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Found 159 results

  1. Hi, im very new to modding, i dont know anything useful. im in a pickle, i need to orient my craft but i dont know how, i tried to orient it while in unity but that didnt work, if anyone could please help me out ill be thankful. also i know that the textures are weird in places thats a WIP.
  2. Hi, im very new to modding so i dont know all the useful stuff, im in a pickle right now as i dont know how to orient my parts and changing them in unity doesnt seem to help, so if anyone can help me figure out how to change the orientation ill be very thankful. just remembering now i know the textures in some places are very wrong i still need to 'fix' them
  3. Im trying to make a sea dragon replica, but it floats, so I need to use launch clamps to hold it down, and the only way that I can do that is by launching it from the launch pad. Does anyone know I way that I can do that with mods, scatterer, or modifying things in the game data folder? Thanks!
  4. I have a question. I need these parts to load the lc2 lander in ro rss. SSTU-SC-TANK-MFT-L and SSTU-SC-ENG-SUPERDRACO-L. Do anyone have pictures of these parts?
  5. Disclaimer: I'm asking something that may be beyond my current understanding But let's boldly go ... Is there any sort of guideline or requirement or standard for a part that will contain ModuleScienceContainer? Asked in another way ... if I was dreaming of a part mod that would have that module in it, are there physics-types of constraints on the part design that I should keep in mind?
  6. Basically what the title says. As you can see in my signature it's a link to the imgur image, but it won't embed.
  7. Landing mods, not just something that introduces new crewed lander parts but something for tings like lunokhod 1, or small mars probes like pathfinder. I.E. airbags, better landing legs, lander science, lander engines, thing for getting payloads to non atmoshpheric places and getting those points!
  8. With new solarsystems, space telescopes could be implemented into the game (James Webb partnership with NASA). To have new systems on your map, you can locate them via a orbital telescope. Just a idea.
  9. heya so i have have a question whats the easyest way to get to duna i have bad times getting there
  10. how do i know what the root part is iam playing on steam and i installed a telsa roadster and iam trying to make a falcon heavy out of it how do i know what the root part is the roadster has 340 parts
  11. Specifics: I have the mod "Beyond Home" Installed and I want to test how some aircraft fly. The problem is, the mod changes the default planet, so the gravity, atmospheric density, and aerodynamic forces are all different. I also have a world where I've done lots of thing with the planets in the mod. I don't know if removing the mod to work on planes with Kerbin in one world would corrupt another that needs the mod, even if I didn't interact with the modded world while the mod was uninstalled.
  12. 1. Is there any mod that adds in real engines but kerbalized? Like a Kerlin 1K or KE-L 10 2. Same as the first but with probe parts. both for 1.9 or older, most mods i use carry over about 2 updates untill they break Thanks! EDIT: Found probes plus, question 2 resolved. now just looking for the kerbalized engines pack (I have looked at Bluedog design but that's for history parts, i'm looking for general engines like the RL-10 or AJ-10 but kerbalized)
  13. heya i have a question so i was looking at my profile i clicked edit profile and it gave me a option to choose a member title what is it is it payed?
  14. So I have a remote controlled rover on Eve. The brakes are not on, and I can control it, but I can't get the wheels to spin. It worked perfectly on kerbin. Any ideas?
  15. Hello,I have recently come back to KSP and have been wanting to make a crewed duna mission (possibly a base with a rover too?) But,I need some help on how to return from duna ,I know how to go there,but dont know how to return Any tips?
  16. Where is the umbra space manufacture? I cant find it in the manufacture filter.
  17. With several colonies throughout the systems, some degree of traffic is... expected? Desired? Required? Sure, KSP doesn't simulate all of Kerbin's cities, populations and industry, but those aren't space assets. KSP 2 is going for space colonies and industry, and if you have those, you've gotta have space traffic. I don't see how it could be fun for the player to run every material and passenger demand in two or more systems, between potentially a dozen colonies. To have no traffic at all seems... sad. The reasonable solution, then, is somewhat obvious, and appears surprisingly simple. The player could design and launch ships with either cargo, material or passenger capacity and enough DV to make the journey between the two or more desired location. If A and B have refueling facilities, then the ship only has to have the DV to get from A to B at worst system disposition, and vice versa. The ship would be deposited into storage at either A or B, and launched to make the journey by the colony AI. It would automatically cross the distance, refuel, deposit/pick up goods and passengers, and travel back. What this gives the game is 3 things. First, it gives a sense of life in the system, like you are not the only thing moving out there. Second, it lets you design various ships for the mission, and demonstrates how real life interplanetary traffic would look and function. Third, it gives some sense and reason to colony growth. In any reasonable scenario, early colonies would need shipments from more developed locations (unless the colonization effort is truly huge). The player could do that themselves, but we have Elite Dangerous and Eve Online for when we want to play space truck driver. The big issues I can see: - Not easy to make: You'd have to make pilot AI that can set up paths between A and B without being insane. - Atmospheric entry would have to be handled with two ships and an orbital station. The space freighter would deliver to the station, then the station would use shuttles and lifters to move the cargo to and from the surface colony. Lots of mechanics there. - Resource demanding. If done wrong, a dozen ships moving across the system could be hard on the simulation.
  18. So i have been exploring some OLD versions of ksp (even 0.7.3!) and i seem to have noticed that 0.15 is nowhere for download, under further inspection i found that it's a paid version. I do in fact own KSP, But only for steam. Does anybody happen to know how to get 0.15?
  19. How do I unpack the asset bundle? I need the kerbal 3d model from that.
  20. By chance does any one have a an accurate 3d model to print of a kerbal or a animation model? I have looked at shapeways but they no longer sell kerbal models.
  21. I got my first eve encounter, eve periapsis is around 67 million meters, but when I try to warp it says “cannot auto-warp so far” then when I try to manually warp, the intercept disappears. Any way to help this? I kinda want to land on eve.
  22. im doing some research on orbital stuff and there seem to be a lot of explanations for the oberth effect. but im nto sure which ones are right, and which ones are wrong. and which ones seem to contradict each other but are both right. so far the best explanation i found i think is: "To get the most kinetic energy from a chemical rocket, it should be burned when the vehicle is already moving at high speed, This is because the added kinetic energy will equal the force of the rocket thrust (which is constant) multiplied by the distance that the rocket moves during the burn. The higher the initial speed, the more will be the distance moved." however i have found a few different categories of answers so far, these are variantions of: "the rocket moves more distance during the burn, thuss it gains more kinetic energy" "F = M X V^2, and V = Vstart + dV, thuss when Vstart is higher you gain more energy" (sounds reasonably correct to me but i think its missing some details?) "it is a relativistic thing, from the standpoint of the rocket there is no magical increase in kinetic energy gained" (unsure about this one, relativity is only relevant when you are moviong at least 1% the speed of light iirc) "it has to do with the exhaust gasses" (but the effect also works using engines that have no exhaust gasses, e.g solar sails) "it has to do with the planet, you move faster thuss lose less energy as you leave it's gravity well" (to me this sounds only relevant during gravity assists, not while changing apoapsis height) since this place seems kinda smart and kind, what do you guys think is/are the right explanation(s)? and do you have any other thoughts about it?
  23. So I am going to get an Acer Aspire 1, and I don’t know if it’s going to run Ksp... link to computer: , Model: A115-31-C23T specs of the computer: Storage: 64gb eMMc (I’m getting a 128gb flash drive so it doesn’t matter) Ram/Memory: 4gb Processor: Intel Celeron N4000 processor speed: 1.1GHz video ram: N/A pixel shader: N/A vortex shader: N/A if you got the answer reply, Thanks
  24. I have tried many cinematic and camera mods but nothing worked back in 1.7 and now I'm again finding these types of mods but no one works(I have 1.9 virsion) please help! Or do anyone have any camera mod which still works on 1.9 please tell
  25. I was finding any mods which can give me flight profile in graphical form like altitude vs time graph, acceleration vs time graphic etc. Like dude in this video I just died finding this thing but looks like it doesn't exist