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Found 2 results

  1. This planet pack adds 1 red giant star, 2 other stars, 4 planets, 2 moons, and 2 asteroids ANTARES: Antares is a red giant about 10x the size of Kerbol, and orbits very far away, making use of FTL-Drive mods out there. Also has 3 planets. PALOMA: This binary companion to Antares was named after the kerbal who discovered it. It's big, blue, and it's gonna die soon. TERRAN: Terran is quite small, a bit smaller than Dres, and it is a slight reddish color. Terran is Paloma's only planet, and it is in a tight orbit. CORBID: Corbid is a relatively large gas giant, which has a particularly strong calming effect on all kerbals who witness it's red and beautiful glory. COASTER: A habitable moon with little land. It used to be an ice world, but when Antares started to die, Coaster warmed up. RETCHID: Retchid is the outer moon of the Corbid system. It is a large asteroid, about the size of Minmus. Retchid was captured by Corbid's gravity. MALUM: Malum is a T2V brown dwarf, with 27x Jool's mass. It creates a barycenter between it and the Antares-Paloma barycenter. It lies between Corbid and Jerren. EROS: Eros is a habitable desert planet with a tiny ocean, Eros is like this because it is very cold for a desert, sort of like Antarctica, but less cold. ARGO-KERSA: Although it sounds like a binary, it's not. Argo and Kersa are in a Horseshoe orbital configuration with each other. JERREN: Jerren is a nice, blueish-teal ice giant. Unlike it's smaller brother, it has no discovered moons nor does it have an effect on kerbals. DOWNLOAD: Solar System PICS: Antares: Paloma: Terran: Corbid: Coaster: Retchid: Malum: Eros: Argo: Kersa: Jerren: THANKS TO: ProtoJeb21 for making the configs I used in this mod in his mod IARevived. KNOWN BUGS: There are lighting issues in map view on most planets, but once you get an orbit, they go away. The atmospheres of the Gas Giants are glitched, but Coaster's is normal.