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Found 1 result

  1. So, I recently installed B9, QuizTech, Buffalo MSEV, Active Texture Management, and Universal Storage, and found that I can no longer use IVA or see any of the pilot portraits. I uninstalled every mod I have, and the issue was corrected. This has only popped up in the last two days, and those are the only mods I've added in that span of time. Any idea how to fix this? Edit: I've tried them each in isolation, and none of them are causing it to happen. Also, I'm using the latest versions of everything. Edit 2: I've ruled out the following mods: DMagic, KAS, KIS, TakeCommand, SpaceY, MRS, Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, SCANsat, MechJeb2, and Infernal Robotics. Edit 3: After finally getting some more free time, I've found that it seems to happen when I install QuizTech with B9 (though not when using QuizTech by itself). The issue seems to be resulting from QuizTech's version of Firespitter being out of date. Issue seems to be fixed by replacing the version in QuizTech's GameData folder with the most recent version of the plugin.