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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, is there a way to force a generator to only operate in space or put a resource in space that can be collected by a generator?
  2. I have a question . Speaking from point of view of fuel efficiency . Is it better to have a rocket system flying at 0.8 Mach or a ramjet started with rocket . I am doing my final year Project on Ramjet and now having problem in selecting which to prefer either a rocket or a rocket+ Ramjet. Thanks The fuel is JP-4
  3. So apparently there was research in the late '50s/early '60s into solid fueled ramjet engine that would, for the first part of its burn, operate as a solid-fueled rocket at first, and once that booster-portion had burned out, its casing would serve as the duct for a solid-fueled, air-breathing engine. Might this be feasible to implement in KSP, as a way to get a lightweight vehicle off the ground and up to a high enough speed and altitude for a scramjet or two to finish accelerating the payload to orbital velocity, using air-breathing engines for everything except getting off the launch-p
  4. Ramjets and scramjets; and special material layers. Today I have several suggestions to improve several parts of game related with flight in atmosphere. These suggestions are derived for several problems that I saw. 1. Ramjet intakes (ram air intake and structural intake) are relatively unrealistic (taking in count that all the parts of game has a moderate realism). 2. Is very difficult obtain high hypersonic and ultrasonic* aircrafts, due that air intakes of any type and the most part of winglets and wings are destroyed over speeds of 1300 m/s. To these problems I s
  5. I'd like to see a few ramjet engines that need to be going above a certain airspeed to produce thrust but which unlike @8bitsblu's Instell scramjet engines, can provide thrust at speeds below 900 meters per second, and also unlike his scramjets, can accelerate a craft from slower speeds starting in the thicker air of the lower-atmosphere. And before you say that's not a ramjet, I present to you, the work of René Leduc, designer of the O.10, the first ever aircraft to be propelled solely by a ramjet engine. Yes, it had to be carried aloft piggy-back style atop another plane, and air-launched, t
  6. To be more specific, I'd like to see two things: A liquid-fueled scramjet (Supersonic-Combustion Ramjet) engine that can propel a craft from about 900 meters per second at roughly 10-12 km altitude above Kerbin up to 2-2.3 kilometers per second to push apoapsis between 120 and 160 kilometers with periapsis either above sea-level or to a depth below sea-level of less than 100 km A Solid Fueled Integrated Rocket Ramjet (basically a solid-fueled ramjet that initially operates as a solid-fueled rocket-booster, and once the rocket-portion has burned out, it's built up enough airspeed fo
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