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Found 4 results

  1. I have created this topic so that i could share my ideas about nations being in KSP and so that i can communicate with people with similar ideas on the same principle.
  2. Welcome! This is the tale of a Mun base, an Eve mission, and the politics that link them. There are twists, deals, and weird kerbal things to come, (Old Intro paragraph): For now, I have just a little teaser/intro for you, so let's get started! * * * Chapter One: That's a No Go KSC. (This will be how I set the location for each bit of story. Maybe not all the time.) Gene Kerman stood by the window, watching as the Mission Control building dangled in mid air. Any other day, he'd down there supervising the renovations, but today he was expecting an important call. Building relocations proceeded without him. The call would be any minute now.... *brbring bbrbrring* He picked up the phone: Kerbal on phone: "May I please speak to mission planner Gene Kerman?" Gene (answering): "Hello Dad. What was the ruling? Are the United Nations of Kerbin willing to let the mission proceed?" Gene's Dad: "Unfortunately, I have bad news. Not enough of the other members were convinced sending someone to Eve was at all a good idea. I did my best. A ruling was made that no one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve. The dangers at the surface were ruled too great." Gene let out an audible sigh. Sending someone to Eve on a long term exploration mission had long been a dream of his. Yet going against a direct ruling of the UN could have some messy legal consequences... Gene's Dad: "Son, I'm going to say that once again, so listen carefully: No one shall leave Kerbin for a landing on Eve." ... "So how's that Mun Base coming along?" * * * Chapter archive thingie! (Archives are the best chives.) Chapter One: That's a No Go Part 1(You're looking at it.) Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter Two: Cloudy, with a chance of boiling to death! and Operation Craters. Part1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Chapter Three: Storm - The rise of the Mun The story so far: If you just wish to get onto the story, I'm putting less essential mission moments in spoiler tags. Please note you may miss out some details if you skip those though.
  3. BE IT PROPOSED: The first rule of KSP is that we never speak of politics. The second rule of KSP is that our moderators kill any thread that starts with any innuendo of politics or that could conceivably or forseeably devolve into politics. The third rule of KSP is that our moderators kill any response in a thread that agitates or provokes a political response, plus those responses. It has to be 100% science or it disappears. The fourth rule is that I refuse to speak specifically about politics in this thread which is a PETITION TO BAN POLITICS IN KSP. Without speculating about why, there are those externally who may view KSP as some kind of collateral target. We need to recognize that and have our moderators locked and loaded to repel invaders. If you support this proposal, please chime in and make your ideas about it well-known. Please observe Rule 1 and DO NOT EVEN START DISCUSSING POLITICS. Just express your passion. What I think we require is moderation that does not draw some line that can skilfully be navigated so as to leave its natural, healthy opposition caught offside. We will be baited and we have to respond carefully and with aforethought. If someone says something that draws your IRE, intentionally or otherwise, DO NOT RESPOND, but instantly report the post to the moderators. Shun contact. Let's shut down the distractors immediately they identify themselves. I am sorry but in the case of the KSP Forum, if we cannot have "free speech" then I am totally opposed to "free" speech of any form in this forum. I do not want to leave it to the moderators to draw some line in which an external agitateur/provacateur gets the first word and then finally, with their agency, the last word. The intention of the poster no longer matters -- if the post offends anybody for any reason, then it doesn't belong in KSP. Moderators: shut it down at the get-go. Delete all traces. The graffiti sprayed on the buildings alongside the commuter rail line at 3 am that are hastily whited over by 5:30 am soon stop.