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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys! I thought of a challenge for you guys; if I could draw a design or an artwork/paintings of anything (KSP related), See if you be able to make it and build it in ksp and post your pictures here. (sorry if there are similar challenges like this before in this forum, I did not have time to do a bit of searching) ok let me upload some drawings!!
  2. Yea, long title but pretty explanatory. This is a concept folding wing airplane based off of WWII US fighter planes, the Corsair and the Hellcat and this plane is able to fold it's wings vertically so it is able to be stored compact. This is a prototype and concept so the design of the hinge and it's efficiency deploying and folding them individually is sub-par. Also the visual appeal of the hinges are horrible so if anyone can design a hinge and a plane better than this please feel free to show. 128 parts, stock, SPH: Actiongroup 1: decouple wings to fold up.
  3. Hi, i just found this huge repository called INTRODUCTION TO FUTURE LAUNCH VEHICLE PLANS [1963-2001] and thought it was a must to share it with all of you. It contains many many designs, some of them can give us ideas for our own vessels. Anyway i think it is worth having a look... Regards
  4. Today (27 of July) I tinkered around with aeroplane parts, trying to build something with good speed and decent altitude, along with fuel efficiency. Of course when you want fuel efficiency and speed, you usually want something small, so thats what I went with. I also wanted something very controllable and eventually ended up with this, The FlyFish The FlyFish can go up to 365.2 meters a second, passing the sound barrier, though it is more stable at around 320 m/s or less. It can go up to 10,000 meters until it meets serious stalling. Recommended altitude is around 8000. It is turns very fast, but due to that it is hard to make small changes; it is not as controllable, but I can be easily fixed with a remote guidance unit. Easy to land, hard to land In specific places. I had small troubles landing at the runway after testing. Wheels could use some adjusting due to take off issues. The FlyFish is very efficient, I landed near the end of the peninsula KSC is located at. Math tells me it could circumnavigate Kerbin. Do note that it cannot land on the sea, despite its name. It is named for its resemblance to the actual marine animal, the flying fish. With a few tweaks and checks this project will be completed. I would expect completion within a week or so.