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Found 5 results

  1. I'm trying to create a custom propellant for engine modules on parts such as photon sails. I called the resource 'Photons', and created a Resource Definition for it. For some reason when I make an engine consume this custom resource, the engine breaks completely (the right-click menu stops working and the log file shows errors to do with it not finding a propellant resource definition). Here is the resource definition: RESOURCE_DEFINITION { name = Photons displayName = Photons abbreviation = γ density = 0.001 unitCost = 0.001 flowMode = STACK_PRIORITY_SEARCH transfer = PUMP is
  2. Hey! Beginner question here, I recently made my first custom part for ksp, an engine. While making the .cfg I noticed a field called "ratio" in the propellant section. Only answer I've found on google is from the documentation wiki which says it notes how much of a resource is used in 1s. Although, all engine .cfgs I've seen use 0.9 for the fuel and 1.1 for the oxidizer. So, what does that line do and how is it correlated to the overall workings of the part?
  3. Hello. Please look at my first part-addon. Work in progress. This part is for refueling your jetpack in EVA. The propellant is taken from the ship's supplies. Download beta version: https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/releases License: MIT https://github.com/HuXTUS/KSP-SuitRefuelPlugin/blob/master/LICENSE I'm really bad at drawing, and Blender and Unity I downloaded a week ago. If someone wants to participate and make a model of this "closet" for me, I will be happy.
  4. Prompted by a lengthy discussion over on @KerikBalm's "near-future scifi" thread, I created a rather beefy Excel table to model the performance and fuel fraction of a nuclear-thermal turbocharged ramrocket engine, to get an idea of what might be possible for SSTO applications. The spreadsheet worked so well that I expanded it out to provide fuel fractions for a wide range of engine types using various propellant combinations If you want to build an SSTO, you've gotta be able to fit into these fuel fractions. No getting around it. These are, within error, the absolute minimum fuel fraction
  5. I know the exact composition of Eve's atmosphere or its oceans is a mystery, but I like to think of it as some sort of organic chemistry, something that would burn If added Oxidizer. How about jet engines would work there, but in reverse: Burning oxidizer in a fuel-rich environment instead of fuel in an oxidizer-rich environment. I now this would change gameplay drastically. I'm curious about your opinions.
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