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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the development thread for the Integrated Phoenix Industries Mod This mod is about representing the spacecraft of the post-Apollo plan: Integrated Program Plan. Information about this can be found here: MORE IMAGES: DOWNLOAD: DONATION: Like my mods! Want to directly support development? Consider donating via Patron or Paypal! With Patreon you also get many other benefits like early access to my work and tutorials on modding and game design. ISSUES: RCS works while stowed (coding issue) Tanks are not balanced yet (needs testers) Lack of parts (and sense) Intelligence Module breaks randomly in 1.6.0 for no reason COMPATIBILITY: Bluedog Design Bureau USI Life Support Connected Living Space Snacks! CHANGELOG: TWEAKSCALE CONFIG: CURRENT PLAN: INTEGRATED PROGRAM PLAN PHASE 1 Space Tug Vehicle Reusable Nuclear Shuttle (NERVA) Space Base Lunar Base INTEGRATED PROGRAM PLAN PHASE 2 Orion Nuclear Pulse Discovery Solar Power Station LICENSE: IntegratePhoenixIndustries is License CC-BY-4.0