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Found 3 results

  1. Please revert the change from 1.2 to radial decouplers (TT-38K, TT-70, Hydraulic Detachment Manifold) that prevents the 'toggle crossfeed' from showing/working on radial decouplers until one has researched the Fuel Systems node. I actually thought this was a bug because it used to work before, and all other decouplers/separators/docking ports have the 'toggle crossfeed' option at all times, including the TR18-A stack decoupler which is available even before the TT-38K. Only after searching the forum I discovered this was introduced on purpose during the 1.2 update - the rationale we got for adding this weird exception was as follows: I do not understand why adding this strange exception was considered necessary in the first place: fuel lines have their own use cases that do not depend on decouplers being able to crossfeed or not (for example, 'proper' asparagus staging requires the one-way fuel lines if you want radial stack engines to cut off when they've expended their 'own' fuel, instead of continuing to feed off the other stacks due to crossfeed across decouplers being bidirectional). But disregarding any possible explanation that I can't think of, the way it's implemented now it completely fails to achieve the intended goal, since the FTX-2 fuel ducts whose 'relevancy' is supposed to be protected by this exception are not unlocked until that exact same R&D node! In other words: the fuel lines do not even become available at all to be or stay 'relevant' in any way... until the exact moment when the 'toggle crossfeed' option on radial decouplers is unlocked; which according to the logic used to introduce this change, makes them immediately 'irrelevant' as soon as they are available. So, hereby a heartfelt plea to please undo this weird exception that obviously does not actually do what it was intended to do (while adding limitations to the possible uses of the early radial decouplers). Alternatively, if reverting this change is absolutely out of the question... at least move the FTX-2 fuel ducts to a much earlier node (I suggest the same node as the radial decouplers, since them not allowing crossfeed yet would be the main use case for the ducts), so they actually have a chance at 'being relevant' during some time until the radial decouplers are deemed worthy of 'toggle crossfeed'.
  2. Hi, we all notice that when the radial decouplers are activated, they remain attached to the "root" part, so i imagine they still count as dead wasting weight, am i right? Or are they weightless once activated? Wouldn´t be better to vanilla be placed inversed? I mean, once activated, they would go out with the unattached tank or so. Trying to place them reversed, i sadly find they sink inside the tanks and im not able to even pick them for moving outside with the gizmo. Any idea if it is doable? Thanks
  3. At the moment when a decoupler is staged it detaches from the part it was placed on and remains attached to the parts placed on it. For the most part this is fine, but there are situations where it can be a real pain in the neck, for example: - Releasing air-launched craft (eg. X-15 or Spaceship One style craft): you end up with a draggy, wierd looking decoupler stuck on the craft you release, when in reality the decoupler would remain attached to the carrier plane. - When using hardpoints to attach weapons or drop tanks to a military plane, the hardpoint stays on on the weapon, completely screwing up it's flight characteristics and making it impossible to reload anything on the hardpoint if you're using KIS/KAS. There are probably a lot more situations where having the option to choose which side of a decoupler detaches would help, but those were the ones that sprang to mind. A simple tweakable option to choose which side a decoupler detaches from could solve a lot of design headaches, and (although I have zero KSP modding experience) I'd imagine it'd be quite a simple change to make. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to say I'm talking about radial decouplers.