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Found 2 results

  1. this is making me super mad because i did everything the mod says to do to make it work and when i went into ksp nothing changed (downloaded BDarmory) can someone help me before i explode w/ rage.
  2. The Time has come, you either hate it or like it. THE KSP CURSOR( with 1.0+)Tm I am one who likes the cursor and I would like to have it as default windows cursor. I have tried extracting it and more but it failed. the cursor either looked weird and shaped weird or it was to small or To Big (thats what she said ). Any way i'd like to find the file or source that makes the KSP cursor the KSP CURSOR Tm It might be in a shared assets file or .dll hidden somewhere. I know how to extract these files and i have the tools but I'm to lazy to look at every single file. Please Help. I gave myself a solid 3/5 because grammar and stuff(opps i gave myself 5/5)