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Found 3 results

  1. Does anybody have any KSP puns? I have one: You don't understand the GRAVITY of the situation here! Any better than mine?
  2. Currently this is my naming list: Base Aztec Gods Manned Aerial Vehicle Hindu Deities Manned Space Flight Famous Generals Relay Sat Greek Islands Rescue Mission Cuban Cigars Rover Egyptians Gods SSTO Zodiac Signs Station/ Multipart Vehicle Greek Gods Testing Vehicle/ Mission Prep Angels Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Knight rider themed Unmanned Space Flight Mythical characters I can't wait to send a manned rocket to Ike called 'Eisenhower' (Eisenhower's nickname used to be Ike). Do you have any subtle (or not so subtle) names for certain missions?
  3. This game is simple to play.....Just reply to the person before you with a pun-containing sentence! It can be any form of a pun... As for the rules: 1. Observe the Forum Game Guidelines 2. Have fun!..... I'll start, "I hope this thread doesn't become puninteresting..."