like to see so I can keep busy. (I need some ideas on what to build.) Thank you for giving me your time in reading this, and I hope you will give me some ideas. -TheKorbinger
  23. Whilst brainstorming and looking at some of @Z1 M4N's designs I realised that B9 Procedural wings can be used in conjunction with FAR to make realistically shaped and potentially limitless fuselage pieces for smaller planes. Not only do they look more convincing, they also act (aerodynamically speaking) like a real fuselage would. B9 PWings also allow for realistic open cockpits and the ability to completely paint the plane. So, I got to work and churned out the 'Calliope'. It was more or less inspired by late-model Spitfires, and flew far more realistically than any plane I'd built previously. The main advantage was it is significantly lighter compared to my conventionally built planes (3 or so tons fully loaded). Performance-wise everything was there, but the one thing that annoyed me was the lack of a cockpit frame to finish the look. Initially I went with PWing pieces, but it looked blocky and silly. Then I discovered the Glass Panel and Enclosures mod. That mod is just what I needed. It also makes for great cosmetic gunsights! I gave the 'Calliope Mk. I' a razor-back and added some glass. I think it works. I decided to go with an early-30s open cockpit, like on early monoplane fighters. Here's 'Jericho', a more Bf 109 inspired plane with a sliding cockpit canopy using infernal robotics. What do you guys think? How can I improve?
  24. getting no friction or grip with my wheels causing my rovers and space planes to either flip over or just slide around the place and drift... is this a bug with my modded install or 1.3.1 in general? I've put my ksp log up anyway if you need anything else just ask. KSP log:
  25. The Fly Like 1936 Challenge is a challenge that wants you to create a Douglas DC-3 and fly it to the North Pole and set up a base. Here are some basic achievements: 400 points: Bomber - Drop your base from your DC-3 in air! 200 points: Party Bus - Bring some extra kerbals (at least 20 kerbals.) 300 points: Bring Him Home - Return the DC-3 home without refueling! 100 points: Sully - Land it in the water (in one piece!)