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Found 13 results

  1. First for those who have remembered my old threads on coding I have decided to bite the proverbial bullet and learn python soon. I wanted to ask a few questions. First I have been informed by a mostly reliable source that Python can interface with hardware such as motors and electric "stuff" in general. This is true right? Secondly I have no intention of doing this anytime in the next year but is Python capable of making an AI of sorts. I ask all of this because I want to make a model rocket that has a full guidance system as well as staging system ect and I want to make sure before I put a bunch of time into learning this code that is it worth my time and is what Im looking for. Is this true? Finally are they any pointers that people can suggest to learning this language if it is really what im looking for.
  2. So, I built this rocket and for some reason it crashes on takeoff. Anyone know why?
  3. Hi I have an Acer Aspire 3 and REALLY WANT KSP I don't know/can't figure out if it will run it these are all the specs I know of Operating System--Windows 10 Home Processor--Intel® Pentium® N4200 1.1 GHz; Quad-core Memory--DDR3L4 GB (standard) Card Reader--SD Card Storage--1 TB hard drive Screen--15.6"HD (1366 x 768) resolution Graphics--Intel® HD Graphics 505--DDR3L Shared graphics memory Connectivity--802.11ac wireless LAN Gigabit LAN
  4. I originally posted this on Reddit, but I was suggested to post it here instead. As you may have guessed, I want to make some mods for KSP. I plan to use Blender for my modeling purposes, and GIMP 2 for texturing purposes. However, I am still a noob at the whole mod making thing, so I've got some questions about the whole thing. 1.) According to the KSP wiki tutorial on making assets (click here for the link to the tutorial), it says I need to install Unity 4.2.2. I installed Unity 2017.3.1 instead. Will it still work, or do I need to install 4.2.2? 2a.) How do I import the adapter models? I'd like the parts in my mod to be able to smoothly attach to the stock parts. 2b.) Once I import said adapter models, how do I ensure it's centered properly? (It's more of a question about Blender, really.) 3.) If someone makes better textures or models for the mod, could I use those textures with their permission? I'm not the best at texturing, in fact I'm kinda bad at drawing. 4.) When creating an engine's configuration files, is the ISP calculated, or do you have to input it manually? Thanks for the help, the next mod I'm making is gonna be weird, nonsensical, stupid, and yet surprisingly good for space travel.
  5. I have played the Xbox version of the game for about a year now and I have really enjoyed it. I even got the enhanced edition for free and that was much better. But I started wondering if I should try the PC version. Now that I have money for it, I’m wondering if it’s worth buying again. The only improvements I know of are: mods easier menu navigation easier mechanics overall possibly higher framerate I can use a joystick let me know if there are any more advantages and if it’s worth another $40!
  6. Hello reader, I'm kind of new to KSP and I really need help with these: 1. How do you put things into cargo bays? (If differs between types I need MK3) 2. Is there an easy way to land on a planet without all that math stuff? 3. Is burning just accelerating? 4. How can I build an easy space station? (ALL QUESTIONS CAN ONLY HAVE STOCK PART ANSWERS) Thanks for any help with this. -Ultra
  7. Insert paragraph starter here. I have tried looking for a 1.2 version of the mod forever, but I just can't find it! At first, I found someone who said that RoverDude had updated to mod to 1.2, and that the link is in his signature. But when go there, it's no where to be seen! Then I went to the end of the thread, and I found someone who had seen the problems with the mod and tried to fix it, and someone else tried posting a link to the download. But when I click it, there is a 404 page! BTW the link is here. So can anyone please find a 1.2 download for the mod, or at least update one? Seriously I'm spending way too much time trying.
  8. Hi, as some of you guys know i have a mod called Blue Kerbin Dynamics mk1 fuel tanks expansion and these parts have very un-stock alike textures on them. So how do i make stock alike textures? I use Blender for designing my parts and for the texturing. I am planning to get photo shop. So please could help?
  9. Hello Kerbal Students!!! I was wondering what skills you want to learn about the game so that I could make videos based on your needs. I will start making videos next weekend because this weekend I have to do stuff with my family and friends. I have heard a lot of people don't know how to dock but still I want to hear it from you!!! (Sorry for my english, I'm from the UAE) Sincerely, HowTo:KSP
  10. 1. What does a completely dead white dwarf look like? Is it like a solid planet? 2. Are neutron star "fragments" a real thing? Can the "fragments" continue to sustain their reactions? 3. How big would a neutron star with the mass of an average-size planet be? 4. Do bigger stars have bigger habitable zones? 5. Say you had a binary-ish star system consisting of a massive star and a relatively low-mass star. Is it possible to have planets stably orbiting the massive star further out than the lower-mass star?
  11. Hello my fellow Kerbal Fans, Happy Friday! My name is Christine and I'm the social media lead for Eucl3d! I was wondering if anyone has gotten their spaceship printed? If so, would you mind sharing your photos? And would you mind I posted/shared them on our Twitter? Thank you! Check us out at: Thanks !
  12. Hi guys, I'm new and just joined the forum to ask if anyone has printed their ship on Eucl3d? I really wanted to print my ship, but I was just wondering if anyone has printed out their ships yet and how is it? Thanks.
  13. I'll start: Can you give reputation? If so, how? If not, will the reputation stay the same?