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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, RealEnginesPack is the continuation of my old add-on, since the development thread has stopped on version 1.8, I decided to update the add-on much, now it will have the prefix 2.0, and from this moment a new addon story begins, the old thread will no longer be used. Old thread: NK33 NK43 RD8 RD58 RD100 RD0110 RD0124/124A RD0120 RD146 RD107/108 RD170/180/191 RD0210/0212 RD275 S5-92 S5-98 STEERING_MOTOR A7 AJ10-37 AJ10-90 AJ10-104 AJ10-137 J2 LMAE LMDE SUPER DRAGO SSME RAPTOR AND RAPTOR VACUUM So, update 2.0 contains. 1. Changes to the path to the files, now it has a different folder name, but will conflict with the old version of the add-on. 2. Changes in the cardan suspension of engines RD170 / 180/191. 3. Small and significant texture changes for RD170 / 180/191/275/58/107/108/0120/0210/0212/0110/120, NK33 / 43, AJ10-137 / 90. 4. Changing the model RD58 5. Modification of models RD107/108 6. Minor changes to the model RD275 7. Minor changes in the models RD170/180/191 8. Minor changes of models AJ10-137 / 90 9. Rework engine RD8 10. Added new engines AJ10-37, AJ10-104, SSME, LMDA, Raptor and Raptor vacuum (demo versions). DOWNLOAD: