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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the development thread for the Integrated Program Plan Mod. With so many good historical mod packs now available, I thought I would start work on one of the Post-Apollo plans: To start I will be working on the Space Tug, and then hopefully progress onto the Reusable Nuclear Shuttle, Space bases, etc. Everything at the moment is very early WIP. I'm looking into creating IVA's for the crew modules, but I can't promise it. DOWNLOAD > < Current Known Issues: - RCS works while stowed (coding issue) - Tanks are not balanced yet (needs testers) - Lack of parts (and sense) Compatibility: - Bluedog Design Bureau - USI Life Support - Connected Living Space - Snacks! Changelog: Current Plans: - Space Tug - Reusable Nuclear Shuttle - Space Base - Lunar Base - Orion License: OrbitalPhoenixIndustries is License CC-BY-4.0