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Found 2 results

  1. Kerbal Space Program: History and Parts Pack is here! The first DLC for Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is now available for players to enjoy on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The first downloadable content for the critically acclaimed space simulation game adds new content to Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition, featuring missions inspired by historical events, and a wealth of new parts for players to use across their KSP experience. Historic Missions History and Parts Pack includes 10 exciting missions inspired by humankind’s own space exploration. Now you can spacewalk, pull off a crash landing, and attempt to recreate some of the most memorable moments inspired by historic events. All with our unique Kerbal twist, of course. New Parts and a Vintage Suit This DLC also includes dozens of new parts along with a new astronaut suit, all inspired by the historic Space Race. Players can use these parts and suits throughout Kerbal Space Program. New Launch Sites! Additionally, you will also have the ability to launch your crafts from 4 additional complexes: the Woomerang Launch Site, the Dessert Complex, the Island Runway and a brand new Mun Launch Site, not currently available on PC! Free Update Coupled with the DLC, Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is getting a content-filled console-optimized update that will take bits and pieces of all updates we have released on PC after 1.2.1; some of the ones that people like the most, as well as performance improvements, bug fixes, and more! Kerbal Personal Parachutes Personal Parachutes are coming to KSP Enhanced Edition! Kerbals with level 3 and above experience will have fully steerable personal parachutes. You will be able to deploy the chutes using the cursor or via the secondary radial menu. All part revamps up to PC 1.5 There has been a big effort on our side to give old parts a fresh new look, all with the intention of having a more sleek and cohesive part catalog. While staying true to the game’s original essence, the geometry and texture maps of these parts were completely redone. Some of these parts also include new texture variants to choose at will. Yes, you’re getting the variant switcher too! New Suits Both the recruit and veteran classic EVA and IVA Space Suits have been given a well-deserved overhaul and console players get to enjoy it now as well! We knew that such an iconic element of the game needed to stay true to its identity, so we are keeping its style, while also giving it a sleeker look. And more! Check out the Changelog for further details: ========================= KSP Enhanced Edition Patch 3 ======================= +++Changes * Updated Unity version from 5.5 to 2017.4 * Updated Kerbal suits and added Kerbal suit variant support. * Added support for part variants. * Improved some existing parts. * Kerbals can now be assigned to a Command Seat from VAB/SPH. * Added EVA chute. * Removed KSPedia from the game (functionality replaced online) +++Fixed Bugs * Fixed scroll in crew assignment window after filling all seats * Fixed user not being unable to select the Staging region with the Simplified preset after reverting to the VAB when in Sandbox. * Fixed buildings not being accessible when returning to the main menu while in the flag window * Fixed pause menu failing to have functionality when opening a Contract Complete window and pausing the title during gameplay. * Improved performance in some saving and loading scenarios * Fixed Vessel editing becoming non-functional after transmitting data with the "Mystery Goo Containment Unit" Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition and the History and Parts Pack are available in the Xbox Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Remember that if you encounter any bugs and/or issues, you can help us out by reporting them in the Console Project within our Bugtracker and/or the Technical Support Thread for consoles in our Forum. This will help us with any future patches for the game. Want to comment and discuss the Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition free update and the History and Parts Pack? Click here to enter this release’s Grand Discussion thread. Happy launchings!
  2. Hello everyone! Continuing the endeavor of bringing KSP to as many people as possible, we are proud and excited to announce the release of Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-2! The game has been fully localized in 4 additional languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian. Texts, keyboard layouts, UI and textures were carefully localized to keep the essence of KSP in every language, so that even more players are able to enjoy the Kerbal experience in their native tongue. But that is not all! Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-2 includes a broad range of improvements and new content for everyone to enjoy! We have upgraded the game engine to Unity 2017.1.3p1 and with that comes various performance enhancements, and an upgrade to the Engine Particle System. Improvements to the UI and quality of life upgrades have also been packed into this update. Here are some additional highlights: Kerbal Personal Parachutes Kerbals with level 3 and above experience now have fully steerable personal parachutes! A cool feature that will help to get your Kerbals out of tight situations or perform aerial acrobatics, it’s all up to you! Variant Switcher A number of parts have model and texture variations that you can switch during vessel construction. These variants can also be grouped in themes to apply across a whole vessel at once! Prioritized Vessel Naming With this new naming method, you can now attach naming information to command modules and vessel names will be updated based on the parts in each vessel. Now you can prename your CSM or burnback booster! VAB - SPH editor switching Switch between the VAB and SPH at will with this new feature! New Parts! 3 brand new parts and replacements for a dozen existing parts, including the Mk 1-3 Pod! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.4.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Upgrade to Unity 2017.1.3p1 * Switch directly between VAB and SPH * EVA Chute - Kerbals of Level 3 and above have a personal steerable chute * Advanced Mode added to Messages App - Toggled via Settings menu. * Added Launchsites to the Map View and Filter * Engine Sounds updated * Particle Engine Upgraded to Shuriken. * VesselNaming - new method to attach naming information to command modules so you can prename portions of a vessel +++ Localization * Four new languages: French, German, Italian and Portuguese-Brazilian * Added support for Portuguese keyboard layout * List of bugfixes Facility names are now displayed localized in unable to launch dialogs. Resource names now display localized in screen messages and apps. Debug and settings menus are now fully localized. Localized pop-up warning when transmitting experiment data from parts that become inoperable if data is transmitted. Fixed unlocalized grammar connectors (and, or, of, etc) coming up unlocalized in Contract descriptions. Textbox size adjusted in various UI elements to account for localized text. Fixed long vessel names bleeding through the UI in KSC vessel marker dialog. Overall revision of display names for parts. Overall revision and improvement of autolocs and grammar rules. * List of KSPedia Fixes and Improvements Corrected a wrong key binding that was displayed in the EVA controls section. Localized key binding UI. Localized example images for most pages. Properly set symbols that were showing up as HTML encoding. Overall grammar and syntax check. * Lingoona upgraded to v1.5.6 * TextMeshPro Updated * Localized Debug Screen * Fix localization of KSC vessel markers * Fix Localization of Facility names and strings * Fix localization on sub assembly UI. * Fix localization on category filters. +++ Parts New parts: * Round radial fuel tank (R-11 'Baguette' External Tank) * Cylindrical radial fuel tank (R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank) * TS-37 Stack Separator Updated Parts (changed part files): * 2.5m RCS Tank Reskin * Fairings’ texture Replaced Parts - old parts hidden but still included for continuity of saves. They will be deprecated at a later date * TR-2V Stack Decoupler → TD-06 Decoupler * TR-18A Stack Decoupler → TD-12 Decoupler * Rockomax brand decoupler → TD-25 Decoupler * TR-38-D → TD-37 Decoupler * TR-2C Stack Separator → TS-06 Stack Separator * TR-18D Stack Separator → TS-12 Stack Separator * TR-XL Stack Separator → TS-25 Stack Separator * ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank → R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank * Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank → same name * Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank → same name * Mk 1-2 Pod → Mk 1-3 Pod Variants * Parts can now have variations like textures and models * The variants can be grouped in Themes Other Part stuff * Adjustments to Xenon and Monoprop capacities on stock tanks * Parts and Vessels now have a PersistentID that lives with them for their entire life * Add TechHidden attrib to AvailablePart so parts can be hidden from R&D +++ Bugfixes * Fix alignment of external scenery in VAB/SPH scenes. * Fix runway not appearing outside the SPH doors when inside the SPH. * Fix a bug in Warp to Next Morning * Add guard clauses to detect invalid flightstate on vessel launch returning to the editor. * Fix applicant hiring costs appearing in games that don’t have funding enabled. * Improve vessel Jumping/positioning coming off rails. * Fix asteroid seed causing them to change shape. +++ Mods * Make dragpanel edge offset configurable * GameEvents added: onKerbalAddComplete, onKerbalNameChanged, onKerbalTypeChanged, onKerbalStatusChanged, onVesselPersistentIdChanged, onPartPersistentIdChanged, OnGameSettingsWritten, OnScenerySettingChanged, OnExpansionSystemLoaded, onPartUndockComplete, onPartCoupleComplete, onPartDeCouple, onPartDeCoupleComplete, onVesselDocking, onDockingComplete, onPartVesselNamingChanged, afterFlagPlanted, OnPQSCityOrientated, onEditorVesselNamingChanged, onEditorVariantApplied, onVesselRecoveryProcessingComplete. * DictionaryValuesList updated to expose the list as well as the dictionary We are excited for the 1.4 release and look forward to the launch of the Making History Expansion next week. For our mod creators, please note an additional update 1.4.1 will come alongside that release and will need to be integrated as well. The modding community is very important to the Kerbal Space Program team, and we continue to encourage and enable mods for KSP moving forward. Kerbal Space Program 1.4: Away with Words MK-II is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!