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Found 2 results

  1. here is a rage laythe plane mision. cansomeone guess what feature made this plane crash?
  2. So, I've put hundreds of hours into ksp and finally decided to give these contracts a go. The first 3 are great, milestones such as launch your first ship, orbit, etc. Following that, immediately I get a ton of stupid contracts that make absolute no sense. Haul a booster into flight above Kerbin. Ok sure, this makes sense. DERP except It has to go between 23 and 28km alt... ANnnnnd be traveling at 250kmh, or what ever it was. This led to several test flights fine tuning fuling vs thrust, ascent angle, etc. Eventually I just gave up on the contract. Way too tedius, reward completely not worth the time. Same for parachutes, really? get a craft to a specific height and speed? Ferry 4 people to ___ location. What the hell I don't even have space to carry these people and I wont for a couple more science nodes. I understand we need lots of stuff to do to earn money but... these are killing me.