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Found 2 results

  1. Let's do a quick and simple one. Stock. No parts mods, Mecjeb, visuals, etc are allowed. No autopilots. Highest altitude reached with jets wins. You can use as many air breathing engines and any other stock parts as you want. You may not use rapiers in closed cycle. No need to land intact. No need to have kerbals onboard. Edit: No cheats allowed. The point is to get the probe core (or Kerbal) to go as high as you can. Leaderboard with fair and square jet propulsion: 1. Sivonen 239,439m 2. sevenperforce 238,289m 3. Havocado 232,712m 4. Allen 224,618m Leaderboard with thinking outside of the box; unfair but legit trickery might be involved: 1. Sivonen 248,413m (went high with jets and boosted the probe core even higher with decouplers)
  2. Long story short I was writing another part of my mission report. They can take me hours and I usually write them on the forum software. I did one thing and it deleted a sentence. So I press ctrl+z. and it deletes half of the new part. Is there an redo command by any chance? Ctrl+y seems to do nothing. Can someone please help? Or do I have to spend another two hours rewriting my story?