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Found 2 results

  1. Last night, I was watching a DCS tutorial (mind you I don't have it, but I like it). Then it came to me "why not turn KSP into a DCS type simulator" After all, KSP has the BDA addon, tutorials, scenarios/missions, and, best of all, you can build your own custom airplane. So here is my proposal : A pack that you place in a clean KSP install with select addons (RBDA, FAR, APP, etc.), tutorials, manuals, scenarios, and built-in crafts made by me, and anyone else who would want to help, for those who dont want to bother with building their own airplanes. The manuals would be either in KSPedia or .pdf format. Another thing to do would be to add the BDA displays to IVA cockpit screens. I would also modify parts into new parts (e.g, AIM-9 without warhead for tutorials). If you have any suggestions/questions, ask here. Release thread: Craft thread: Base Thread: Contributors: @Next_Star_Industries Mk8x bombs @jrodriguez's RBDA, destruction FX, and Physics Range Extender (PRE) @Shadowmage's Kerbal Foundries Continued. @Icecovery's AARS (automated aerial refueling system) @Papa_Joe's BDMk22, Vessel Mover, and BurnTogether. @blackheart612's AirplanePlus @Crzyrndm's Dynamic Deflection and B9 Pwings. @ferram4's FAR @AlphaAsh/@Ger_space's Kerbal Konstructs plugin. @DoctorDavinci's DCK Camo. @pellinors tweakscale @alexustas's ASET @MOARdV's JSI PRM. @Vens Vens stock revamp (duh!) @tetryds/ @ferram4/ @BahamutoD's Mouse Aim Flight. @fast_de_la_speed's Mk1 ASET cockpit. @linuxgurugamer's SXT continued *needs to be downloaded separately Here* @Starwaster's Procedural parts @blowfish/@NathanKell's Module Manager, AJE, an SolverEngines @sirkut's Infernal Robotics @JollyGreenGI/ @dundun93/ @AirShark for their amazing crafts. @Matuchkin for his campaign, scenario ideas. Team Members: @Matuchkin, @dundun93, @JollyGreenGI, @Lo Var Lachland, and (of course!) @dundun92
  2. In developing an SSTO floatplane for Laythe the following occured to me: we can drill for ore on land to make fuel and oxidant, but not in a planet's ocean. But it should actually be pretty easy to get H2 and O2 from water, by applying a current to the H2O and separating the gases. If there is a supply of carbon nearby (e.g. in the air, as CO2) then it would be possible to make any hydrocarbon. Proposal as follows: an ISRU device that, only works when its extensible probe dips into a liquid surface AND there is atmosphere present requires electricity to operate--(lots of electricity--obviously, a bit more than the energy content of the product being made) makes fuel, fuel and ox, ox, or mono just as the present ISRU unit does No rush, my SSSTO (single stage sea to orbit) won't need to refuel, but just an idea for sake of completeness Next up--making fuel from Jool's atmosphere using only a radial intake and a cryogenic turbocompressor!