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Found 2 results

  1. basically, im getting texture bugs- when im at the KSC, the ground around the buildings is all black, and the kerbals when on EVA have black suit textures, except the interior of the suit and their face/head. when in orbit the ground appears blue. heavily modded, but im using the 64 bit executable and i got 32 gigs of physical ram. ksp.log : most recent crash report (probably not relevant, but maybe) edit: now im having issues with KSP crashing after loading , before main menue. ill make a new thread about it but this isnt really a problem if i cant even start ksp
  2. Just upgraded to 1.3. Mods: Latest versions of: B9PartSwitch Bluedog Design Buerau Community Resource Pack DMagicScienceAnimate XenonHallThrusters Near Future Propulsion Near Future Launch Vehicles Module Manager 2.8.1 Near Future Solar DecayingRTGs NearFuture Electrical DynamicBatteryStorage Near Future Construction OrbitalLFOEngines NearFutureProps Near Future Spacecraft DMagicOrbitalScience (game gets stuck loading some "US" experiment from this mod) SCANsat RealPlume RealPlume-Stock Smokescreen Firespitter BahaSP TextureReplacer Tantares TantaresLV Hotrockets SpaceY-Lifters SpaceY-Expanded HabTech StationPartsExpansion CTN FuelTanksPlus Mechjeb2 I don't know how to get a log file, except for copy-pasting. Please help! (srsly, this issue has almost made me depressed)