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Found 39 results

  1. Let me know what other mods I should add! Everyone, give a vote! Sorry if I can’t add your suggestion, the forum only allows 20 choices
  2. I cannot decide if the better strategy for a career game is to design missions for single-use, or to build infrastructure & re-use as much as possible? How do you play?
  3. Should time warp be extended? really not much to say right now so just ______ OMG I'm so sorry, I made a big Boo Boo, just look at the meme
  4. Hello, this will be quick. I'm working on a youtube video and I need as many of y'all as possible to take the poll above: whether or not you think that the EM Drive runs is valid. Thanks for taking this poll, really appreciate it. I'll post a link to video once its completed. Disclaimer, it was done on a 0$ budget by three guys without a lot of spare time and so the quality is pretty bad :/. You have been warned, but we do have a debate with valid reasons and statements. Happy Explosions!
  5. Hello fellow Nauts! A few members of the Community and I are working within a SAP currently. More information will definitely be made available when possible. What can be said of it now is the following: - There are individuals who have some ideas for making content for entertainment using Kerbal. - Content can include, but is not limited to: - Comedy mini series - Streamed competitions (both regulated and anything goes) - Creation of new characters within the KSPverse. - Streamed behind the scenes of content capture/creation. - Access for Community involvement both directly and indirectly. - This new proposed idea would be comprised of a team and not just 1 content creator to do everything. - Success of this idea would allow for an ever increasing roll of the Community's involvement with content creation! I welcome any opinions to this topic. I want this to be a living/breathing discussion as those who are already involved are passionate about this! Thanks, Chad 'Vox' Dickson Vox
  6. Have been wondering lately as to when the majority of people here started playing, so I created a poll. POLL i gave you guys one chance to use the "other" option...
  7. Having played for a couple weeks with the redesigned engines in the latest update, I have to say I'm really not a fan of the new look for either one. The reskinned Terrier now looks too generic and plain; it lacks the character the old look had. The reskinned Poodle just looks bad. I really don't like the double engine bell look at all. If it was a lifting engine, it would make more sense. But the Poodle seems to be more of a landing engine than a lifter, and the double bell look is just out of place in that scenario to me. The more I've tried to use it in my designs, the less and less I like it. And yes, I did read the dev notes where they explained why they went this route with the Poodle; it doesn't change my opinion. I'm sure there are fans of the new looks and thats fine. I'm not saying anyone is right or wrong for what they like. Just expressing my opinion of why I don't like these two particular changes.
  8. i was just wondering what the community loves most. is does not matter how modded your game is as mods can make the difference between playing the one or the other.
  9. Personally, I will continue to use Kerbal Engineer as it has a HUD that allows me to see things at-a-glance rather than having to go into and out of the map screen to check my apo- and periapsis. I also perdict that in the future, it will save me from having to scroll through long staging lists to check dV.
  10. Over the years, there have been many airings of grievance regarding the science system in career mode. With this poll, I hope to collect a sample (albeit a limited one) of the community's misgivings with the way the science system functions. With this data, I and/or others may attempt to pose a satisfying solution either to be created by the modding community or posed to the development team as a stock mechanic rework. This poll was created based on my own experience with career KSP and about two hours of googling. If you think I have left out a grievance leave a comment, and I'll add it to the poll. Edit 10/25: Adding 'things are fine' and 'other' options.
  11. This is a poll for your opinion on the new DLC
  12. Should it, or should it not? It's by far one of the most viewed and popular threads on the forum (approaching 50,000 replies, and having 3.5 million views as of date), and allows people to share their work, achievements, failures, and stories. Thoughts?
  13. Do you guys think that propeller engines should be added to KSP? Propellers would serve as precursors to Jet engines in Career mode. They would have less thrust, but would drain fuel slower. They would also be cheaper than other jet engines.
  14. Poll! I am just curious to know what are your thoughts about this. If you selected (other), please elaborate below.
  15. You May Put Other Suggestions In The Comments.
  16. I'm interested to know how long people play in a KSP save game (Any mode) and why. With many reasons to move onto a new save (KSP update, Mod update, IRL stuff, slow progress, tech tree completed, etc...) I'm sure people have a their own natural rhythm regarding when they start a new save. I'm sure people who do those crazy long term missions with lots of time warp utilization are out there and was wondering where they would fall into a poll like this. I'm not really taking into account "breaks" in gameplay for this poll. Yes, you might get busy with IRL for a month / year(s), but if you continue the same save game (and do all the work involved to keep it going after KSP updates) when you return to playing, that's still what I'm interested in knowing. Also would like to hear from people in the comments section as to why you might stick around in an old save. Side note: I added a few of the people who I regularly read their mission reports just for fun. Mainly because I'm a fan and (to me) they seem to be playing forever in their single save.
  17. Notantares Space Industries - Poll Now that I'm (Mostly) done with the "Big Khleb" parts, I'm beginning to think of other things to do. First on the list? @qzgy's "Bigger Khleb" suggestion. "Wonder if you would make a "Bigger Khleb", by extending it for a crew cabin or something." Essentially, something in the same vain as the Big Gemini "Big-G." However, before I can even start modelling, I have a very important question to ask you all: Which variant of the "Bigger Khleb" do you prefer? So far, I have come up with two concepts: I am opening a poll, so you can cast your votes. If you have other ideas, like, let's say, giving Concept 1 Concept 2's Service Module, please leave a comment.
  18. We have the runway and the launchpad, but what about a third place to launch your crafts? This could sprout a whole new set of parts, crafts, and vessel types, and open even more possibilities. Maybe a dock for all your sea operations? Or the helipad on the VAB as a separate place for all your VTOL crafts? Maybe even a garage to test your rovers and cars! What do you think it should be, and do you support the idea of a third one?
  19. Not sure if this goes here, but I couldn't find anywhere else to put this. I've been looking into platforms to help expand NKS beyond just virtual aircraft. So here I've come to ask if, as quoted from our Facebook post on the subject "an NKS Patreon account to help fund materials for future projects like new craft, Kerrabellum and similar products, and Captain Elliot Legends [is] feasible" The patronage would go towards investments in hardware like stronger computers and software like Photoshop to bring projects like: •Kerrabellum, a KSP war play-by-play in similar style to Spiritwolf •Captain Elliot Legends, a science fiction book currently in development by me •Larger numbers of better content from my YouTube channel, including trailers and livestreams. Let me know what you think
  20. Incredible! We received 93 article entries and we couldn't be happier! We can't express enough gratitude to everyone who participated and sumbmitted articles. They were all fantastic, but unfortunately they were too many and we had to choose the best 30 articles based on originality, humor, epic character, quality of the article and our own criteria. But now is your turn to choose the winners! You can vote for your favorites here! These are the finalists:
  21. In my stockalike mod, Futuristic Engines, would the Antihydrogen Particle Acceleration Thrust Device be too far from stockalikeness or would it be alright?
  22. So I've been chugging along in career mode for a while and have noticed that the contracts offered by mission control are fairly cookie cutter and can even become repetitive. I believe there is a lot of space for improvement to the vanilla options, and have thought of overhauling some of the worst offenders and creating several new types of contracts in the hope of refreshing the game. As my first post on the KSP Forums, I'd like to field my ideas to the community for peer review and see if this is something I should pursue or possibly start campaigning for others to pursue. Without much further ado, these are my current plans for the proposed add-on (copied and expounded on from the napkin it was originally written on) CONTRACTS PLUS Increase the # of contracts a player can choose from in Mission Control. I'm thinking by 1-3, just to add more options. Routine Parts Maintenance. In real life, the stuff we put in space needs maintenance if we expect it to stay there for extended lengths of time. Random part failure being a little extreme for me, I thought of just making the upkeep contractual. The various corporations will pay you to go and perform maintenance, and refusing the contract won't cause things to break because it's assumed they would simply give the contract to someone else. Completing the contract would be done in a similar way to the parts testing missions done in the early game, with an additional button popping up in the parts UI letting you "perform maintenance" provided you're currently on an EVA. There is also room for variety and varying levels of difficulty. The contract could merely ask a conveniently on-site Kerbal to do an EVA. You might need to rendezvous with an unmanned probe to do the EVA, and that probe could be in space or landed. It could even lead to a hunt around the craft to figure out which part needs the maintenance in true Kerbal fashion (the programming precedent is set by some EVA crew report missions asking you to find the source of "observational inconsistencies"). Finally, and more experimentally, I was thinking of adding a "done by a professional" requirement to the hardest missions, forcing you to use a specific kerbal profession (pilot, scientist, or engineer) to do the parts maintenance and fully complete the contract (maybe even a specifically leveled kerbal!). Crew Rotation. Kerbals have families too! These contracts would essentially ask you to bring up a replacement kerbal to take over for more homesick kerbals, and then bring that poor astronaut back to Kerbin safely. It may also include contracts to fully staff those spacecraft with 21 seats but only 1 kerbal. #SaveMe #ForeverAlone Tourism/VIP missions. After completing several of these back to back in order to gain #AllTheFunds, I realized that they could use some more variety in terms of destinations. All the tourists these days want to see are the natural features of the Kerbol system, when there are probably a bunch of cool looking stations and bases which we want to show off. Overhauling the tourism contracts to include tours of the stuff we've built, possibly requiring extended stays (precedent possibly set in the Asteroid Day developer mods included mission) could be really cool. Also the contract text could use a little more variety. Refueling missions. These could pop up for any craft with a less than half full fuel tank and a docking port. Flag missions. The current flag missions, while great money makers, are bland. Plant flag on named planet. That simplicity is nice, but doesn't need to be the only choice. We could have contracts telling us to plant flags in certain places on a planet! see what I did there? the places could be determined by biome, or the more randomly specific "Plant flag on the surface near Gamma Site". Corporations could also have you place multiple flags at sites alpha-gamma for them in order to mark out land use borders, before telling you to get off their lawn (Mission Control assures you that their claims are rediculous) EVA missions. So, EVA missions are cool and fun to do. But in space, I rarely if ever have to do them. I'm discounting the ones where I duck out of the hatch, take a quick report, and head back inside. While those have their uses, we could also use a little gentle prodding to let go of our handrails and really space walk. Conceptually, I'd like to lift the mechanical systems used for missions requiring multiple surface samples, and apply them to the 2.5km physics bubble around a spacecraft, to result in "sectors" spawning around the spacecraft and even moving with it. Contracts would be of 2 varieties that I've thought of. Someone dropped their multimillion dollar Hydrospanner out the airlock and it's floated out to beta sector, go search for it (EVA report) or, Mission Control wants you to perform a photo op with (insert spacecraft here), head out to sectors alpha-gamma and take pictures of the old girl (Also EVA report). That last one though... I get a small chill thinking about doing it. BUT THAT'S ALL THE MORE REASON! Rescue missions. Rescue missions are fairly tame, but come with some sweet rewards (New astronauts, hurray!) The ones we currently have are fine, but we can do better and with more variety. I'd like to add harder rescue missions with eccentric and highly elliptical orbits, with multiple kerbals in need of rescue. I'd also like to address the glaring hole in rescue missions... There's never anyone to rescue on Kerbin itself. Wait a minute, I hear your protests. But why would they need rescue and, wouldn't the recover vehicle system break the mission? Not if we're smart. A rescue mission on Kerbin doesn't have to be called a "rescue mission" instead we can call it "Extract Corporate Defector" or something similar, and stipulate in the contract that once you pick up the Kerbal in question, you must land again on the KSP runway to complete the mission. Completing the contract could remove some reputation, but what else are we doing with reputation in career mode? Done and Done. Debris Recovery/Destruction. Bring the space junk back intact for profit! But the game always makes space junk for me when I'm making plenty of the floating space debris myself. I'd like the system to also include as candidates for recovery the stuff I leave behind. I'd also love to see a contract to de-orbit an aging space station. Purely for academic reasons. Discovery missions. I am lame. I admit it. I'd love it if a contract sent me to the Munar canyon, or to check out the ancient Kerbin ruins in that desert, or to find the Magic Boulder. Complete with hand holding and "easter eggs this way" arrows. I don't want to miss seeing that stuff. So I'd make a set of contracts which did that without being too meta about it, but add an option to toggle them off in the settings, cause I can totally understand it if that ruins the fun of finding them for others. Orbital Adjustment Missions. Sometimes, close is not good enough. The orbit must be perfectly circular and directly over the equator. I pledge to build in mechanics which can detect when you are too lazy to properly circularize, and then generate a contract to pay you to FIX IT! Why? I dunno, just because if I know I can occasionally get triggered by it, Some Kerbal somewhere must also get triggered by it, and I want to read that mission briefing. Come on, it's a totally kerbal mindset! Underwater Missions. It exists therefore, there must be missions to it. I'll make several contracts involving the oceans of Laythe or Eve, and include Kerbin ostensibly as practice for the first two. Did you know Kerbals get sea sick? That's everything I've got so far. I'd like input on anything and everything. Also, I'd like advice on how I can take my first dip into building this mod for KSP, since these are all just ideas on paper right now, and I've never touched the UNITY engine or done major programming before. Thanks for your time and I'll leave you with an image of my Minmus base currently under construction in Kerbin orbit. Toodles!