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Found 40 results

  1. Tired of the stock silliness, but Realism Overhaul is just too much? Wish there was something in-between that kept some of the stock style but didn't require 50+ mods and 15,000+ Module Manager patches? If you feel that way, then this mod is for you. This is my project to remake the rocket and spacecraft side of KSP to use real-life rockets, spacecraft and probes from the past, present and future, along with elements of realism, but without all the massive complexity, mod requirements and high patch count of Realism Overhaul (which is awesome, but can be simply TOO much). This is not a mere parts add-on, it will eventually be a revamp of most of the stock game (well, except for the plane parts, which won't be affected too much). Among the major changes that are involved : > The rocket and space parts will be drastically replaced, altered or deleted, replacing the lego-style system with specific parts for each rocket and spacecraft type. Many will be modelled by me, but some existing stock and mod models will be used as well. They will not be 100% exact replicas, but generally simplified and close enough for the purposes of this project. > All rockets and spacecraft will be at (generally) 64% scale of the real ones. This means no standardized tank diameters and such, each will be at the proper 64% scale size. For example, the Soyuz parts are not 1.875m, but 1.72m for most; the Saturn V and Apollo CSM will be 6.4m, 4.23m and 2.5m (which already is 64% scale of the 3.9m Apollo). > Engines and fuel tanks/stages will use different fuel types, depending on what it used in reality. No one fuel type for everything. There will even be a separate fuel type for the jet engines, as well as for automotive engines. Ozidizer-Fuel ratios will also be different for various engine families and for different fuel types. > Reaction wheels will be removed from manned and unmanned spacecraft, as well as aircraft cockpits, and the standalone ones reduced in strength and restricted the late career/tech tree phase...if not removed entirely. RCS is what most spacecaft use or have used, and what will have to be used for attitude control and translation in this Simple Overhaul. The exceptions will be for certain kinds of space stations that used/use them in reality. > Launch pads and towers in simplified form will be included for some of the rockets, to make them seem even more real. > Surface attachment will be disabled for many parts, and the ones that normally are surface-attached will either be node-attached (e.g. solar panels), integrated into another part (like science instruments/experiments), or eliminated entirely. > The tech tree will be changed completely, replacing the typical generic-style tech nodes with ones for specific rockets, spacecraft and probes. > New custom resource and science definitions, and stock ones modified. > The stock solar system has been altered to one based on the real one (but not exactly), but still using the existing planet and moon assets. Kerbin now has a 24-hour rotation period, and alternate launch sites have been added, with the stock KSC site removed. * Change Log * > 0.01 Initial dev partial release. Soyuz-KG rocket and Soyuz-KMA spacecraft parts, along with a small sampling of the changes to the stock game. *** INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS *** *** IMPORTANT NOTE **** Do NOT use an existing save or craft file with the AlphaMensae Simple Overhaul. When completed, the full version WILL break saves and existing craft in various ways from minor (and possibly funny) to total carnage (not very funny). The initial release is mainly about the Soyuz, but there are some changes to existing stock stuff already implemented that could make for rude surprises. The AlphaMensae Simple Overhaul requires the use of some other mods in order to work. One of them, KSC Switcher, is included in the file; both 1.2.2 and 1.3.x versions are included. The other mods must be installed separately. 1. Download and install AlphaMensaeOverhaul: Copy the AlphaOverhaul folder from the .zip into your KSP Gamedata folder. NOTE: If you want to use SSRSS, GPP or some other total-conversion planet pack, do not copy over the AlphaOverhaul/SolarSystem folder; use the planet pack's configs instead. 2. Select which version of KSC Switcher you want to use, either the 1.2.2 or 1.3.x one, and copy the folder to your Gamedata folder. 3. Download and install Kopernicus: 4. Download and install Sigma Dimensions: 5. Other required mods that must be downloaded and installed: Module Manager (if not included elsewhere, absolutely needed above all else) Kerbal Joint Reinforcement (the Simple Overhaul is developed with KJR installed, no guarantee that it will work with the stock autostrutting) Modular Rocket Systems (for certain part models, may be eliminated in future versions) Space-Y Lifters (for certain part models) Discontinued Parts (strictly for the pre-1.0.5 Mk1 Cockpit) Community Tech Tree (for now, CTT needs to be installed) Take Command Continued (for the early career phase) MechJeb (the Mechjeb module is incorporated into certain spacecraft) While technically not a requirement, the use of Kerbal Engineer Redux is strongly recommended. This mod is being shared under the CC-BY-NC-SA license: Notes: The intial scale for the solar system is stock scale; later on I will develop configs for other scales, and eventually a conversion for real-scale/10x. All the rockets in this mod are being designed to launch from the 24-hour day Kerbin that is part of the included solar system changes, as well as from non-equatorial launch sites. The delta-V needed to reach orbit from the stock-scale Kerbin is already ratther low that I feel getting a rotational boost is not needed. In addition, certain rockets (like the Soyuz and other Soviet/Russian ones) also are designed to launch from a specific launch site latitide. Hence, they will have more delta-V needed if launched from the stock Kerbin or some faster-rotating home planet like the SSRSS Earth or GPP Gael. The rockets are also designed for a single burn to orbit, without any of the usual stock coasting. This is done by keeping your time to apoapsis less than a minute, and when you reach your desired orbit altitude, pitch over so the time to apo starts decreasing, ideally reaching zero when your periapsis is at the desired altitude. The stock launch clamps and the pads/towers I make will have the generator in the "off" position, and must be manually switched on. This allows you to switch to internal power at a point in a countdown. My links: Twitch Youtube
  2. [1.3.1] Sonic Realism

    Modifies the in-flight sound to be more realistic: Makes the amplitude what an actual comoving listener would hear at the position of the camera — if the craft is supersonic, you will not hear any sound outside the shock cone, and will hear louder close to the shock Mutes the sound by atmospheric density — the thinner the air, the quieter the sound Has no effect in IVA mode I was using Atmospheric Sound Enhancement, but it not works with latest KSP, ergo Sonic Realism. Code Download MIT License To use, copy SonicRealism.dll somewhere into your GameData directory (for example: GameData/SonicRealism). Cheers!
  3. This mod adds signal delay for probes in KSP, based on their CommNet connectivity. It means that you will only see the commands you issue after the radio wave reaches the vessel and returns back. Controlling interplanetary probes gets harder but more realistic. Antennas also now use Electric Charge (when deployed) for telemetry. Depending on signal strength (only the first link matters), EC usage can decrease up to 50%. All the features can be enabled, disabled or adjusted through in-game Settings. Download latest release for KSP 1.3.1 Download v0.2.1 for KSP 1.3.0 Source Status The mod is in beta. Please report bugs via the GitHub Issues tab or at the forum and attach the output log. Required & Supported Mods Module Manager - required for EC usage feature kOS - terminal is supported, but all the commands are implemented without delay DMagic Orbital Science JX2Antenna USI Kolonization Systems (MKS) Surface Experiment Pack (SEP) Known Issues The mod doesn't handle part actions (e.g. experiment deployment), so they are not delayed. If you find it cheaty, you can choose to hide them, in the Settings, and use action groups instead. RCS linear translation (HNJLIK keys) is not supported at the moment. I haven't figured out how to execute these actions. Autopilot and similar mods (such as MechJeb) also have no delay, because they interact with the vessel directly. License: MIT Change Log:
  4. Real Agencies Collection v1.0.4 - for KSP 1.2.2 About: The Real Agencies Collection is not a real mod, it is just a small framework, a collection of real world companies, inlcuding their logos and some basic information, configured into KSP-agencies, so parts from realistic-ish-esque-alike mods, that have a matching manufacturer tag, will show up in their respective manufacturer categories in the VAB, with neat logos. I've selected original, as well as fused companies and consortiums, from the pioneering times to the modern world of rocketry and aeronautics, just to have them all (most of them), and add a teeny tiny bit of immersion. As a nice side effect, all companies can be selected as 'mission flag' and might even appear in mission control, offering explosion. In short: An agency framework for RealismOverhaul. Agencies currently available: Army Ballisic Missile Agency (ABMA) Aerojet Aerojet-Rocketdyne Airbus Airbus Defence & Space Ames Research Center Applied Physics Lab ArianeGroup Arianespace ATK BAE Systems Bell Aircraft Bendix Aviation Bigelow Aerospace Blue Origin Boeing Boeing IDS Bosch Bristol Siddeley California Institute of Technology (CalTech) China Acedemy of Launch Vehicle Technology (CALT) Chrysler Convair Daimler-Benz Delco Electronics Douglas Dynetics EADS EADS Astrium European Space Agency (ESA) General Electric Aviation General Electric Godrej Grumman Hercules Honeywell Hughes HVA Peenemünde IBM IHI Aerospace International Launch Services (ILS) Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (ISSR) Italian Space Agency (ASI) Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) KB Khimavtomatika KB KhimMash KB Yuzhnoye Khrunichev Krasmash L3 Electron Devices (L3 EDD) Lockheed Lockheed Martin Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Martin USA Martin Marietta Marquardt Corporation Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Matra Marconi Space (Matra) McDonnell McDonnell Douglas MDA Space Missions Mitsubishi Mittelwerk GmbH Moog MT Aerospace NASA North American Aviation (NAA) North American Rockwell Space Division (NAR) Northrop Grumman NPO Almaz NPO Energomash NPO Lavochkin NPO Mashinostroyeniya OKB-1 Orbital ATK Orbital Sciences PA Polyot PA Yuzhmash Pratt & Whitney Raytheon RKK Energia RocketLab Rocketdyne Rockwell International Rolls-Royce Roscosmos RUAG Space Safran Siemens Snecma SNTK Kuznetsov SpaceX Teledyne Technologies Thales Alenia Space Thiokol TsSKB-Progress United Launch Alliance (ULA) United Technologies U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Voronezh Mechanical Plant Features no "code" so far, only configs and pictures. The indiviual logos were taken from wikipedia entries, I merely resized and cropped them and made them transparent, where applicable. The descriptive texts are just cleaned up versions of the very first few lines from their wikipedia entries. The 'mentalities' are rather arbitrarily chosen, please feel free to point out funky business. Some of the rather intricately detailed logos have pretty washed out downscaled versions, my apologies, I have only and might have not always chosen the wisest of sources and scalings^^ Media: (North American Rockwell Space division) (NPO Energomash) (Rocketdyne.) WIP: - Localization for KSP 1.3.0... (wip) - Proper configuration of mentalities... (wip) - Addon Version Checker (AVC) support - Module Manager (MM) patch for conformal RealismOverhaul manufacturer entries (obsolete) - Fix file structure in download archive (done) - Very unlikely, but one never knows, a module that, according to the current ingame calender date and pre configured timeline tags in the partconfigs, changes manufacturer tags on individual parts, as well as enabling and disabling certain manufacturers and/or locking/unlocking of individual parts. Some funny simulation of company takeovers, fusion, conglomeration, disbandment, transformation, LosTech, mostly for people that like 'historic' playthroughs. Example: Soviet Union era OKBs get disabled on 26 September 1991, discontinued rocket parts get disabled, continued rocket parts have a new manufacturer. Or Martin Marietta and Lockheed becoming Lockheed Martin, all parts from the former two companies can now be found in the new company. Why? Huh... Sounds funny. But no priority, just a thought. Support: - SpaceDock - CKAN (implemented through SpaceDock, dunno if works properly) - If you find anything suspicious, malicious, devious, obnoxious or insidious, please don't hesitate and post any bugs here. - If you have suggestions regarding more agencies, dosn't hesitate, just tell which one you'd like to have. I'll wait until I have another batch to add (not too long) and make a new release. - If you happen to be the owner of a company in this mod and are very unfond of finding your awesome logo in this awesome game stuffed with awseome mods, please tell, I shalt remove thee^^ - If you want to participate in any way, feel free to participate, just poke me with an ad-equate poking stick. Dependencies: - Probably Module Manager, dunno^^ Intalling instructions: Download the *.zip (or *.rar) file from GitHub or SpaceDock, open it up, and extract the "RealAgenciesCollection" folder it into your "KSP\Gamedata\..." folder. Or use CKAN. RealAgenciesCollection v1.0.4 Download from GitHub Download from SpaceDock License: GPL-3.0 Changelog: v1.0.4 v1.0.3 v1.0.2 Credits: To aaaalll my friends! Wait... wrong movie^^ Credits go to all respective companies and their logo-designers, to all involved contributors on wikipedia, to the entire RealismOverhaul team and to TiktaalikDreaming for providing the 'North Amercan Rockwell Space Division' logo. Detailed credits on the logos can be found inside the credits.txt file in the download.
  5. [1.2.2] Realistic Heat Managment

    Hello, and this is my first mod, Realistic Heat Managment. Currently, it only adds new heat shield resources, but new features, like planets radiating heat, are on the way! Download: Click Here Dependencies: Module Manager License: MIT Source Code
  6. Right, so I can't get any engine plumes in my modded KSP 1.2 install which I have kept for realism overhaul with real solar system. So basically, there's no engine smoke/exhaust or plume and that's pretty much it. I hope someone can guide me on what I need to make them work. I first had RealPlume put in my Gamedata folder and then I tried putting the realplume configs in the Realism Overhaul folder into the Gamedata folder itself with no luck. Also I do have smokescreen installed and I have also tried keeping the RealPlume_stockconfig something folder in Gamedata as well. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me exactly which folders I need and where for this to work as I'm really confused. Feel free to ask me for any ingame screenshots or my Gamedata directory if you need to. EDIT: its version 1.1.3, not 1.2
  7. Hey there, KSP community! I posted a couple years ago a thread regarding my desire to create probe parts, as I felt probes in KSP were desperately lacking the love they deserve. Unfortunately, despite the kind words and encouraging comments, the process quickly overwhelmed me, as I was unsure how to process with the mod-creation process, and my texture work leaves alot to be desired. Well, that was two years ago, and now I ask all of you a seemingly simple question: which areas of the game do you believe need improving upon; what niche or niches need to be filled to make the game more of what it can be? Of course, Squad provides us with the results of their hard work and we appreciate what they give us, but there are many of us that are left wanting more. Perhaps we feel that the game should be more realistic, and thus we want more mods like FAR, DRE, RemoteTech, and Kerbalism. Or maybe we feel that our dreams cannot be fulfilled by the limited collection of parts, so we yearn for more parts. Whatever the reason, there are many who are left wanting more. And that is where this thread comes in. So, please, don't hold back, and tell me what you all would love to see. My main area is in 3D Modeling, with a little basic programming under my belt. What I don't know, I am willing to learn, so even if it seems complex, I will try my darndest at making it happen. Thank you for your time, and I can't wait to see what my fellow members of the KSP community have to say regarding this subject!
  8. This is just a funny idea I had, but what if you had a mod that you could toggle on and off while on a mission. When toggled on, it would purposely add a user-defined number of seconds of input lag. It does take time for signals to move the sorts of distances involved in space after all (from Earth to the Moon is what, about a second?) If you wanted to make it a more automated "challenge" mod, rather than a just-for-fun thing you toggle, you could have it add some amount of time for any vessel in a sphere of influence without a manned vessel it can connect to. Naturally, to avoid the problems that would occur with signals taking multiple hours to get around the Kerbol system, you could act like the signals still do travel much faster than the speed of light in our universe, or just do something like add one second each time the signal has to change sphere-of-influence on its way from a manned ship to the unmanned vessel you are controlling. Or, you could input some controls, then hit a button to carry out what you input to simulate having to wait a while for the signals to reach the target. I mean, yeah, the assumption is that most unmanned KSP vessels have an onboard AI that operates them to a partial extent, but sending of actual commands should realistically take time and add to the challenge, right? Speaking of challenges, I could totally see there being challenges to launch a rocket to the mun and back with something like 2-3 seconds of input lag or something the whole way. Much crashing I imagine.
  9. Is there a way to create a coolant resource mod that makes radiators require it (losing effectiveness without it [maybe dissipation times percentage of coolant in the system]), and leaks if hit (BDA) or damaged (KerbalKrashSystem) or randomly leak from DangIt. Ideally, 2 resources (coolant and hot coolant) and coolant lines (redone fuel lines is fine), that can also leak, with engines converting coolant into hot coolant, cooling it down in the process, whilst radiators turn hot coolant into normal 'cold' coolant. This is for my WW2 and Korean War reenactments for better engine damage Bonus points for oil/coolant differentiation, or coolant leak effects (toned down and recoloured jet exhaust textures?) For KSP 1.2 and above please
  10. RealisticComponents Suite is a collection of small mods for KSP 1.2.2; the aim is to provide parts that look like the real ones. I make them in my spare time and, since I am usually quite busy, it takes a VERY LONG time to see them growing... I'm very sorry! Be patient, please Tested parts are highlighted in green. Parts with issues are highlighted in yellow. Parts to do are highlighted in red. All textures are currently in .png format, and very simple handmade ones. I am planning to convert them into the .dds format in future versions. Top: 4 m HGA. Bottom, from left to right: conical LGA, horn LGA, GPHS, MMRTG, ASRG Up to now, the largest mod is RTGs, a collection of replicas of radioisotope thermoelectric generators, mainly from the US space programs; these RTGs have been already implemented: MMRTG (Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator); GPHS (General Purpose Heat Source); ASRG (Advanced Stirling Radioisotope Generator); MHW (MultiHundred Watt); SNAP-3B (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 3B); SNAP-9A (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 9A); SNAP-19 (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 19); SNAP-27 (Systems for Nuclear Auxiliary Power - 27). Now complete with RO configs! These space nuclear reactors are still to implement: SNAP-10A; BES-5. You can download RTGs on GitHub. Another mod - still to heavily improve and fix - is ChemEngines, a collection of chemical engines (solid, liquid, and hybrid) that are based on RealFuels by NathanKell. I am currently working on these engines: Aerojet Rocketdyne HiPAT thruster (MMH/NTO); Aerojet Rocketdyne R-4D thruster (MMH/NTO); AAO hybrid rocket (a LOX/HTPB design I have been working on in my university class). More engines will follow. You can download ChemEngines on Github. The last mod is Antennas, dedicated to various kinds of space antennas - high gain, medium gain, and low gain. There are currently these working antennas: 4m High Gain Antenna; Conical Low Gain Antenna; Horn Low Gain Antenna. Again, their performances are currently equal to those of the stock antennas. Improvements will come in the future. You can download Antennas on Github. Again, be patient and... stay tuned! This work is released under a MIT license.
  11. This mod introduces astronauts' health management to KSP. You have to consider health implications when building vessels, planning and executing missions. It covers various factors affecting health including living space, microgravity, radiation, diseases, accidents and more. It is highly customizable and works well alongside most popular mods. Download latest release for KSP 1.3.1 Wiki Source Unsupported releases for older KSP versions: v1.0.1 for KSP 1.3.0, v0.5.3 for KSP 1.2.2 Features Every kerbal has Health Points (HP). Maximum HP increase with kerbals' level. A newbie has 100 HP while a 5-level kerbal has 150 (by default). Kerbals' HP change, including in background and in timewarp, based on a range of factors such as living space, presence of crewmates, gravity, and specific ship parts. E.g., a level 1 kerbal will typically survive 11 days in a 1-man pod before becoming exhausted and turning into a Tourist. Kerbals need time to recuperate at the KSC between flights to restore full health. If a kerbal's health goes under 20%, he/she is exhausted and becomes a tourist. They will go back to work when health grows back to 25%. If a kerbal's health falls to 0, he/she dies! Kerbals experience radiation, both cosmic and artificial, which permanently affects their maximum health. You can protect from radiation by using shielding and choosing safer mission profiles. Kerbals may fall sick, have health accidents or panic attacks: prepare for contingences! Health Monitor lets you check on all your kerbals in KSC and in flight. Health Report in Editor helps design comfy and healthy craft. A configurable low health alert will warn you when you are about to lose a kerbal. Compatibility patches support a range of parts mods (see below). All of these settings are easily changed or disabled in-game and with ModuleManager patches. Health Factors The following factors may affect kerbal's health: Assigned (kerbal is on a mission): -0.5 HP/day Crowded (scaled effect): -3 x / HP/day Loneliness (only 1 kerbal on the vessel, badass kerbals are immune): -1 HP/day Microgravity (orbital or suborbital flight or under 0.1 g conditions, e.g. Minmus): -0.5 HP/day EVA: -10 HP/day (don't abandon your kerbals outside for long!) Sickness (the kerbal is marked as Sick, cures after some time): -5 HP/day Connected (having a working CommNet to home): +0.5 HP/day Home (on Kerbin at altitude of under 18 km): +2 HP/day KSC (kerbal is recuperating in KSC, i.e. available): +5 HP/day These values, like most others in the mod, are adjustable in Difficulty Settings. Certain parts (Hitchhiker, crew cabin, and the Cupola) can reduce the effect of a health factor (e.g. Crowded or Loneliness) allowing for much longer and healthier flights. It often requires EC though. Hab rings (e.g. in MKS) can help overcome microgravity issues for long-term stations and interplanetary missions. All these features can be changed using ModuleManager patches. Health Recuperation and Health Decay Certain parts (such as the Cupola) provide Recuperation bonuses. If a kerbal receives, say, a 1% recuperation bonus, he/she will recover 1% of their lacking health (i.e. of the difference between their current HP and the maximum HP) every day. This change works in parallel with the normal health factors above. Example: A 5-star kerbal (maximum HP = 150) currently has 40 Health Points and is in a vessel that gives him 1% recuperation. The vessel has 10 units of living space and he has connection and he has a crewmate. Therefore he recovers (150 - 40) x 1% = 1.1 HP per day and loses also (0.5 + 3 x 2 / 10 + 0.5 - 0.5) = 1.15 HP per day. It means that the marginal change balances out the "normal" change and his health will stay around 40 HP (27%) until the situation changes. As you see, this mechanics may allow some kerbals to stay relatively healthy indefinitely. It may look cheaty, but the point is that: (1) there should be a way to design long-term missions without spamming crew space, (2) it requires a lot of heavy parts and therefore still difficult, (3) the balanced health level is usually far from 100% and may fall lower if circumstances change (e.g., new crew arrives and fills the station), (4) these bonuses require a lot of EC, (5) radiation still keeps mounting (see below). Note that, since v1.1, Recuperation is not stacked and has crew cap. It means that one Cupola provides 1% Recup for 2 kerbals, 2 Cupolas give 1% for 4 kerbals (not 2%!), etc. If you have more kerbals than the crew cap, Recuperation will be split among them evenly (e.g. 4 kerbals with 1 Cupola will get 0.5% Recup). Radiation All kerbals on missions are affected by radiation, which slowly but permanently reduces their maximum HP. Radiation is measured in banana equivalent doses (about 1e-7 Sv), or simply bananas. 1e7 (10,000,000) bananas reduce max HP by 25%; 4e7 bananas kill a kerbal. Currently, there is no way to reduce the dose and, if it is added in the future, it's going to be really hard. The amount of radiation a kerbal receives depends on many factors. Most importantly, it is determined by their location. Planetary magnetic fields and atmospheres reduce radiation substantially; being very close to a celestial body may screen half of the rays too. E.g., radiation level at Kerbin's surface is 2,000 times lower than in interplanetary space just outside Kerbin's SOI. Cosmic radiation is also greater closer to the Sun. Being on EVA takes away all the protection your ship provides and dramatically increases radiation level. Artificial radiation is created by certain part like atomic engines and nuclear reactors. You can protect kerbals from radiation (both cosmic and artificial) by adding shielding to the vessel. It is provided by some parts, like structural panels, heat shields and mk3 cargo bays. These parts and most crew pods can be improved by adding Radiation Shielding to them in the Editor. You can never eliminate all radiation, but you can reduce it significantly. You may use this tool to calculate radiation effects. Copy it to your Google Drive or download as XLSX to edit. Random Events Kerbals' organisms, like ours own, are not always predictable. Sometimes, very rarely, you may see random events that can impact your whole mission. Now you need to prepare for contingencies like real space programs do. You may completely disable or fine-tune the event system in settings. Sickness/Curing: a kerbal can become sick and start losing health quickly. This condition heals itself after some time, but you may have to evacuate the kerbal to KSC (or bar him/her from flights) before their health falls too low. On average, kerbals catch flu once every 200 days and cure after 20 days or so. Note that these diseases have incubation periods, so it may be wise to quarantine kerbals for several weeks before sending them on an interplanetary trip. Panic Attack: when your kerbal's is on a mission, he/she may epxerience a panic attack and become uncontrollable for up to 3 hours. This event's probability depends on the kerbal's health (the lower, the more likely) and courage (the lower, again, the more likely) of the kerbal, the maximum average frequency is once per 100 days. Accident: your kerbals loses a random percentage of their current health (20 to 50%). This event's chance depends on kerbal's stupidity, but generally happens very rarely (every 1,000 days on average with 50% stupidity). However, it can become an important factor for very long missions. Requirements Module Manager Supported Mods B9 Aerospace Blizzy's Toolbar Deadly Reentry Continued DeepFreeze Continued FASA Kerbal Atomics KPBS KSP-AVC KSP Interstellar Extended SpaceY Heavy Lifters USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS) USI-LS Conflicts & Incompatibilities Any mod (such as USI-LS), which can temporarily make kerbals Tourists, can conflict with Kerbal Health if both mods change kerbals' status and then rutn it back. In some situations it may mean that your kerbals will remain Tourists indefinitely or become active too soon. Kerbal Health tries to fix some of these situations, but cannot prevent all of them. It is recommended to disable habitation mechanics of USI-LS' (and other mods') as these largely have the same goal as Kerbal Health. RemoteTech's connection state is not supported for the purpose of the Connected Factor status. This issue will be resolved once RemoteTech 2.0 is released. Meanwhile, you may disable both Connected and Assigned factors to keep balance. Future Features New mechanics: injuries, medical supplies, quarantine, and whatnot... API for collaboration with other mods Feedback & Bug Reports I love feedback! Tell me what you think about the mod, what ideas, suggestions or complaints you have. If you have a bug report, please provide an output log while in Debug Mode (use in-game settings to enable) or at least give exact instructions how to reproduce it. License: MIT Changelog
  12. Hello everyone! Recently I thought about realism mods in KSP and I think I got the idea not yet covered by any of mods. Because you know, dust on solar panel can be an issue if you don't have Mark Kerman to blow the dust away... As far as I remember, it can be real problem for solar powered unmanned rovers... What do you think. Could be nice to have KIS item (pressurized gas tank) to clean up solar panel on landed bases/rovers and so on?
  13. What mods should I use to make KSP as beautiful and realistic looking as possible.
  14. [1.2.2]MFD Revived 1.0.1b

    This is a mod that revives and kitbashes Hyomoto's excellent though held together by die hard fans and duct tape MFD mod. MFD Revived is a rework of RPM to make it more usable. It has organised functions in the three main things you do. Launch, Orbital manoeuvres, Rendezvous, Landing. Images: Reason I'm doing this: It was such shame that Hyomoto's MFD was left more or less on the wayside and forgotten by most, making it difficult for new folks to enjoy it. Mods like this shouldn't be forgotten. It's my dream to package all of these mods together in one zip instead of having you download multiple files. but alas this is how it has to be unless I get permission to make a package. I hope my effort here will at least make it a little easier. My long term goal is to improve the UI and create more functional menus that make use of all of untapped functions in RPM's API. Recommended Mods: Vessel View (see a 3D wireframe of your vessel from in the cockpit and activate parts without needing to bind them to an action group) MechJeb (SAS controls) Navyfish's Docking Port Alignment Indicator (Docking) Kujuman's NavUtilities (aircraft runway landing guide) Engine Igniter (I haven't tried this but I've heard it still works) ScanSat (View scanSat data) AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If the mod comes with a module manager patch that patches RasterPropMonitor, delete it. They were made for Stock RPM's layout, not for MFD. Installation guide: Download file: Github Notes: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and a GNU General Public License Version 3, 29 June 2007
  15. Combat Mission: Black Sea

    Does anyone here play any of the Combat Mission games? I just got into them, so I'd like to hear your experiences about them.
  16. Hey guys, so I was looking at a beautifull sight on earth in KSP, and just say the clouds miles away, curving round our planet. And that made me wondering, in KSP it looks like you can like infinity far in atmosphere. Not the vessels, unless you install distant object enhancements, but clouds and terrain. In the stock game it doesn't really matter that much because you're on your tiny planet, but in RSS I think it would be a really good improvement if there is a fog in the atmosphere. Just like in real life. That everything eventually 'blends' into the atmosphere. Not the sharp lines of a planet that you get in ksp, even with scatterer, like this: But if it could be more like this: If the mod is possible to make, I think it the most logic way to make the fog disapear in the same ratio is the dense of athmosphere does. Let me know what you guys think
  17. "As we know the liquid engines in KSP can ignite for infinite times at any moment as you want, which seems a bit making life too easy." This words has been said ages ago by HoneyFox and i completely agree with him. But his mod has not been updated for ages, also behaviors has been broken by KSP version changes and i have decided to rewrite. All inner logic has been changed but functionality is about the same, according to my vision. Well. What this mod can? 1. Each engine have limited number of available ignitions. 2. Engines requires resources (hypergolic fluid) and ignitors (and also electricity) to be activated. The required amounts of consumables can be configured in CFG. (Example MM patch included, additional explanation see below). 3. If lack of ignitors or hypergolic fluid - ignition will fail. 4. Its functionality could be restored using reloading by kerbalEVA from additional containers (included in pack). 5. Simplified ullage simulation available. If it is on, fuel have two condition s: "stable" (while under gravitation or acceleration) and "unStable" (if weightlessness). For "unStable" state - you can specify a chance of succesfull ignition (0.2 or 20% in example). Better way - to have small special engines for fuel rebound (sit down) down and reignition in weightlessness. 6. Of course, here are unlimited consumables if you'll use Launch clamp. This way onboard resources will not be consumed on launch. (useless to my mind, but let it be) only standart configuration at the moment. But each engine could be configured as you want. Also, more configs for different mods will be provided soon. For example (in upcoming configs): low stage engines will have 1 ignitors and 1 hypergolicFluid (or nothing if launch clamp), upper stages engines should have about 4-8 ignitors and 2 units of hypergolicFluid onboard (so, if you'll need to restart it more times you forced to have hypergolicFluid tanks onboard), LF/OX thrusters should have a lot of ignitors and much less onboard (in engine local part) amount of hypergolicFluid. Mainly (for better playability), amount of hypergolicFluid must be significantly less than ignitors. And IgnitorToolbox must be in top tech nodes. This way in the first games stages we will have engines with limited and unchangeable numbers of ignitors (when we have relatively short flights) and limited hypergolicFluid. This will force gamers carefully select engines for mission. (of course, this this involves having nonstandart configs, and if, after short period of public testing, there will not be found awful errors, i'll provide it). Also, ignitors are using for counting engine usages. In other words - this are engine life duration. HypergolicFluid - just consumables. Config example @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngine*],!RESOURCE[SolidFuel]] { RESOURCE //engine must have resources onboard to ignite { name = HypergolicFluid amount = 4 maxAmount = 4 } MODULE { name = ModuleEngineIgnitor // do not touch ignitionsAvailable = 4 // how many attempts tou have without reloading. -1 for infinitive autoIgnitionTemperature = 800 //we can ignite without spending resources if temp is high enuff ignitorType = T1 // just a string name T1 - means type1 (1 unit of HypergolicFluid for ignition attempt). may be any. useUllageSimulation = true // ullage simulation true/false (on/off) chanceWhenUnstable = 0.2 //0-1 chache to ignite in weightlessness ECforIgnition = 20 // How many EC should be spent per ignition attempt IGNITOR_RESOURCE //main resource usage { name = HypergolicFluid amount = 1 } } } Download from Spacedock DONATE Source installation: remove previous version and just extract an archive into Gamedata. requirements: ModuleManager
  18. Hi KSP! I wanted to say that the aerodynamics are quite advanced, very beautifully and awesomely made! but I can't support it none the less. for two reasons: 1. "Monoplanes produce more lift than for example triplanes, having less wing bodies. that is because triplanes have wings that are so close together that their aerodynamics mix (don't have enough space)" (That is what they thought me on school) So the problem here is: In Kerbal Space Program you can cheat by putting wing(s) in each other and producing more lift, for example. You see that often in large or unrealistic crafts. If this isn't the case anymore (in 1.2) I will be very happy! And I wonder if I ask something very complicated. But for me it ruined my motivation to make aircrafts in KSP. 2. There are no proceduraly generated wings, if not using mods. This limits imagination and options drastically. PS. I really love KSP! I want to thank everyone very much for making such an awesome game!! PPS. You could check the "Gabe Flags" I made ...
  19. Hello world! We all love kerbal space program (why would I be writing on the forums?) and with the new KerbNet and satellite network feature, I was thinking that maybe the whole tech tree should be refurbished in a little bit more of a realistic way. Probes for example should be unlock able FIRST, along with cheap solar panels and antennae. Then, after collecting science, and unlock new parts, manned space flight comes after that. Another thing would be that certain parts unlock when you do certain science experiments. Say you do a butt load of experiments around Kerbol, since Kerbol is very radioactive, you learn how to make the 'Nerva' engine. Get the point? Also maybe (this is more of an extra suggestion that doesn't matter if it isn't in the game) craftable parts. It could work so along with regular parts you unlock components, and with these components you can build custom parts with custom names. Just a suggestion, I love kerbal space program, and although I am not personally working on it, I want it to do well. sincerely, stelum
  20. MOD IDEA Real exploration

    Hello there kerbonaughts! This post is particularly aimed at those of you with a talent for modding or a keen desire for a more real and progressive way to explore the kerbol system. I was watching some videos of various landers and rovers that have touched down on Mars (curiosity and Viking) , Titan (Huygens) and many other celestial bodies in our solar system when it occurred to me just how much information these un-maned devices have allowed us to explore the far eat reaches of our solar system. That started me thinking , I wonder if there is a KSP mod that can emulate this, one that removes the ability to look at other planets through the radar dish array at the KSC but instead requires the player to build space telescopes in order to see images of the target planet and then require te deployment of unmanned orbiters/landers/rovers to said planet in order to actually see it in detail and send maned missions following that. I did some digging and found 1 or two mods that implemented space telescopes but nothing quite like what I am envisioning. If there are any misdeed out there who may be interested in taking on this project , this is my idea thus far.... Firstly remove the ability for te player to see all other planets except kerbin from the radar array at the KSC, and then implement space telescopes .. If the player I thinking of traveling to a planet , the telescope with allow them to gain basic images of the target and identify its orbital path. next would come a rejig of the tech tree , putting these new telescope parts early on , followed by the unmanned technology that woul first be required to visit these bodies. once the player has discovered te planet/moon they wish to visit then they may send an unmanned mission (lander,orbiter or rover) to the target in order to gather information about the surface of the body (consequently 'unlocking' it in the radar array back on Kerbin so the player may look at it in more detail and decide weather or not to send a manned mission for science) Personally, I feel this mod would fit in nicely with the other realism overhaul mods that are currently out there as it is a more realistic progression of discovery, to identification to visiting new planets and moons, and therefore I think it would make a great addition to the kerbal mod selection. I say again this is just an idea that I think would be a lot of fun to play through , but I lack te modding skill to make a reality myself , so I turn to you, the fantastic community!!! Feel free to play with my idea as much as you like, but te premise of nothing else , I believe could serve as the building block for a potentially fantastic realism exploration mod. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I look forward to seeing any ideas anyone has All the best Lord Lofty
  21. Hey guys! After abandoning my A.R.S.E. series due to too many bugs and complications and crashes with 1.05 and effectively leaving KSP for 6 months, I'm back and a few weeks pottering around with the ability to run a stable mod heavy setup, I'm looking to do a video series once more. Hopefully this one will last longer than a few episodes! I'm still unsure on the formatting and whether I should voice it or not. I'm not a big talker but I've given it a go regardless. As stated in the video, the ultimate end game for this is to establish a self sustaining colony for each planet, or get as close as is technically possible. Whether that is on a planets surface, or on a space station in orbit depends on the planet. A little snag of course is Kerbals need that pesky life support! Damn them. I would love to use some of the mods such as planetary bases, resource extraction and processing etc, but atm, Realism Overhaul hasn't given many mods like that it's green stamp of approval. Real ISRU is a WIP and I'm keeping my eye on the development of that. In the meantime, I have plenty of setting up and missions to plan, design, build and run and a long term goal is to reduce the self sustaining parameter of my end game to maybe 20 years. So, "Sustain multiple Kerbals on every planet without interaction for 20 years" is a viable goal in itself. If I get that far and run out of things to do before I've found the mods required to create self sustaining colonies, I'll grab whatever is required whether it's RO kosher or not. Latest Episode - June 3 2016 Vanguard: Episode 1 Establish global communications network via 3 geostationary relay satellites. Modlist Episode List
  22. LCS adds water spray to the launchpad, to keep it cool when your engines are blasting heat down on it. There are going to be 20 different types of nozzles, added incrementally over several updates. For all your cooling needs, use LCS water nozzles! Check out the Falcon 9 nozzles! V0.1 No release yet... sorry about that.
  23. Due to @camlost's extended absence, @NathanKell and I have taken over maintaining AJE. The original thread can be found here. Advanced Jet Engine About Advanced Jet Engine gives jets, propellers, and rotors realistic performance in KSP. NathanKell's valiant efforts have made stock performance much more reasonable in recent versions of KSP, but it's still a very long way from realistic. AJE calculates performance for air-breathing engines based on real thermodynamics. Features Real-world jet engines AJE uses thermodynamic equations to calculate jet engine performance in flight. Real throttle Throttle is linked to fuel consumption instead of thrust. Afterburners, if installed on the engine, is turned on when throttle > 66% and off when throttle <= 66% Overheat. Like in real world, not all engines can tolerate the heat from air compression of hypersonic flight. This is affected by both mach number and throttle Inlet. Each engine requires a minimum inlet area (see right click menu in editor). Make sure you have enough inlet till you see "Inlet Area:100%" in flight. Each inlet has a TPR(total recovery pressure) that is dependent on Mach number and angle of attack. Avoid TPR loss by facing the inlet to the freestream. Download Download Latest Version from Github Also available on CKAN Troubleshooting If you are experiencing an issue, please read this topic, if you have not already, on how to get proper support. Incomplete support requests will not be processed. Most importantly, include logs. Source On Github Requirements Each release of AJE is intended to be run with a particular version of KSP. Please only use that version. If you have an earlier version of KSP AJE requires these mods to work. It will not function if they are missing or not installed properly. ModuleManager SolverEngines AJE does not explicitly depend on Ferram Aerospace Research but has not been tested without it, and you will probably think that your engines are very underpowered in stock aero. Recommendations Ferram Aerospace Research, as above. AJE might work without it, but it's not tested and you will probably not have much fun Real Fuels - if you're going to have realistic jet engines, why not use them with real world fuels? Mod Support AJE has configs to work with the following mods' engines: B9 Aerospace SXT (Lack's Stock Extension) Bahamuto Dynamics KAX (Kerbal Aircraft Expansion) AJE has configs for these mods, but the configs may not be up to date: Mark IV Spaceplane System AJE has configs for these mods, but the mods themselves haven't been updated in a while: Taverio's Pizza and Aerospace D12 Aerotech Retro Future Changelog License AJE is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.0 AJE incorporates portions of NASA EngineSim; used according to NASA's license thereof with due credit. AJE incorporates portions of JSBSim by Jon S. Berndt, used in accordance with the LGPLv2 Authors @camlost @NathanKell @ferram4 @blowfish And all others who have submitted fixes and enhancements
  24. Factorizing values... Calculating trajectories... Treating kessler syndrome... Results: A lot of numbers. What I found out with a (hacked) K.E.R. was that engines in the stock game are about 200 to 300% less efficient than they should be. Thus meaning, your mün rocket should have enough delta-V to get you at least to Eeloo. So I made a fix. Release in 2 weeks. LOADING...
  25. Real Scale Parts?

    Okay, so larger planets are great in many respects but they take up SOOO MUCH RAM!!! Here's a solution to make the planets act like they're huge without compromising performance or accuracy. What if instead of inflating the planets, we deflate the parts! They'd have the same abilities as normal parts and fuel and all other properties but be a tenth of the size. It's a little hard to explain and I don't have much time because I'm REALLY TIRED and want to go to sleep. Basically the planets would LOOK huge but facilities, kerbals, flags, rocks, asteroids, and parts would all be tiny