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Found 2 results

  1. First, I think we can all establish that the majority of Kerbal fans dislike Take Two's acquirement of Kerbal Space Program. It happened right around the GTA V modding fiasco, so there was a lot of paranoia in the first few days about what would happen to mods. In addition, Take Two has a less than stellar track record of their financial systems, namely the ability to buy in-game skills or equipment with real world money. Finally, they have not come to the forums to talk with us at all. So there's been a lot of fear and crazy threads running around. I think it would be very beneficial for Take Two to introduce themselves to our community and answer some of our questions that we have posed, namely the modding and pay-to-win fears that have been flying around. At the very least, it would affirm our fears but keep us certain and no longer in that terrible area known as uncertainty; at the best it could be used as a discussion on what Take Two and the KSP community can do to line up their goals to achieve the best of both worlds. I will say that Take Two has nothing to lose and everything to gain by talking with us. With this, I extend an open hand and ask Take Two to start discussing what their vision of the game is on these forums. This is a community that has existed for a very long time; it will continue to exist and will be the best place to gather data on what we expect and want from Take Two. I hope that somewhere, a Take Two employee is reading this and wants to get started on joint collaboration. We can make this next phase of KSP a monumental one, but only if we have understanding, trust, and communication on both sides.
  2. Is there a Devnote Tuesday this week @SQUAD, @Badie? We understand they might be delayed or not posted this week if the devs are taking a break after the 1.2 release. However, please let us know on the forums or by a tweet or something. One sentence would do... you know, communication and all.