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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Rocket Science Advanced is a new Youtube channel dedicated to explaining some of the science behind our world's space programs. We use the physics/engineering we learn in previous episodes to successfully (sometimes) build and fly missions in a heavily modified version of KSP. In this we use Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Real Progression Zero together with all their required mods, plus many others. We also use TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, Remote Tech to add both realism and challenge. We will be comparing (once we get there in the game) different methods for getting to Mars and establishing a permanent presence there. If you like science/math you will like this. If you don't, but you want a challenge, you may also like this. While probably meant for a more mature audience, I invite any and all to give it a try. There will be regular content added (and my skills should also improve on the video side) so I hope to establish a space-loving community, especially one that is interested in the human colonization of mars (the moon too, sure) in real life. Rocket Science Advanced PS. I wrote (and copyrighted) the music used (except of course within the KSP game itself). The music is the hardest part because I need to try to crank it out for every other episode or you might get bored hearing the same stuff all the time. Any feedback is appreciated. There are only 3 episodes there now, but I promise many more are coming. PSS. I may be a bottle rocketeer on this forum, but just so you know, I have 30 years experience as an Aerospace Engineer.
  2. Hi Everyone, I have posted the trailer for a series coming next Friday called Rocket Science Advanced (Rocket Science 101 was taken by NASA). It is part science/math to explain the critical design challenges in various areas of the world's space programs. This uses Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Real Progression Zero to add more realism to simulations. Roughly half the episodes are flight/gameplay and half are science-tech oriented (with some engineering thrown in). I hope you like it. Parallax59 PS. It is very expensive to license other's music for videos, so I wrote my own music.