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Found 39 results

  1. Pressure-fed RCS?

    Hey all, been messing with my RSS/Stockalike/Kerbalism install and I'm learning a lot about writing Module Manager configs. I've got everything set up pretty much how I want, except one thing that's really bugging me. Note that I am NOT using Realism Overhaul, but used RF Stockalike configs as a template to make my own for the stock engines. My problem is that my RCS works when there are no highly pressurized tanks for it to draw from. If I have a rocket with a hypergolic stage, I can just set my RCS ports to use the same type of fuel, and voila, they work as if they had pressurized tanks of their own. This is not the case for pressure-fed engines, which won't work without a highly pressurized tank attached. I'd like to make the RCS behave the same way, but I think they use the stock ModuleRCS which doesn't care about RF tank type. Is there a Real Fuels RCS mod I should download? Or is there a way for me to write or modify a config to implement this? I'm not a programmer, so I don't think I'm really in a place to write my own whole mod, but minor Notepad editing I can do.
  2. Do I need to toggle RCS on at launch to enable my Vernors? And if so, what's to stop the monoprop RCS farther up the stack from firing if I don't want them to?
  3. Hello community members! I'm quite extensive messing around with mods on my RSS RO 1.22 Version. Recently I got the feeling it would be nice to have a fuel vent for getting rid of those toxic and reactive fuels in rcs systems etc. before reentry or recovery. Searches in the forums suggest mostly the which would do the job, but there is one thing that bothers me with it: no effects - there is no smoke tail coming with it... So here is my idea for a "simple" solution: Take a normal quad rcs asset, modify the .cfg with minimum thrust values and single fuel source modes (like the rcs selection in RO, just split the components up to prevent hypergolic reactions) and increase the fuel drain rates to realistic values. The rcs has already the beautiful firing effects and staging and enabling comes along with the "stock" version but what I have not figured out yet: Is it possible to modify a quad rcs so to use all four directions thrusters together so the total applied force is nearly 0? Fore by throttle and always full action would be preferred... After this I would try to link a different sound to the firing, would be nice tho. Otherwise, if anyone gets an idea for any other fuel vent solution for RO fuels I would appreciate your opinions.
  4. After upgrading to 1.3.1 I don't have any RCS sounds anymore. I've checked the sound settings and they're just on the defaults. Any ideas what's wrong?
  5. Propeller Driven RCS

    I am currently working on my first mod. I'm making a deep submergance vehicle (inspired by the Alvin) which has 7 thrusters which are used to maneuver. Since they are used similarly to RCS ports in KSP, I thought it would make sense to have them operate as such. But I'm wondering, should I animate the rotation of the blades in Blender just as you would for a jet engine? And then trigger the animation when the thrusters are used. Similar to how the RCS ports produce the thrust plume effect when they are being used.
  6. Backstory: Trying to dock a science pod to a space station/making a space station. RSC controls stuck in rotation mode and I can't really use ROT controls for docking. Before this the frames were jittering and basically going back and forth in time. Adjusted display settings, helped a little, then when docking it happened again. Don't know If this is important, but just recently updated to MacOS High Sierra, jittering happened a day before and stuck in ROT controls happened after. I'm really irritated that I cannot finish my space station, I had it in a low orbit. It was perfect. I launched a pod with a lab on it and as soon as I got close it got stuck in ROT mode and I couldn't make the right adjustments. I turned of SAS and RCS, but the SAS/RCS noises were still there. It was super annoying because I was so close to finishing my space station. Before this I also had problems, frames jittering left to right. I adjusted the texture quality and the resolution a bit, but to no avail. I'm not saying the dev. team is bad, but seriously. Please optimize it a bit better for Macs, or at least not the highest spec computers. I don't know if this is due to me updating the OS, but seriously. It sucked. I don't know if its my computer and I want to know if anyone is having these same issues after updating. Please get back to me or comment, Owen
  7. I remember back just before 1.0 there was a mod that allowed you to toggle a button in the hanger menu of a thruster or engine to essentially make it a giant RCS thruster as it it was controlled by the RCS system. I really think something resembling that would be amazing is the stock game for when you want to use RCS thrusters on a large to massive craft. The mod also auto adjusted the thrust of the thrusters on your ship during flight(if you wanted it to) so the center of thrust would always be directly on the mass. It was an amazing mod if someone can find an updated version of it. I would like to know if it would be possible for Squad to make it apart of stock KSP or any problems that may occur by trying to do so.
  8. Hey all, i seriously need a second set of eyes to help me see where i'm going wrong here, or if what im doing is even possible (im assuming it is, it's just that im more of a modeller than programmer and i'm missing something utterly obvious.) To the quick! The problem. I'm trying to create a "Spacebus" a small 6 man shuttlepod to ferry kerbals around Kerbin/Mun/Minmus stations. Everything was going fine until i tried adding the engines and RCS. Now, i've done a good bit of modding before so i know the pitfalls here, and i tried to cover most of my bases. =I tried adding in RCS, and it worked fine. I tried adding the engines, and it all bust. =I tried adding in the engines, and it worked fine. I tried adding the RCS, and it all bust. =I tried using both sets of engines in one cfg without any effects at all included. Both work --perfectly-- without any effects being added. To make the point easy, here's a video. As i say, this isnt my first rodeo. I've made sure both RCS and the engines have different sets of transforms each, and none overlap or are incorrectly named (as the video proves). The problem boils down to the sodding EFFECTS module, or so i think. I first copy/pasted seperate effects modules, and that just breaks everything. I then tried to merge the two effects modules into one "EFFECTS" in the cfg, and it still buggers up. It's like the game is saying "You can have one set of effects on this part, but not two." Below ive included the main starting section of the CFG (incase ive overlooked something bloody obvious) here. And here are the two separate Effects modules that i cant seem to get to play nice together. Main Engines : And the RCS part I've tried using just fx_whatevers at the start of the cfg, but unless im adding them in wrong, they dont play nice with the RCS Effects module. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and if you've any helpful advice or can see where i've gone wrong i'll be so SO grateful (and make sure to mention you when i release my main mod, of course!)
  9. Had a question about small craft in orbit. Trying to design a craft to land on Moho so I am trying to keep it considerably small and compact. Using a Mk1 lander can and putting most of the fuel tanks, batteries, etc. inside the can to limit physical size. The problem arises when I try to use RCS thrusters for any type of docking or maneuvering the craft literally goes crazy, and all the RCS thrusters are firing to keep it steady. I've basically done everything in the game unmodded, never had an issue with larger craft and docking, maneuvering etc. but have issues when I go small. Also have issues with it when I build HECS2 probes that are compact. I try to mess with the reaction wheels, turning them off and what not, but then lose the ability to easily dock and what not, should I just put a separate reaction wheel on the craft and turn the reaction wheels off of the lander can?
  10. You know how we now have a mode selection for reaction wheels (Full, SAS, Pilot)? Could we get something similar for RCS controls that can cycle through functionality (Full, Translation, Rotation) and be Action Group'ed? Generally speaking, thanks to the power of Reaction Wheels in KSP, I use RCS mainly for translation (docking and fine orbital adjustments) and rarely for attitude/rotation control. (For the latter, it'd have to be one heavy craft with relatively weak RW power, I'm in a rush to change attitude for some reason, I need supplemental control because my control surface aren't as effective in the current situation, or I'm controlling a VTOL.) I'm actually trying to build my first ever space station and I find it tedious to turn RCS on/off depending if I need translation or rotation. Yes, I know I can set the individual degree of control, but I'm not doing that for three degrees across 2 dozen or so RCS ports because my dumbass forgot to do that in the editor. (Even doing it in the editor could be tedious since I can't just click on one button to swap modes - it's four: one to show the open option to do so and one each for roll, yaw & pitch.) It's just a quality-of-life thing. Nothing urgent, but if RWs got something similar, why not RCS as well? (Kinda wonder if RCS should also get the Full-/SAS-/Pilot-control option as well since RCS is sorta tied to SAS in a way, like RWs.) In the meantime, I need to make a MM cfg that sets RCS ports to only translation mode by default...
  11. A while back, I learned about setting flow control for resources that are shared over an entire vessel, such as RCS fuel. Today, however, I came to wonder if I knew what I thought I knew. My ship, Far Traveler, has a 2.5 m RCS tank in the transfer stage (250 units), four "roundified" external tanks on the lander ascent stage (60 units), and the usual 10 units stored in the command pod. On its first real mission, I never had a problem with RCS until after decoupling the transfer stage to test the lander during aerobraking -- and then I found out both the lander's roundified tanks and the small capacity of the Mk. 1 command pod were depleted. Now, either I ran everything dry just about the time I decoupled (unlikely, since I was turning off RCS between intentional uses to avoid having it cause orbit drift when used for stability, though I can't say I actually checked; last time I'd looked, after using RCS for a very, very small correction burn, there was about 40% left), or my flow priority (30 for the transfer stage tank, 10 for the roundified tanks, and -10 for the command pod's tank) worked backward from what I expect. Suggestions?
  12. Hello. I am currently playing with asteroid and I have an issue with attitude control of one of them. I have USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies installed. This mod modifies the mass and density of asteroids as so they are bigger and denser than stock (a C'ish' asteroid becomes big as an E'ish' one and so on). In order to steer the asteroid I have placed 2 ships on the opposite sides of it and they are equipped with a lot of RCS. When the ships are detached the RCS is behaving like it should but when they are attached to the asteroid not even a single drop of monopropellant is used and I have to rely only on reaction wheels for attitude control. How is that? Is there any option that can enable the RCS to work even when attached to an asteroid. As a side note I would like to stress that I do have Mechjeb installed too and I tried fiddling with its options but to no avail. Thanks
  13. MandatoryRCS This plugin revisit the stock balance between the overpowered reaction wheels and RCS thrusters which are useless outside of docking situations. It does not propose a more realistic simulation of reaction wheels but is a collection of tweaks aimed at limiting their functions and balancing the gameplay. Reaction wheels are turned into stabilizers, preventing your vessel to spin out of control and keeping it pointed at the direction you choose in the SAS autopilot. But they have a very low (and somewhat realistic) torque power when the pilot or the SAS request a pitch, roll or yaw rotation. This mean that like in real life, most crafts always need a few RCS thrusters (and propellant) to have orientation authority, but you still get most of the playability benefits of overpowered reaction wheels. As a side benefit, the plugin also fix the "timewarps rotation stop" stock behaviour, and introduce a few related features like keeping the vessel oriented toward the SAS selection in timewarps and when switching vessels / reloading the game. Features Reaction wheels nerf Reaction wheels have two different torque power, the stock one and a heavily nerfed, somewhat realistic one. Nerfed torque provided on pilot or SAS rotation requests. Stock torque when SAS "Stability mode" is turned on. Stock torque when the vessel has reached the SAS selection (prograde, normal, target, etc). Torque output is affected by the vessel angular velocity : the faster the vessel rotate, the weaker reaction wheels are. Pods and cockpits built-in reaction wheels can't be controlled (they don't respond to pilot/SAS input) but still provide SAS stabilization. Reaction wheels in probes cores and independent parts can be controlled. Hiding of irrelevant reaction wheels right-click menu options and action groups. Rotation persistence trough timewarp and reloading Timewarping will not stop the vessel from rotating. Rotation is restored after timewarping, switching vessels or reloading. Rotation is not continuously calculated for unloaded (on rails) vessels, for minimal performance impact. SAS autopilot persistence trough timewarp and reloading The vessel will keep its orientation toward the SAS selection when timewarping, switching vessels or reloading. The SAS selection is remembered and restored when switching vessels or reloading. Customization Features can be enabled, disabled or tweaked in the ingame "Difficulty Settings" menu. Download and detailed info Current version : v1.4 for KSP 1.3.1 Latest release and source from github MandatoryRCS Part Pack Small part pack to provide more RCS thrusters in a stockalike fashion Tiny thrusters (0.25 kN) With tiny exhaust effect RV-105 variations Download and detailed info Current version : v1.0 for KSP 1.3.1 Latest release and source from github
  14. The title says it all, I'm looking for 0.625 Radially Attached Tanks that work in 1.2.2. Hope the KSP Forums can help xD
  15. Ok, I acknowledge that this may be an old idea, or perhaps in the wrong area. If so, I am sorry. I don't usually poke my head up for air. I looked around for a mod similar to what I was thinking of and found none. If perhaps I missed it, then I would certainly love to know about it. Quite frankly, I got sic and tired of carrying cumbersome extraneous RCS tanks. I would rather just carry a few batteries linked to a recharge system. I decided I wanted a Star Trek style energy based attitude control system. Now, yes I know the Impulse engines in Star Trek were not stabilization and control systems, they were sub-light engines. Well it was the closest analog I could think of for my purposes. I am willing to hear better ideas. Basically, I attempted to use the skin and specs from the large "Omnilight" from B9 Aerospace and combine them with the RCS control function of a standard RCS blister. I replace the mono-propellant cost with a low electric charge cost and rationalized it with a half-assed explanation of some "superconducting magneto-plasmic ceramic alloy" pseudoscience. Basically, I just wanted better, finer control in space flight without carrying bulky mono-p tanks that inevitably run empty. Plus the blinky lights would be cooler than that little mist spray effect. I wanted the lights to flash yellow or orange when the Retro control "field" is active, but so far they just shine white constantly and provide no reaction or control at all. Undoubtedly I've made numerous errors, but hopefully someone else sees what i was attempting. And hopefully, it's a viable idea. It's sloppy and jammed together. Again, I'm sorry. I will not claim to be a programmer or even to understand code. It's a crude effort, so please forgive my limited abilities. If anyone thinks this might be useful, can be improved upon, corrected, or etc; I would be most interested in hearing feedback. Perhaps you could help in straightening out this little project of mine. Or at least point me in the right direction. Thank You In all it's glory, here's it is: ***After considering for a bit, I realized the term RCS would really no longer apply to a part operating in the fashion I am proposing, so I guess I am trying to make an ICS- Impulse Control System.*** PART { name = MontSco Experimental Heavy Imulse RCS Blister Antonius I module = Part author = GNL MODEL { model = B9_Aerospace/Parts/Utility_Light_N/N2_Omni_Large } scale = 1.0 node_attach = 0.01930076, 0, 0, 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 TechRequired = specializedControl entryCost = 400 cost = 100 category = Control subcategory = 0 title = MontSco Experimental Heavy Imulse RCS Blister Antonius I manufacturer = McCoy Engineering Enterprises description = The mp reaction control Impulse pads works by imparting a gravitational force via newly invented Duradymian superconducting magneto plasmic ceramic alloy. Provides superior maneuvering and stabilization of spacecraft with no need to carry tanks. attachRules = 0,1,0,0,0 mass = 0.05 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.001 minimum_drag = 0.001 angularDrag = 2 crashTolerance = 25 maxTemp = 3100 PhysicsSignificance = 1 bulkheadProfiles = srf MODULE { runningEffectname = ModuleRCS lightName = light_N1 useAnimationDim = true useAutoDim = true lightBrightenSpeed = 10 lightDimSpeed = 10 ignitionThreshold = 0.1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 12 heatProduction = .04 animationName = B9_Utility_Light_N1 useResources = true PROPELLANT { name = ElectricCharge ratio = .1 } } key = 0 220 key = 1 120 key = 4 0.001 }
  16. When making an RCS, do you make a 'thust transform' in each of the directions of the RCS and name each one 'RCSTransform' or some similar thing in Unity?
  17. Kerbals "auto adjust" RCS on their own while on EVA. For example, when I hit Q or E to "spin" there is some sort of automatic adjusting that the RCS thrusters do. It is VERY annoying to me and I'd LOVE to disable it somehow. Any suggestions? To recreate this, simply perform EVA, engage RCS, hit the Q or E key and observe the game auto adjusting your kerbal.
  18. Hi Guys, Having real issues with my (fairly large) Duna probe in an RT install... my signal delay is up to about 2s and I'm trying to do a course correct ion burn... however I'm having major issues aligning with the manouver marker. Neither the ASAS nor the flight computer can actually align to the node - they just circle around it always over-correcting and wasting precious monoprop. I've checked in both RCS buildaid and as the manouvers are conducted and there's no errant 'spin' imparted by unbalanced RCS. Nor is the probe itself unbalanced... it just burns like cray in one direction, overshoots, and burns like crazy back again, like a beagle puppy on a polished timber floor... My only thought is that the computers can't cope with the sheer mass (and thus inertia) of the probe - it does weigh in at some 47,000kg... Though I packed SpaceYRCS5x7 thrusters in an effort to compensate... Help?
  19. Hi, i want to build an HTHL spacecraft for HL in Minmus, and was thinking about using rcs thrusters to compensate vertical descent while still can operate with main engines just in case. Is that possible? How do you do that?
  20. Change to RCS in 1.1.3

    I just installed 1.1.3, upgrading from 1.0.5. Just messing around, I notice that the RCS thrusters seem to fire non-stop while SAS is turned on. In 1.0.5, I could, say, click on the retrograde button and the ship would turn to retrograde using RCS and any other attitude control available. When the ship was in the proper position, the RCS thrusters would shut down. But in 1.1.3, when the proper attitude is reached, the RCS thrusters continue to fire pointlessly, draining monopropellant. This is really annoying. Is this a defect, or is there a new configuration I need to perform to get the RCS to behave correctly?
  21. Hello, I am not the only person in my playgroup experiencing this issue - I am trying to put RCS engines on a craft for orientation and stability, but am always running into an issue in that the game constantly says that there is no monopropellant getting to the RCS systems. I've configured both the tank (tried both procedural and stock monoprop tanks) and the engines for Hydrazine, but still won't show that they're getting fed. Here's a Steam screenshot - I've tried putting the RCS ports in different places, and tried a few hypergolic fuels, and nothing works:
  22. Hello, guys! I don't usually post on forums, I prefer to plow through google's answers first. When the answer is not there, I consider my problem unsolve'able However, this time the thing feels so dumb, and I believe there must be a way to resolve this. So. Every time, when I attach both standard monopropellant thrusters and vernor engines, thruster simply stop reacting to any commands. Can't simply turn them on as the game says they're not disabled or anything. What is happening, is this intended? Can I fix it while on orbit? Cheers, BigGuy
  23. I have a base on Ike, but I can't use RCS to fly? It's as if Ike has the same gravity as Kerbin? Anyone else experience this?
  24. RCS delta V?

    Hi, in ksp 1.1+ is there any way of guessing how much dV can your RCS thruster give? I believe that neither vanilla nor K engineer can do it? Or do they?
  25. How do I unlink the RCS/gear/etc. of my docked mini-ship subassembly from the main ship? I have a large ship with a docked scouting ship. When I turn on RCS, or press 'G' for gear, the mini ship works along the big ship. I want to unlink these ships. The mini ship is in a bay and does not need to fire its RCS or deploy its gear when the main ship is landing or maneuvering.