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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I now have exactly 500 rep! This a big achievement for me (well at least the way I see it), and I've set my sights on 1000 rep in the future! @Just Jim well that lasted for a while! Now it's 501
  2. The Moho Challenge We neet to talk. About Moho, this tiny, obscure rock close to the burning ball of plasma that is Kerbol. When it comes to exploration, Moho is often dismissed as too tiny, too hard to reach and too hard to land at. But still: Moho is a planet in need of exploration! I challenge you to send a mission to Moho! Scoring You will get 30 points just for reaching the Moho SOI. So even a flyby qualifies for this challenge! However, a lot of additional points can be earned: Mission parameters: +10 points: Reach Moho SOI with a manned craft +40 points:
  3. Hey There Does anybody know something about a bug in the science rewards calculation. I'm in the beginning of the game and out of nowhere I get ten thousands of science points and so far i didnt even reach the mun. Is there a way to get my old science points back or do i have to start a new game, because it is the third time that this happens. This time I did the "Escape the atmosphere!" mission, were above 70,000 m, but the goal was unchecked and it is still, but got 10885 science points. Another time I did the "fly with a vessel" mission and got 33k.
  4. As Bill's bragging about his triathlon exploits have been getting on Jeb's nerves, so he's decide to show him a real sporting challenge. The Duna Kiathlon This will be a test of engineering, planning, piloting skill and bravado, taking the form of three timed journeys, each of which awards time based points. These timed journeys are as follows. From the surface of Kerbin to Duna orbit. Descent from orbit to Duna's surface. From your Duna landing site to the surface of Ike. All of this based on a single launch from Kerbin. Scoring This is a point
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