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Found 49 results

  1. I want to create custom configs for solid rocket motors to simulate fictional and alternate historical rockets, yet I can't locate anything that gives the propellant quantity in either mass or volume. Is it in a different file or what? Here's an example config file for the Castor 1 in case you want to take a look: // ================================================== // Castor 1 solid rocket motor global engine configuration. // Throttle Range: N/A // Burn Time: 28 s // O/F Ratio: 2.12 // Sources: // Thrust Misalignments of Fixed Solid Rocket Motors: // The Satellite Encyclopedia - Castor Series: // Used by: // Squad // ================================================== @PART[*]:HAS[#engineType[Castor-1]]:FOR[RealismOverhaulEngines] { %category = Engine %title = Castor 1 %manufacturer = Thiokol %description = The Castor 1 was first used for a successful suborbital launch of a Scout X-1 rocket on September 2, 1960. Castor 1 stages were also used as strap-on boosters for launch vehicles using Thor first stages, including the Delta-D. Diameter: [0.79 m]. @MODULE[ModuleEngines*] { %EngineType = SolidBooster } !MODULE[ModuleGimbal],*{} !MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs],*{} MODULE { name = ModuleEngineConfigs type = ModuleEngines configuration = Castor-1 modded = false CONFIG { name = Castor-1 minThrust = 0 maxThrust = 286 heatProduction = 100 PROPELLANT { name = PSPC ratio = 1.0 DrawGauge = True } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 247 key = 1 232 } curveResource = PSPC // guesses (note: max is above nominal * thrust_curve_max) chamberNominalTemp = 1500 maxEngineTemp = 1745 thrustCurve { key = 0 0.2 0.6566457 0.6566457 key = 0.08 0.7826234 11.38028 11.38028 key = 0.12 1.091428 0 0 key = 0.177 1.072238 -0.3012535 -0.3012535 key = 0.832 0.9977316 0.2489114 0.2489114 key = 0.91 1.052388 1.565168 1.565168 key = 0.9730649 1.160696 0 0 key = 1 0.93 -4.794868 -6.284284 } } } !MODULE[ModuleAlternator],*{} !RESOURCE,*{} } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[@CONFIG[Castor-1]],!MODULE[TestFlightInterop]]:BEFORE[zTestFlight] { TESTFLIGHT { name = Castor-1 ratedBurnTime = 28 ignitionReliabilityStart = 0.91 ignitionReliabilityEnd = 0.994 cycleReliabilityStart = 0.94 cycleReliabilityEnd = 0.997 reliabilityDataRateMultiplier = 2 isSolid = True } } Also, how do you unscramble the thrustCurve for this? It's not simple like it is for the Star 48B or other motors?
  2. I've just started relearning Realism Overhaul, started a new career with hard settings and low rewards. After launching one of my sounding rockets eastwards i noticed that it was pretty stable in the upper atmosphere with almost no roll, so I started experimenting and my sounding rocket evolved into this thing capable of launching 88-127kg (depends on the luck, especially engine failures) into 63* orbit from Plesetsk Cosmodrome. No engine upgrades were made, solid attitude thrustes are controlled by action groups. The launch mass in about 37t. If anyone is interested I will share the craft file.
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to make an E-1 upgrade which increases its thrust and slightly raises its Isp, but when I load it up in game it doesn't show up. I tried just copying the existing E-1 upgrade and tweaking it but that didn't work. I tried googleing it but that didn't yield anything useful. Any suggestions? CONFIG { name = E-2 description = Speculative upgrade configuration for the E-1. minThrust = 2744.064954 maxThrust = 2744.064954 heatProduction = 100 massMult = 1.0 ullage = True pressureFed = False ignitions = 1 IGNITOR_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 0.5 } IGNITOR_RESOURCE { name = TEATEB amount = 1 } PROPELLANT { name = Kerosene ratio = 0.3929 DrawGauge = True } PROPELLANT { name = LqdOxygen ratio = 0.6071 } atmosphereCurve { key = 0 305 key = 1 277 } techRequired = heavierRocketry cost = 550 } } !MODULE[ModuleAlternator],*{} !RESOURCE,*{} RESOURCE{ name = TEATEB amount = 1 maxAmount = 1 } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngineConfigs]:HAS[@CONFIG[E-2]],!MODULE[TestFlightInterop]]:BEFORE[zTestFlight] { TESTFLIGHT { name = E-2 ratedBurnTime = 265 ignitionReliabilityStart = 0.947 ignitionReliabilityEnd = 0.999 cycleReliabilityStart = 0.9575 cycleReliabilityEnd = 0.9927 techTransfer = E-1:100 } Any help is appreciated. Hay
  4. boil off problem solved

    For all those passionate players of RO/RSS who struggle with the boil off problem... I tried many different ways to handle those liquid fuels, tried radiators, heat pumps etc... As far as i can see... when you pass the 100x time warp (switching to analytic physics calculations) boil off happens... I found a way. I tweaked the realtanktypes.cfg (realfuels) and the rftanks.cfg (procedural parts) to get a tank type which prevents boil off. First it feels (and looks like) cheating I know... but considering that in the end every "feature" you need in space has to be paid with "weight" (insulation, radiator, electricity...), i suggest you alter the basemass to stay in a realistic scenario.... I´m not the author of the mentioned mods, i just edited the cfgs. Here is how.: \gamedata\realfuels\resources\RealTankTypes.cfg add.. //Ultra TANK_DEFINITION { name = Ultra highlyPressurized = False basemass = 0.000039 * volume outerInsulationFactor = 0.0005 TANK { name = LqdOxygen mass = 0.0000112 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 16 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 temperature = 400.15 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdHydrogen mass = 0.0000016 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.15 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdAmmonia mass = 0.0000096 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.65 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } TANK { name = LqdMethane mass = 0.0000096 utilization = 1 fillable = True amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 temperature = 400.45 wallThickness = 0.0025 wallConduction = 205 insulationThickness = 0.0381 insulationConduction = 0.014 note = (has insulation) } } \GameData\ProceduralParts\Parts\ZOtherMods\RFTank.cfg add the bold line.. { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 1060 utilizationTweakable = true type = Default typeAvailable = Default typeAvailable = Cryogenic typeAvailable = ServiceModule typeAvailable = Fuselage typeAvailable = Balloon typeAvailable = BalloonCryo typeAvailable = Structural typeAvailable = ElectricPropulsion typeAvailable = Ultra } } The temperature in the first cfg is the key... What it does....: Now it is possible to choose "ultra" as a procedural tank type which is capable to store the configured fuels up to the given temperature in K. Many thanx to all the modders out there who do a great job... P.S. please excuse the fact that i´m not a native speaker/writer
  5. Hello, I have a 1.22 version of the game with Realism Overhaul, real solar system, scatterer, planetshine, and real solar system environmental visual enhancements. I just started, and my skies have turned very weird colors, whether I am in space, at the KSC, or in the tracking station/map. I am pretty sure that this is caused by one of the previous mods, but I really would like to use them, so I am wondering if there is any fix that someone can think of. I have many other mods, though I have played without the visual ones and never had this issue In my 1.3 stock planets version I installed scatterer and EVE and had this same problem... Thanks! Here is a link to an image of the sky
  6. I'm running KSP 1.2.2 with all mods here (default Realism Overhaul mods) Also RSSVE I get these spammed in the ksp log: [EXC 22:21:49.930] MissingFieldException: Field '.CelestialBody.bodyDisplayName' not found. I"m not sure if these are connected. DistantObject.FlareDraw.Update () [EXC 22:21:49.972] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Same here. principia.ksp_plugin_adapter.PrincipiaPluginAdapter.OnGUI () Thanks for the help!
  7. I am using realism overhaul, and I was forced to remove procedural parts in order to get my game to launch. Whenever I try to launch any vehicle, there simply will be no stage for my engine, therefore pressing space does nothing at all (except maybe deploy parachutes or decouple some nodes).
  8. I have a simple question with an opinion based answer about when I should think about attempting various different stock/modded missions, as, believe it or not, my single mün mission probably doesn't qualify me for a RO/RSS grand tour. That's all I have to ask, really, besides something unrelated, like how to fix overheating problems in my laptop whenever I use visual mods. feel free to answer that one, too, cuz it's pretty annoying.
  9. Ok so i ran ksp and i got a an error related to Realism Over Haul's "global cfg file" (located at GameData\RealismOverhaul\RealismOverhaul_Global_Config.cfg) please help!!!! Mod list via ckan: Error log:
  10. EDIT The comment below by TaggedYa provides a fix for this issue, so if you are having a problem, follow their instructions. Hope this helps anyone who has this issue. Original post below I recently decided to have another go at trying RP-0, and downloaded a fresh install of KSP 1.2.2 from Steam. I then used CKAN to install, first, Realism Overhaul and its dependencies and recommended mods. After which, I installed RP-0, and its dependencies and recommended mods. Once all installed, I tried launching from CKAN, and the game immediately crashed. The crash log is contained within the following link I then tried the same with the 32 bit exe. Instead of it crashing immediately, it instead crashed when it ran out of memory (I tracked how much RAM it used with Task Manager, it crashes when it reaches about 3.3-3.5GB) There appear to be no other solutions that I can find for this error, and was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this error, and if there were any fixes. The mod list as exported by CKAN These are the most up to date versions of the mod CKAN allows for 1.2.2 DxDiag - I have seen this be requested a few times in relation to similar crashes from other games, so will provide it. Thank you for any help.
  11. I decided to try realism overhaul, and my game is crashing as soon as it finishes loading. I am not sure what is causing it. Log: Mods: KSP: 1.2.2 (Win32) - Unity: 5.4.0p4 - OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit Toolbar - 1.7.13 Advanced Jet Engine - 2.8 B9 Aerospace Procedural Parts - 0.40.11 Community Resource Pack - 0.6.6 CommunityTechTree - 3.0.3 Connected Living Space - Contract Configurator - 1.22.2 CustomBarnKit - 1.1.12 Deadly Reentry - Ferram Aerospace Research - Firespitter - 7.5.1 Kerbal Construction Time - 1.3.9 Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - 3.3.2 KSP-AVC Plugin - MagiCore - 1.2.5 ModularFlightIntegrator - 1.2.4 Procedural Parts - 1.2.11 RCS Build Aid - 0.9.1 RealChute - 1.4.3 RealismOverhaul - 11.5.1 RealSolarSystem - 12.0 RemoteTech - 1.8.6 RetractableLiftingSurface - 0.1.3 RSSDateTime - 1.1 Saturatable RW - 1.12 SCANsat - Ship Manifest - SolverEngines - 3.1 SXTContinued - TAC Life Support - 0.13 TweakScale - 2.3.4 VenStockRevamp - 1.9.5
  12. Control probes

    Hello, I'm playing KSP with the realism overhaul mods installed, and the thing is that I was wondering if there is any mod that allows you to control a probe witch has no more antenna conection than a crewed vessel witch has no conection with the earth. For example control a rover on the martian surface from a martian base witch has no connection to the earth. Thanks in advance!
  13. In late December, 1949, President Truman gives a historic speech, the culmination of years of diplomacy and burgeoning peace across the world. The most famous line from that speech, goes something like this... "We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy... but because it is the only thing we have left to do!" And so began a race to space - an attempt to put little green men, and women, on the moon before the end of the Truman presidency, early January 1953. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The following will be my RP0 speed-run playthrough, inspired by @soundnfury's Racing into Space mod game, chronicled here I'll also be using @pap1723 new tech tree and contracts, still in development. I won't be doing totally broken things, like breaking the weight limits of a pad by refueling with clamp pumps, but I do intend to push the limits here! Should be a wild ride. Notes and information
  14. My first Realism Overhaul station

    I launched my first RO/RSS station. (It was granted, monolithic, but still...) So yeah!
  15. I can´t install realism overhaul using CKAN. Always fails at some point with several errors of libraries that could not be installed. I am installing it on a fresh 1.2.2 release. Any clues? Thanks for any help UPDATE: I removed most of the recommended mods and it installed. Must be one (or several) of them...
  16. Realism Overhaul If you want to discuss Realism Overhaul or how to use Realism Overhaul check out this thread here. Realism Overhaul is a mod that makes Kerbal Space Program behave more like real life. If you're interested in seeing what it's like to fly rockets in the real world, this is the mod for you! Realism Overhaul does this by combining and configuring other mods, and mod and stock parts to perform as their real-life equivalents. You can expect things to be a little harder, and rockets to be a bit bigger, but the scenes far more epic, and the accomplishment that much greater. Some of the most signfiicant changes include: Engines have real sizes and performance values, and use real fuels. Most of them have limited ignitions and suffer from ullage. Pods are as large as their real-life counterparts and weigh what they should. Propellant tanks have correct dry mass ratios. Solar panels don't produce massive amounts of energy, but they are lighter. Similarly reaction wheels aren't magically powerful anymore (though they still don't require momentum dumping). Contributors to Realism Overhaul: A1Ch1, Raidernick, james3838, camlost, JandCandO, Sarbian, marcelocoelhorodrigues, NathanKell, hattivat, batuhan, Ravenchant, bax-, advice-dawgg, jean400, RedAV8R, jedi95, MedievalNerd, regex, Felger, Temeter, Replica17, veskenapper, ferram4, leudaimon, BevolJ, RezzyD, Agathorn, TheKosmonaut, TheVoid2, Theysen, Phredward, ChrisPBacon, Kibbick, Niemand303, AlimOncul, AjentK, pjf, rocketscience, John-Long-Silver, doktorjet, Ippo343, Dragon01, Probus, BryceSchroeder, Bsd0, asmi, Starman4308, stratochief66, StupidChris, OvidHamburg, awang, winged, rsparkyc, PhineasFreak, Zarbizaure, JoseEduardo, ctiberious, SirKeplan, Schnobs, pap1723, ec429, assassinacc, AntiClockwisePropeller, AlphaMike741, olympic1 Album credits: @winged, @Chris P. Bacon, @raidernick, @Zarbizaure, @NathanKell Getting Started The Realism Overhaul Wiki contains gameplay guides to help you get off the ground: Commonly Asked Questions (with commonly answered answers) Building Your First RO Rocket Ferram's Launch Vehicle Tutorial Engine Choice and Stage Sizing Ferram on Ascent Profile and TWR How to use those Puny Ion Engines Getting Started Contributing If you'd like to talk to us, contribute, or ask for help on a bug, you can always find someone online on the RealismOverhaul IRC Channel ( #RO (Webchat, or use a client like HexChat) or our community discord here: If you're experiencing a bug, please post an output_log.txt (This can be found in your /KerbalSpaceProgam/KSP_Data/ folder) Mod Choices When installing Realism Overhaul, you've got a plethora of mod choices to further customize your gameplay. This section lists mods that are supported and/or recommended. Dependencies These mods are required for Realism Overhaul to function correctly. CKAN will automatically install all of these mods for you when you install Realism Overhaul. Advanced Jet Engine Ferram Aerospace Research Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Module Manager Real Chute Real Fuels Real Heat Real Plume SmokeScreen Recommendations These mods are recommended, and installed by default in CKAN. They are not required, and you can install all or none of them to your own liking. B9 Procedural Wings Connected Living Space Deadly Reentry Hangar Extender KSP Automatic Version Checker MechJeb - see the RO wiki for more info Procedural Fairings Procedural Fairings - For Everything! Procedural Parts RCS Build Aid Kopernicus Real Solar System RSS Textures - Choose your resolution Remote Tech Semi-Saturable Reaction Wheels TAC Life Support Test Flight - Download 'TestFlight - Core' only Texture Replacer Principia - recommended for axial tilt, realistic n-body physics - Check the installation instruction in the mod's thread / no CKAN (Green Mods are highly recommended, orange ones add to realism, but also make the game more difficult) Suggestions These mods are supported part packs that make it easier to build rockets. We suggest installing at least a few of these. New Mechanics: DMagic Orbital Science Kerbal Attachment System SCANsat New Parts: AIES Aerospace ALCOR ATK Propulsion Pack Atomic Age Community ISS Constellation Essentials CryoEngines FASA Forgotten Real Engines KW Rocketry Launchers Pack Near Future Tech NicheParts Porkworks Habitation RLA Stockalike Soviet Engines RealEngines Real Scale Boosters RN Antares-Cygnus RN Proton & Soyuz R7 RN Salyut/Soyuz/Vostok/Voskhod RN Skylab RN Solar Panels RN Soviet Probes RN US Probes Pack SSTU -> USE THIS VERSION HERE FLAGGED FOR 1.2.2 COMPATIBILITY SXT Taerobee Tantares Tantares LV Universal Storage Ven's Stock Revamp (Mods followed by a * are not currently installable via CKAN, those colored blue add engines) P Installation To install Realism Overhaul you can either use CKAN, or do things manually. Pre-Packaged installation via CKAN CKAN is an excellent tool for installing mods in an orderly fashion. We have prepared a set of installation packages for the mods in Realism Overhaul. Here follow instructions for how to install via CKAN (alternatively check out the CKAN User's Guide): Start out by creating a clean installation of KSP. (If you don't, beware the dragons!) Next, visit the forum thread here and download the latest release here. Place ckan.exe in your KSP installation directory. CKAN offers you two modes of use. You can use the graphical user interface, as explained below, or you can use its command line interface. If you wish to do the latter, check out the CKAN user's guide for more information on the command line interfrace. Launch the CKAN GUI by double-clicking the ckan.exe in your KSP directory Use the Filter to find Realism Overhaul Select Realism Overhaul to install Click Go To Changes Proceed through the menus to select your installation. Watch CKAN install Realism Overhaul and all the other mods for you Launch KSP. Enjoy! Alternative: Manual Installation If you don't like automation, there's always the old 'by hand' way: Start with a fresh, unadulterated, install of KSP. Download and install the required mods. Ensure you have the most up to date version and have followed their respective installation instructions. Download and install Realism Overhaul itself. To do so, download the zip archive and unzip all folders inside its GameData folder into your KSP/GameData folder. Launch KSP. Enjoy! IMPORTANT - DELETE YOUR OLD REALISM OVERHAUL FOLDER Realism Overhaul Github Release Page (DOWNLOAD HERE - latest 1.2.2 release version) Source Changelog. Changelogs going further back can be found in the old Realism Overhaul thread, an even older Realism Overhaul thread, and the RedAV8R Realism Patch thread. Official Realism Overhaul Craft Repository _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WIP (PATCHES WELCOME!) Please see this Google Spreadsheet for the Current WIP or desired mod packs. Help updating and creating configs is always welcome! Just jump on the IRC channel (details above) and offer your help! If you fix something in one of these packs, please submit it to the Github Repo instructions here.] Career Mode Realistic Progression Zero incorporates career mode into Realism Overhaul. Note that at this time not all modpacks are supported, see the the RP-0 post for more details. Visual Enhancements RSS Visual Enhancements by pingopete improves the visual appearance of planets and clouds, and it's looking excellent so far! Other Things to help make RO/RSS more enjoyable: Calc.xls by NathanKell This mod was created by NathanKell and RedAV8R. Currently maintained by NathanKell, stratochief66 and SirKeplan. (Contributions by many others. If you were missed in the contributors list at the top of the post, PM Theysen and he'll add you). License CC BY-SA
  17. Hello, Does anyone know where specifically to edit the cfg files to restore the stock thrust values to ion engines in realism overhaul? I know it is unrealistic, but without N-body gravity and continuous thrust trajectory calculators the entire family of engines is basically unusable. Do I have to try and find every engine in a .cfg file, or can I delete something which overrides them? I don't want to mess anything up too badly by trying it myself.
  18. Using the time travel capability known as "previous version steam beta" the universe defined by the realism overhaul suite has been recovered. This thread documents the progress made by our brave Kerbals in exploring the Sol system, from humble beginnings involving V-2 engines and Aerobees to potential crewed interplanetary flight. Live Streams of career progress are found here: Highlights and eventual edited videos will be posted here: I am separating this thread from my 1.21 GPP stream ("Bringing Debris to the Masses") , as it uses a completely different KSP installation and I do plan to play both in parallel over the next few weeks. I will also add highlight screenshots directly to this thread, and post replies to announce my stream (as I both want someone to watch it and have no idea how else to do it). The main modlist: - Realism Overhaul - RP-0 - Real Solar System - TAC Life Support - Remote Tech (Without signal delay for now) - Dmagic Orbital Science and Scansat - Whatever visual enhancement mods I can get working - Many more minor mods for parts, etc.
  19. Rocket Science Advanced

    Hi everyone, Rocket Science Advanced is a new Youtube channel dedicated to explaining some of the science behind our world's space programs. We use the physics/engineering we learn in previous episodes to successfully (sometimes) build and fly missions in a heavily modified version of KSP. In this we use Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Real Progression Zero together with all their required mods, plus many others. We also use TAC Life Support, Kerbal Construction Time, Remote Tech to add both realism and challenge. We will be comparing (once we get there in the game) different methods for getting to Mars and establishing a permanent presence there. If you like science/math you will like this. If you don't, but you want a challenge, you may also like this. While probably meant for a more mature audience, I invite any and all to give it a try. There will be regular content added (and my skills should also improve on the video side) so I hope to establish a space-loving community, especially one that is interested in the human colonization of mars (the moon too, sure) in real life. Rocket Science Advanced PS. I wrote (and copyrighted) the music used (except of course within the KSP game itself). The music is the hardest part because I need to try to crank it out for every other episode or you might get bored hearing the same stuff all the time. Any feedback is appreciated. There are only 3 episodes there now, but I promise many more are coming. PSS. I may be a bottle rocketeer on this forum, but just so you know, I have 30 years experience as an Aerospace Engineer.
  20. Rocket Science Advanced

    Hi Everyone, I have posted the trailer for a series coming next Friday called Rocket Science Advanced (Rocket Science 101 was taken by NASA). It is part science/math to explain the critical design challenges in various areas of the world's space programs. This uses Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Real Progression Zero to add more realism to simulations. Roughly half the episodes are flight/gameplay and half are science-tech oriented (with some engineering thrown in). I hope you like it. Parallax59 PS. It is very expensive to license other's music for videos, so I wrote my own music.
  21. As we know, the current RO version's engines can only have limited chance to ignitor and can't be relaoded. But the mod called "Engine Ignitor" which originally made by @HoneyFox allows you to relaod the engine with something like "hypergolic fluid". The mod is now managed by @DennyTX The mod is here.[1.2] Engine Ignitor continued. (23 oct 2016) Can RO support this mod? Then I can build the rocket like Falcon9 that can ignitor the second times to make itself reuseable. That will be great.
  22. Hey there! I've been working on a reuseable rocket, powered by LO2 & LH2, recently. I figured out that the Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME or RS-25) are very good and effective 1st stage engines, but I've got stuck with one issue: The SSME has only 1 Ignition available. So I started looking for a mod, which gives you the ability to ignite engines a customizeable amount of times, by adding hypergolic or pyrophoric substances, such as Triethylaluminium (TEAL), which ignites spontaneusely in contact with O2. TEAL is being used by SpaceX in their falcon 9 first stage, giving it the ability of igniting the merlin engines multiple times. So I would like someone to make a mod (because I'm not a programmer), which gives you the ability of igniting your engines multiple times, by adding an external (or internal) ignitor, which is connected to a tank filled with a hypergolic or pyrophoric substance(s). It would be amazing, if someone could recreate what I've just written. Thank you very much for your attention! Here are some pictures of my reuseable LH2/LO2 Rocket. Enjoy!
  23. Hello, Are there any (or any planned) 1.13/1.2 compatible mods which allow boiloff of cryogenic fuels to be mitigated using parts? Something like what Nertea has for Cryogenic tanks, but aimed at Realfuels. Hydrolox engines (from RL-10s to NTRs) are available and almost required for a reasonable crewed mission to anywhere beyond the moon - hauling 100 tons of life support supplies for a Mars mission with <340 ISP engines (think orbit injection, maneuvering and return stages) is painful. I would much prefer to stick on some solar panels, batteries or RTGs and be able to keep my tanks from boiling off. Maybe make the energy cost proportional to the heat flux entering the tank (so solar irradiation based on surface area, etc). I think there was a heat pumps mod in the olden days which did this, but I could not find one designed for a recent version of KSP. Thanks, Max
  24. Hello, I recently installed Realism Overhaul onto KSP 1.1.3. It has been fully functional and I decided to add RP-0 to utilize Career Mode. When I start a new career mode and enter mission control. There are contracts available. I select the contracts, exit mission control. They appear under the contracts tab. I then enter the VAB or SPH and the contract tab wipes itself. I have searched through the KSP log and could not find a blatant issue. Mind you I don't fully understand the log. Any help is much appreciated!