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Found 1 result

  1. Start a new file in Career Mode, plant flags on every landable body and return safely as fast as possible. It's tricky, but boy it's fun! The careful planning of KSP mixed with the frenetic action of speed running is a match made in heaven. I've enjoyed quite a number of KSP challenges, and can say there's nothing that tests and rewards your KSP mettle quite like a real-time speedrun. This takes a huge amount of planning so please have fun posting works in progress. For example, see how far you can make it in an hour! These rules were chosen to make the run as entertaining and accessible as possible. If something gets in the way of your enjoyment, just ignore it and make a note in your post. 0. Put a flag on every body (except Kerbin, Jool and the Sun), and return all Kerbals home safe in a single segment of normal difficulty career mode. You're welcome to quicksave and quickload as much as you'd like, but it's all on the clock. If you do this in multiple sittings, just add 3% (added linear) to your time for each sitting to make up for getting to show up fresh. 1. 255 part limit on ships. This allows people with all varieties of computers to run in stride with minimally laggy time losses. The specific number '255' is convenient due to it being the maximum part count of the level 2 VAB. Though this rule may seem limiting, it encourages interesting and careful ship design. 2. No gross clipping. This is unfortunately not a hard-and-fast rule, so I'll detail the broad strokes. Rotating fuel tanks into eachother or using symmetry to clone tanks within eachother is not allowed. However, many parts are intended to work with a bit of clipping, such as the aerodynamic parts, structural parts and several utilities. These are ok! Just use your judgement (famous last words). 3. No phantom force drives. It changes the feel of the game too much. If they're your jam, you should totally do it anyway! I look forward to seeing it. 4. Consistent glitches only. Some glitches can be great for speeding up your run, but glitches can add a huge random element to your run. Please avoid using glitches that add more than a few minutes of random variability, If it's super sweet, exceptions can be made. This rule can either mean that a glitch should be highly consistent, or quick to retry. 5. If the game crashes, reload. This challenge goes to every available SOI often in a single sitting. It's yummy tasty Kraken bait! If the game happens to crash, just pause your clock and reload KSP. Start the clock again when you start loading your save file. We'll just do this by the honor system. Computer disparities could be an issue, though it's mitigated by the 255 part rule. If you want to play but think your computer will hold you back, just tell us your load times, and we can take it into account. Proof is not a big deal. It's all on honor system, really, but this is a forum so find some way to share your valiant triumphs and crushing defeats! A nice finishing shot is to show all the flags in the tracking station and the happy Kerbals in the astronaut complex. Versions of all sort are accepted after (naturally) v0.24. Mods just need to be noted in your posts. Please avoid physics rebalances, unbalanced parts or autopilot mods. The ultimate goal is to run this in vanilla KSP, though- it's much more exciting when you need to time your suicide burns by eye. Works in progress are hugely encouraged. The joy's in the journey, share it! Best Regards, - Cunjo Carl Leader Board @Ultimate Steve Fastest time yet at 7h 50m 49s (Stock v1.4.3) @Cunjo Carl at 8h 6m 50s (Stock v1.0.5) (stock trophy pics incoming in the near future)